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Strong guy here, looking for guys who are strong too... open to ideas about match style... nothing to prove really, safe and sane is essential. I want to try out a range of wrestling...
I play rugby, I am a part time door supervisor... I like to keep in decent shape. I don't mind who you are or what you look like, just be genuine that's all I ask. Just don't waste my time.



  1. United Kingdom, Cardiff
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 32-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 207 lbs (94 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Underwear; Square cuts... Shorts.

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MMR85 is recommended by RugbyBoy

This guy is a little powerhouse, he's got strong arms and legs! Especially liked the scissors bro ;) A genuinely nice guy, easy to chat and arrange a match with too. Highly recommended and would meet again. Thanks again buddy :)



RugbyBoy is recommended by MMR85

What can I say?.. really nice guy.. he has masses of experience with wrestling and mma which really shows through.. we tried out some different holds.. had a grapple. . He's solid built and knows how to handle himself. Really enjoyed our meet.. he has a good singing voice too!.. if you want to learn or want a hard subs match he is your man.. i didnt have the advantage much.. but i did hold my own.. but not sure if he just let me now and probably one of the nicest guys I have met on here to date.. a real gem. If you get the chance to meet him then go for it. You won't regret it. Cannot recommend enough. Hopefully meet up soon!!..



MMR85 is recommended by Manccubuk

Good to catch up again with MMR85 when I was in Wales for round two - if you like strong, safe, realiable, friendly wrestlers he's the man for you!!! Cheers fella



Manccubuk is recommended by MMR85

At long last we got to meet. Distance had always proven to be a problem for us both, but Manccubuk just happened to be in Cardiff so we wrestled. Very nice guy, clean, safe and sane. We didn't have a massive amount of space but we made the best of it. He is a strong guy who is an excellent grappler... I showed him a few move and he was quick to learn. Unfortunately, I wasn't on 100% form, but would have no hesitation meeting him again if/when he is in the area. 100% recommended.



MMR85 is recommended by GEOFFESSEX

Met for a hotel scrap, and though he was lacking in energy from not eating he showed some real potential to be a very good wrestler. Rugby training background helps and his legs are super powerful. A good mean streak too!
Went for food after. A really nice guy with good conversation to boot.
Enjoy your match with him :)



GEOFFESSEX is recommended by MMR85

Met Geoffessex after a few months of exchanging messages. I can only really basically echo whats already been said, really nice guy, easy to arrange times etc...
We didn't have enough room to have a proper wrestle, I made the mistake of not eating enough before a wrestle and ended up having to stop regular.. We did wrestle as best we could, he is strong and really knows his holds... next time I will be better prepared and will have eaten well in advance.. I did get some holds on him. After our wrestle we went for some food and he is very nice company. I highely recommend. I cant wait for our next wrestle, but next time, I will be top of my game!... you have been warned! haha



MMR85 is recommended by Manc21

Honestly, MMR85 is a genuine, polite, awesome and good looking guy. He also has a sexy Welsh accent, thus extra bonus points :D

He was able to meet at very short notice and made a big effort getting down to see me last minute. Physically, he's probably the strongest person I've met on the site. Extremely strong arms and legs, I'm pretty sure he could throw me around like a rag doll :D

Given the massive size difference, I think a competitive match was not on the cards :P However, he was kind enough to show me lots of different holds and was extremely patient. He's a very gifted wrestler and totally safe and sensible.

If you're looking for a solid competitive match with a super cool guy, I highly recommend him.



Manc21 is recommended by MMR85

A last minute wrestle, we had spoken on previous occasions and due to circumstances been unable to wrestle. Met yesterday evening, easy and quick to arrange... A really nice guy, we started off, I had heard about the body scissors, so I put myself in his scissors, at no surprise he couldn't get a submission, but then he is half my size... I then applied my scissors on him and not surprisingly he tapped. I know my legs are big and in fairness I did explain that the last 20 years of my life have centred around rugby and strength training. His neck and head scissors was a different matter, very strong, but it was the first time ever anyone had applied anything to my neck... I did tap to it, but it was a weird uncomfortable feeling rather than pain, I didn't feel light headed or about to go out. I then went through some sub holds with him which we both enjoyed, I think he learnt quite a bit haha... we didn't do anything competitive apart from some arm wrestling and light grappling, but I think because of the size difference and different level of ability, I wouldn't have found it much of a challenge to overpower and get submissions... but then, we all got to start somewhere!!.. I enjoyed lifting him about and carrying him, was quite fun!... I enjoyed our wrestle and would enjoy another meet up in the future... 100% lovely guy, genuine and no nonsense.



MMR85 is recommended by fallenangel07

Today we met after a few false starts due to my work commitments. He is very much as he describes himself.I must also add that he is polite,fun, friendly and very strong indeed. We quickly got down to some good grappling and excellent holds. This little powerhouse certainly knows his stuff,using his speedy compact muscular body with great effect.
I can totally recommend him for a safe and sane encounter.



fallenangel07 is recommended by MMR85

Met fallenangel07 this evening after a little bit of organising!... We did some subs and grappling and I showed him one or two moves... He didn't make me tap, but I am sure given a full size mat room or ring he would be in with a sporting chance. I tried gut punching for the first time which was good... a lovely guy and a great host... I would recommend and hope to wrestle in the future.



MMR85 is recommended by Welshwarrior

Met MMR a while back and we have been meaning for that next meet for a while. He knows his stuff, and is a tough opponent. He put me through his paces and a good looking lad ;) recommend for a good bout.



Welshwarrior is recommended by MMR85

After a long delay, finally wrestled this guy today... what a great guy... he is determined and willing to learn, even though I put him to the test, he is a quick learner and keen to learn more.. He is also bulking up nicely from gym work and with continued effort he will be great at wrestling. I hope to wrestle again soon fella!!



Wrestkent is recommended by MMR85

A great guy to meet, Havent wrestled for a while and he was safe, sane and friendly. We tried out some moves but we have the smallest space you can imagine to wrestle in, so any sort of sub match wouldn't have been practical.. We did some tests of strength, he is a strong guy, we did some basic holds and tried to make eachother tap...


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