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Back to wrestling after a while away. Used to fight regularly at the Hendon Room in London. Now regularly wrestle at Hackney Mat room . Certainly got my thirst back.
Love really competitive bouts. Very much enjoy being a heel and challenging jobbers but always willing to meet most challengers.
Favourite moves are Camels,Bostons and Double Chicken Wings
Always keen to use Hackney/Barnet/Stockwell as venues but willing to travel for a good bout Mike W



  1. United Kingdom, London
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I am willing to travel 400 kilometers


Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 194 lbs (88 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

Gear: speedos

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MIKE WEST is recommended by tasci

Saturday evening picked up from Grove Park station this tough guy. Shacked his hand and felt this manly grip and this was the first sign this fight gotta be serious. He didn’t say a word and jumped in my car and kept staring at me and then he warned me that tonight I will suffer.
This bout was settled by readyforit and it meant to be tag bout but our tag mates could not make it but MIKE WEST was so keen and aggressive for this bout that I couldn’t say no.
Whilst waiting for the gates to open he kept this aggressive trash talk and for a moment I thought that really may suffer tonight as the guy looks tough.
Changed, and hanged clothes, trunks on, and I was first on the corner waiting for him to face me of the opposite corner.
The fight started with fire - MIKE WEST got me into nasty headlock and even though shorter than me damnn this tough man got power to grab tough guys. Had to work hard and sweat to get him on my first submission, but this guy is your man if you after serious wrestle and damn real wrestler.
Off the ring really nice guy and we get on really well and both want that round 2 is on soonest.
Highly reccomending this very nice man to challenge if you don’t want to waste your time here. Reliable, flexible, tough opponent and and a true gentleman.
Thanks mate and can’t wait for round 2



tasci is recommended by MIKE WEST

Tasci and I obviously love the trash talk before the bout and building up the tension before the match
He is such a tough wrestler and really easy on the eye too,with his striking dark looks!
We soon got down to it and had a really sweaty bout with both of us determined to be victorious. Be careful of his arm locks and his speed in the ring and some tough submission moves!
Nevertheless it was great fun. Out of the ring he is a TRUE GENT with a philosophical approach and a definite cool wit.
I am REALLY looking forward to our next bout in 2018.
Totally recommended as a great competitor. One of the very best!



MIKE WEST is recommended by Perseus

Intimidating strong Brit pro style wrestler who put me through my paces. We had a heel v heel match so lads of grunts and groan and submissions.
Great lad to meet amd off the mats very engaging - wrestle him you will have a good match.



Perseus is recommended by MIKE WEST

Perseus is one of the most attractive ,muscular and adept wrestlers I have met. With his power and indomitable spirit I ultimately needed to tap! He is articulate and obviously highly intelligent off the mat and I am certainly looking for a re match........hint to you Percy!!!!!!



MIKE WEST is recommended by fitguy2

Mike West likes to intimidate you with his thrash talk in advance and is well able to back it up on the mats. He is tough, durable and flexible. Off the mats he is a chatty and personable guy. Very easy to arrange a meet and well worth a meet. 100% recommend for good time



fitguy2 is recommended by MIKE WEST

Fitguy is a tough and feisty opponent who really put me to the test! Major arm strength and whole body sinew made him a very challenging opponent. He uses his legs well to trap you as he applys upper body holds. He enjoys and relishes pre match trash talk with great humour. Easy on the eye and a really courteous and civilised gent off the mats. He is very highly recommended!



MIKE WEST is recommended by Squashlad

15/06/2016: Well MIKE WEST promised/threatened that he was the big bad World of Sport heel, and so it proved in the Grove Park ring, with me not getting back to my feet once down until he was of a mind to let me. He's nice and strong and aggressive in the right way, so I was on the defensive the whole time. He also does a nice line in World of Sport verbals, but they tend to be a bit wasted on me---especially when his thighs are covering my ears (a common occurrence with him) and I can't hear jack! All very safely done though. Off the mats he metamorphoses into a different guy in his indigo suit, polite, friendly and chatty, full of stories and good to have a few post-match pints with. He does have zero footballing taste, but even that I was prepared to forgive after he said that I looked a bit like Russell Tovey [don't anyone get excited, I don't, and the poor guy clearly has some serious vision problems, but hey, compliments are always nice]. I'm sure we'll grapple again and MIKE WEST is highly recommended.
22/08/2017: A false start or two meant that a rematch with MIKE WEST was longer in coming than either of us would have liked, but we ended up back in the Grove Park ring eventually, and the bad boy bully took me apart again, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy doing so! He still doesn't seem to realize that his impressive line in World of Sport verbals are a bit wasted when he's headscissoring me and my ears are covered though. Heels eh?



Squashlad is recommended by MIKE WEST

Craig is a brilliant wrestler whose resilience under pressure is legendary Yesterday was one of the best bouts I have ever had! He is very easy on the eye and personable with a dry wit which is emblematic of his cultured intelligence. That said, a bruiser in the ring who knew how to counter attack with ease . I think he DOES look like Russell Tovey!
Cannot wait. to get back in the ring with this handsome hunk 😀😀😀

Met Craig again in August 2017. Much harder to overcome him. As strong in the ring as he is humorous and amiable off it. The going got really strenuous at various points and the sweat soaked the ring. Basically if you wanna fight with a tough guy who gives it and takes it with equal measure ....he is the fighter you got to meet. Easily my best fight! Mike West



MIKE WEST is recommended by Sleek

Met Mike at the Grove Park ring and had a really great time. Entering the ring he looked imposing and reminded me of some of the wrestlers in World of Sport. Mike is a very skilled and safe Brit Pro wrestler, but with his greater weight and strength I could make little headway against him and spent much of my time defending myself. The match was enhanced by his verbal abuse and use of the ropes, to which I was the victim. We both finished drenched in sweat after a great 2 hours.
Outside the ring he is a highly educated individual and a good conversationalist. We travelled back to London together and spent a further hour chatting over coffee. Highly recommended.



Sleek is recommended by MIKE WEST

A really enjoyable match with Sleek who is a very strong and skilled wrestler. He is a muscular feisty fighter who has great resilience and stamina...we sweated it out for 2 hours with few breaks. Certainly a great guy to chat with off the mats and well worth meeting for a few drinks afterwards. Looks great in his gear and loves the verbals!
Highly recommended and certainly want to wrestle him again



MIKE WEST is recommended by niwrestler

Mike is a good looking and very strong wrestler. He has really good power and knows a lot of wrestling moves. He often had me submitting to him, and he is quite the devil in the ring! In complete contrast, outside of the ring he is a perfect gentleman, smart and easy to talk to.



niwrestler is recommended by MIKE WEST

Tim is a powerful,good looking wrestler with plenty of attitude in the ring. Muscular frame and excellent trash talker! He knows exactly how to use quick countermoves to get the upper hand and has a high pain threshold when under attack. He is highly recommended. Outside the ring you can easily perceive a very thougtful guy with a ready and dry sense of humour .Quite a difference to the Northern Irish bulldog who challenges you in the ring!
DEFINITELY want a return bout!



MIKE WEST is recommended by Greenwich

Met Mike West at the Grove park ring, Very strong and tough guy, we had a good competitive hot and sweaty match, had to work very hard not to sub and get my own back, out of the ring a really nice guy very easy to chat and get along with, very safe and sane 100% recommend well worth a wrestle



Greenwich is recommended by MIKE WEST

Best to forget that Greenwich has not wrestled for long! He is a strong determined fighter with a talent for working on his opponent's weakness.
VERY easy on the eye with a bod which would not be out of place in the Rio swimming pool
Well impressed and well recommended - make sure you meet up with him!



MIKE WEST is recommended by DenverWrestler

Mike is a terrific pro wrestler who can really dish out the punishment. He's skilled, solid, and fun. We really worked up a sweat and had an intense ring match. He would have totally kicked my butt had I not found his 'weakness', but then he found one of mine too so things ended up even. Mike is a personable, interesting and witty 'smart-ass' and it was a blast to both wrestle him and hang out with him.



DenverWrestler is recommended by MIKE WEST

Thoroughly enjoyed an excellent bout with Allen who is strong,muscular and highly skilled! Incredible stamina as he had already had 2 matches that day at Grove park before fighting me. It was a massive struggle with multiple subs on both sides !
He is hugely recommended and certainly a must to meet up with as he pursues his British tour!



MIKE WEST is recommended by boston kid

Had great fun with Mike who enjoys being a mean heel. I was able to discover his Achilles heel and so it was not all one way! A good communicator and up for horny fun.



boston kid is recommended by MIKE WEST

Mike is a fantastic guy to meet on the mat! He is a muscular ,strong fighter who has a very wide repertoire of skilful moves who knows exactly how to grind down an opponent. Also a great host who quickly establishes rapport and also good fun. He can give as well as take and has major stamina. Will want to meet again soon!!



MIKE WEST is recommended by hugefan

Mike may be a secret agent but he is a fine wrestler, easy on the eye and a good laugh. He was also respectful of my limits as far as not going at it too hard and need I say very fine chest adornments. If you want a good sweaty battle with Robert De Niro hit the button!



hugefan is recommended by MIKE WEST

Stephen is a skilful and very strong fighter who knows well how to exact punishing and artful subs!
He is a handsome guy who is witty and articulate but also keen to get down to scots warrior mode on the mats
His new gym schedules are obviously really toning him up substantially with a muscular and slim physique
He is also an interesting person to chat with and obviously is a thinker /very emotionally intelligent
A tough wrestler/a clever and sensitive guy....a potent mixture!
I have told him I am keen for a speedy rematch in early 2016....well worth a visit to the Suffolk coast
Smashing guy!!!!!



MIKE WEST is recommended by readyforit

Had the great (and bruising) pleasure to meet Mike for the first time and wrestle him in a tag bout at Grove Park. Once in the ring, that good looking, civil and rather private individual looked like the formidable and driven brawler he becomes when facing his opponent.
Walking into the middle of the mat his imposing physical presence and intimidating stance and hard gaze warn you to get ready for a full on fight. A brilliant opponent highly recommended for tough, energy sapping mat action.



readyforit is recommended by MIKE WEST

A strong and skilled fighter with a cunning attitude re winning against a heavier opponent,readyforit certainly tested my own skills. Plenty of edgy attitude as well made for a really challenging testing time in the ring. I would certainly want to meet him again soon!!



MIKE WEST is recommended by madridluchador

Mike was a nice surprise for me... We didn't chat so much before our match so when we met and wrestled, I found the main things in wrestling for me: great body, in shape wrestler and also skilled, but most of all... keen to have fun on the mat... He is heavier than me and he was superior on the mat but I had also my revenge ;-)).
I hope meet you soon Mike.
Totally recommended.



madridluchador is recommended by MIKE WEST

A really great match which really kept me on my toes! Jose is a very strong, muscular and skilled wrestler who knows exactly how to put his opponent under constant pressure. He is also very easy on the eye and afterwards was kind enough to take me for an evening drink in Madrid.
I would be VERY keen to meet up with him again!



MIKE WEST is recommended by Essex

Met Mike at the Hackney Mat room and was extremy impressed with his wrestling style and skills.
Easy on the eye, good build and certainly knows his stuff, as I was put through me paces as he unleashed his vast array of holds and his speciality hold...The Camel clutch!
Had me tapping more than times Tommy Steel!
Hard n fast on the mats, but a lovely guy off them 😉
Highly recommended and I look forward to future meets.



Essex is recommended by MIKE WEST

Mark is an incredibly accomplished ,tough wrestler who required a lot of my strength to deal with! He is really resilient on the mats and always ready to fight on and on. He is really good company too with a great dry sense of humour. A force to be reckoned with and also great to meet socially. I will certainly want to meet him again soon!



MIKE WEST is recommended by madridwrestler

After some exchange of messages we finally had the chance to meet and wrestle in a London matroom.

He didnt dissapoint me at all and met my expectations. We had a competitive tough match with some give and take periods . He knows his way on mats and obviously a tough opponent on the canvas who knows how to use his best assets against his opponent.
He had the upperhand in the end this time but i hope i can have a revenge soon .Intelligent and sociable guy off mats , He arranged everything for us to have the match in London.
Highly recommended.



madridwrestler is recommended by MIKE WEST

Joachim is certainly one of the most skilled wrestlers I have met and I enjoyed an excellent bout with him. Highly assertive on the mat and adept with strength holds and scissors moves, he makes his opponents sweat and I had to submit to his might. I certainly look forward to our next battle. He is much younger looking than his profile suggests- obviously has had a charmed life!
Intelligent guy who was very interesting and amusing to chat with after the bout



MIKE WEST is recommended by Scrapmerchant 1

Met Mike at Barnet on 30 April - tough, aggressive, skilled wrestler and an all round good guy - we had a tough sweaty bout with submissions on both sides - this guy looks the business in the gear and loves trash talk and the build up to the fight. If you want a really good work out challenge him - I cannot wait for round two which promises to be an intense battle!!



Scrapmerchant 1 is recommended by MIKE WEST

A really great wrestler who has stamina ,power and skill. He really knows how to get quick submissions through his powerful head scissors. Full of attitude and likes a totally tough contest, though safe and sane. Want a rematch soon. Recommended!!



MIKE WEST is recommended by speedowrestle

Despite transport problems, I managed to meet Mike at a London Hotel. I was refreshed with a beer before experiencing a serious thrashing from this tough bruiser. Mike unleashed a series of crippling holds, coupled with verbal abuse, that had me tapping on more than one occasion. Luckily I had the stamina to equalise one or two submissions before it was all over.

Thanks for an introduction to Brit-pro style wrestling!



speedowrestle is recommended by MIKE WEST

Met yesterday and was incredibly impressed with his skill and strength. He is expert with regard to his use of his very strong arms re strength holds. He can withstand a lot of pressure and certainly got me in some impressive subs. Well worth meeting and I am keen to meet again very soon



MIKE WEST is recommended by leanmuscles

Mike is fit and strong and was great fun to wrestle. He is a really tough solid guy and very difficult to get a sub out of. I would certainly have another match with him.



leanmuscles is recommended by MIKE WEST

A really strong and agile fighter who is dominating and impressive in a match. He is particularly muscular and well toned and with that can soon exhaust the opponent!
He put me in some tough holds and I had to sub quickly when he went on the attack.
Very worth meeting when you can and I am eager for another bout!



MIKE WEST is recommended by dadwrestle

This wrestler is returning to "the scene" after a time out. Its a good thing that he's back!! We had a false start with a cancellation on his part, but he came back with an apology and wanting to fix another date. This time he was early and raring to go! He strong and aggressive on the mats, but safe and sane. We had a good tussle; he left threatening a return. All I can say is "Bring it on!!" I am ready for anything you want to TRY to dish out!



dadwrestle is recommended by MIKE WEST

Met Dadwrestle for first time recently. Hugely strong and fit fighter who knows exactly how to get some effective submissions. Applys a mean camel clutch and boston.
Friendly off the mat with great sense of humour. Will certainly want to meet again. Excellent mats and really handy central London location. Recommended!



MIKE WEST is recommended by duncanuk

Met Mike unexpectedly and was surprised at his actual size and strength. He goes quickly for the kill and once he is fully back to fighting fitness he will be even more of a power to be reckoned with. I couldn't do anything to him.



duncanuk is recommended by MIKE WEST

He is a really strong guy who knows exactly how to put real pressure on an opponent. He is obviously extremely experienced. Off the mat he is clearly a really nice guy but he certainly knows how to show some excellent attitude in a bout. Very Recommended