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I am an agonophile. Google it. Very blond, with darker hairy chest, an average wrestler but with lots of wrestling experience, open to both beginners and more advanced. Prefer friendly submission/promission, inclusive of any amateur or pro holds so long as they aren't punishing or dangerous. Nobody gets hurt. Just love the hot and sweaty close body contact of muscle straining against muscle for control and domination to see which guy is gonna get his balls waxed on the mat. Speedos, to start, barefoot, or else wrestling shoes, not boots. Have a Dollomur wrestling mat at my loft. Have one gallery pic.



  1. USA - Massachusetts, Millbury
    Millbury, USA - Massachusetts
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 65-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 215 lbs (98 kg)

Gear: speedo

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MAwrestler is recommended by LuckyLarryLoser

Interesting and fascinating man. Great conversationalist. Strong. I was not a match for him but we certainly have become chat friends since we met.



MAwrestler is recommended by WrestleSweat007

Loved meeting up with this guy...great wrestler and the best host u could ever hope for. Just a prince of a guy to chat with about wrestling or anyting else...(super smart...) I can't recommend him enough...he's a buddy, a friend and the best this site has to offer...



vicj81 is recommended by MAwrestler

Vittorio is probably the most lithe and flexible guy I ever wrestled on the mat. You think you've got him locked down in a hold and he somehow manages to contort or flip his body into a whole other position that makes it difficult to maintain the hold. And if he scissors your head in those hot and hairy thighs of his, prepare to cry "Uncle." Vic is young but comes with a pretty fair amount of wrestling experience, and if he continues to take on much bigger guys, as he has done, he's gonna be dynamite on the mat down the road. Off the mat, he exhibits a quiet, wry sense of wit and humor. Vic is a really nice guy. I recommend him to one and all. I regret only that his impending move out of the area may mean I may not get to wrestle him again.



MAwrestler is recommended by Navyguy

Finally met up with Patrick at his place after a couple of years of correspondences. We had a fun couple of hours on and off the mats.

He is a big strong guy with long arms and strong legs; very hard to get him off his feet and bring him down to the mat. Watch out for his leg scissors and grapevine. Strong grip as well, he had a wrist lock on me that took me a long time and some dirty tactics to get out of.

We spent a long time talking before and after the match; trading stories and comparing notes on other wrestlers and encounters we have had over the years, as well as other subjects. Patrick is a bright, worldly and engaging guy who has led an interesting life. Great guy to talk with.

Highly recommend Patrick. Looking forward to another match on my next trip to MA.



Navyguy is recommended by MAwrestler

We were a long time in getting together for a match, but last night we finally pulled it off. But Navyguy really outta change his name to Velociraptor because he comes after you on the mat like you're his next meal. LOL. It was great. This guy is full of surprises–When the two of you go in for the clinch, he knees you in the gut, and I love his take-no-prisoners attitude when he gets on top of you, using his forearm to knead your face into new shapes and patterns. I kept thinkin: WTF is he gonna do next? I had a really good time tryin to stay alive. And in our off-the-mat discussion of a couple hours, I found him endlessly interesting to talk to, especially as we shared wrestling experiences and stories of characters we've met–yes, guys, I'm talkin about you. I can't wait to wrestle Navyguy again and so recommend him to you with enthusiasm.



MAwrestler is recommended by Kevinj8664

great guy. great host. great legs. really enjoyed the man to man contact. This is a good guy who I want to connect with soon. Took his time with a novice like me. Hit him up gents if you want some a sexy tough match



Kevinj8664 is recommended by MAwrestler

This guy was one tough match, and he kicked my ass. But it was worth it–one hot match as well. Kevin didn't look like all that much when he stepped out on the mat in his green speedo, but the minute he locked his fingers on my wrist, I knew I was in trouble, because you could just feel how machine-worked the fucker was. Really strong. We had a good time and agreed to meet up again. And though he had to drive some distance, he courteously called on the road to say he would be 10 minutes late. You don't see that very often.



BDsubmit is recommended by MAwrestler

BDsubmit is the father of smackdown trash talk. He gets you in a hold and then it starts: "I am stronger than you, I am . . ." Repeatedly mocked for what he termed my pink speedo,I don't think I've ever been in a losing wrestling hold where I was inclined to laugh so hard. The guy even brought his Walmart champeen wrestling belt. Smart, sexy, tough, and insurmountably strong, as even he will modestly testify–LOL–BD gave me one hot, deeply sensual match. If he weren't so far away, I'd wrestle him every week. Even so, he was worth the 280 mile drive to Allentown.



MAwrestler is recommended by jp440216

I had a great time with MAwrestler. He employed some dirty tactics to get the win, and I loved it. He is the type of guy that I like to wrestle. Hopefully, our schedules and locations will line up at some point for a rematch.



jp440216 is recommended by MAwrestler

This guy is no ordinary Joe. At 6'5, 230, he is, as I told him, one BIG fucker. And he is a handsome devil besides, with a sly Dermot Mulroney smile that oozes sex appeal. My first thought was, "I'm gonna lose this match and I haven't even seen his Hard Drive yet." The match was hot and heavy, more than I could have hoped for–yeah, I had to cheat to win–and Joe turned out to be a fantastic guy, whose ideas and attitudes so complemented my own, I would love to have him as a friend–too bad we live so far apart. His partner is lucky to have so extraordinary a guy. And I suspect his partner must be pretty spectacular himself for Joe to be so drawn to him. Wrestling jp440216 is worth the drive to Cleveland from anywhere.



MAwrestler is recommended by PSSam

We met when I lived in Boston and this guy really knows his stuff... He is a good wrestler, on time and great looking... I had a blast with him and highly recommend him... I would wrestle again with Patrick!



PSSam is recommended by MAwrestler

Sam was the original model for the blond bombshell. Long blond hair, deeply tanned, he was one hot ticket when we first wrestled long ago in Boston. The match was great and ended in a draw as I recall, neither of us convincingly dominating the other, but that is what made the match so special, for me at least, because it flattered me that I could even hold my own against him. We only recently became reacquainted online and I hope we can meet up and settle this draw once and for all when he gets back East for a visit to his family. Recommending him to one and all goes without question.



MAwrestler is recommended by headlockmehard

Had a great time with MAwrestler. Felt his headscissors for a couple of days. Hot match. Nice guy on or off of his mats. Guess he brought out the competitive in me and he could not use his hammerlock on me :)



headlockmehard is recommended by MAwrestler

This guy is one tough fucker. And don't believe a word he says when he coyly tells you he's not very competitive. You may catch him in a figure-4 headscissors, but try and keep him in it. And whatever you do, don't let him get you in one or you better practice saying "Mercy." Listen to me: I'm recommending him for his killer instincts! Regardless, we had a great time on the mat and in our conversations between rounds he proved to be a very funny and entertaining guy with whom I shared a lot of common interests. I'd wrestle him again for sure.



Redmond40 is recommended by MAwrestler

A hairy, handsome devil, Red is hugely strong. He outweighed me, true, but I had vastly more wrestling experience. Nonetheless, Red took the match easily. I can tell you Red is vulnerable to one hold, but guys, you're just gonna have to figure out which one it is for yourselves. For a beginner, Red's gonna have a great wrestling career. Get in line, boys.



RhodyRaybo is recommended by MAwrestler

Ray is one sexy powerhouse of a wrestler. I think I got him in 5 figure-4 headscissors and each time he powered his way out of it, only to get me down flat on my back in a matter of seconds. He's a very good wrestler and no one wrestles with more enthusiasm, stamina, or ferocity. And for all that, he's a really nice guy, the best. I hope to wrestle him many more times.



yonkerswrangler is recommended by MAwrestler

Dang,yonkers is the king of kick ass. We met in my matroom and he delivered my sorry ass on a platter. He's really tough and a great guy. He's got killer arms that I felt pulling apart every hold I tried. I learned a lot wrestling him. For right now I gotta play catch up, but he's goin' down. Don't miss the chance to wrestle this guy.