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Just moved to Manchester.

Mostly see myself as the jobber but some might disagree (see my recommendations) Love it rough and sweaty from tough heels. Have a high pain threshold when it comes to submissions. I want to be really made to beg - but I wont go down without a fight! Keep holds locked on after I tap for a bit and toy with me and see how loud I can beg... if you're tough enough that is!

Done some casual meets for wrestling in past. Very little skill but up for learning off more experienced wrestlers. More about the enjoyment than the competition (not that I don't like to at least try and win ;) )

Couple of things I'd like to do as well as the above:
-Get strung up for a brutal/no mercy gut punch session
-Get put out in sleeper holds
-Pinned under bigger guy's
-Hulmilated by being face sat, shoved in your sweaty pits or made to worship your muscle (note "MADE" - if you're tough enough!)



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Online chatting
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Photo swapping, I'm a jobber, Stakes
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Leather, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, CBT, Foot fetish, Trampling, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship


  1. United Kingdom, Runcorn
    Live here
  2. France, Paris (I'm here between 11/09/2017 and 11/13/2017)
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I am willing to travel 100 miles
I am willing to host.


Age: 30-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 141 lbs (64 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shorts, jock, speedos, singlet

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Lpoolsub is recommended by abs2000

At last!!! We finally got to meet for a match after chatting for a few years, but due to the location issues and work commitments it took time. But it was worth the wait !! Lpoolsub took a great beating, his abs can take so much punishment i was very surprised! I would say as in taking punches hard he is the best Jobber i have met.

He is friendly easy to chat with, in good shape, a great host. I think his abs will be feeling it for a few days :) was a great sweaty match, and very much looking forward to meeting him again soon.

I can't recommend him high enough! for all the guys looking for a great Jobber he is your man ! Thanks again mate, hope to see you soon!!



abs2000 is recommended by Lpoolsub

Had been talking on here to abs2000 for a very long time and finally got to meet this beast of a guy! His body is even better than it looks in the photos. He's absolutely solidly built, confident with the right amount of cocky. There was no hiding for him that he definitely enjoyed tearing into my gut - punches, kicks, knees... with a few throws and other moves thrown in for good measure. He let me get a few shots in but was completely unphased by them! Definitely aching and going to feel it for a few days yet I feel! Pleased to have met the guy and look forward to round two sometime!



Lpoolsub is recommended by NorthNotts

Wow just met this guy for an amazing match. Definitely one of my favourite matches ever. He is everything you want in an opponent - great body, great attitude, great resilience, never gives in and has a great set up. We wrestled for a short period of time but it was an incredible match against two competitive opponents. My slightly bigger build got the better of him but he takes a lot of pain and zaps your strength to get a submission out of him. Huge recommendation. Round 2 asap



NorthNotts is recommended by Lpoolsub

So after what could quite possibly have been years of talking to this little guy we finally met - for what was a short but intense match. He definitely discovered I don't give in easily and like to give a lot of verbal. The sweat was pouring off us. He had some good tactics and has definitely picked up some technique along the way! I did manage to get 3 subs out of the guy - but this was far less than what he did out of me! Very good looking guy and physically fit opponent. Friendly off the matts but that changes when you lock up - theres no getting him off you until you give!



Lpoolsub is recommended by coedyuk

Had a fun couple of hours dishing out some punishment to Sam and fair play to the little guy he took it well. I'll have to up my game for next time.
He's a cool and enthusiastic guy who I'd definitely recommend and will be meeting again and again.



coedyuk is recommended by Lpoolsub

So I met Coedyuk for what can only be described as a 2-on-1 beatdown with Ukmark. I got my arse thoroughly handed to me by the both of them. Boy am I going to hurt tomorrow. That said - I hope they’ll agree I’m pretty resilient and take a lot before giving in - and make genuine attempts, albeit futile in this case, to get an upper hand.

Coedyuk is a sound guy - not to mention incredibly strong. His muscle power is insane - particularly with regards his legs. I found myself a complete jobber - crushed in scissors, KO’d in sleepers, gut punched hard - just for starters. And he pulled some moves out on me which I don’t even know what they were.

I did get the pleasure of seeing him crush the life out of Ukmark a couple of times too which I loved and wished I could see more of! (Haha - I’ll pay for that I’m sure!).

So, definitely recommended to experienced fighters through to jobbers. Hope to lock up again with him soon - maybe see if he's as tough 1-on1.



Lpoolsub is recommended by Poni

Fair play Lpoolsub is one tough guy he took a lot of pain from me and uses the word submit very scarcely.
He is the only guy I've met that can take so much pain before giving in.
However watch out for him because if you take your eye off him for a second he will capitalise on that.
I will highly recommend him to anyone that wants a challange and who wants someone that will not submit easily.
Great guy off the Mats really friendly.
Better luck next time big man.



Poni is recommended by Lpoolsub

So I finally met this beast of a guy... and boy was I surprised. He told me many times how he was just getting into this... if that's true, he's a quick learner. Yes, he definitely had the sheer size advantage, but he pulled some pretty technical subs on me over and over again. I'd like to say, I almost had him on a couple of occasions, but never actually managed to hold on to him long enough to get a sub! Friendly guy off the mats, will definitely be looking to make round 2!



Lpoolsub is recommended by toonarmy

A tough jobber who looks great in his singlet & who doesn't like to say "submit" though he did use quite a few expletives while suffering in my submission holds. His back takes some punishment - he did submit a fair few times and didn't get anything on me. Maybe next time eh, sunshine?!



toonarmy is recommended by Lpoolsub

Bit of a last minute match with this guy but boy was it worth it! A very strong guy considering its been a long time since he's been to the gym (so he says!). He had me in all manner of holds and managed to get a few subs out of me (though I think my resilience, high pain threshold and determination not to sub and get one back on him had him sweating his arse off!) Definitely looking forward to round 2!



Lpoolsub is recommended by switchko

I met Sam somewhat unexpectedly thanks to ukmark. I'm very glad that he introduced us to each other. Now, Sam is something of a jobber, but he can sure as heck hold up his own. We had something of a competitive bout, he clearly has some experience behind him and wasn't going to make winning easy. I'd like to think that I socked it to him on a couple of occasions, but he got me tapping more often than not. Friendly, amiable and can take quite a bit of punishment. He might be a jobber, but not to be underestimated, he can hold up his own in a struggle.



switchko is recommended by Lpoolsub

Apparently a newbie to all of this but it didn't really show! Mark had given him one or two pointers and that was all it took! This guy would make one hell of a heel someday with the right attitude!



Lpoolsub is recommended by maw1667

Really nice guy, and much stronger than he looks. That said, he's a great little toned guy that loves to be worked over HARD. He can take a lot of punishment and loves it. Can't wait to go again



maw1667 is recommended by Lpoolsub

So I'd been talking to this guy for literally years before, should it happen, we were both free for a last minute meet. Marc is an excellent host and definitely fits the heel role when wrestling. Oh and boy did those legs live up to expectations from what others have said - definitely his strongest asset!



thetallwrestler is recommended by Lpoolsub

So, a few months ago I took the oppotunity having a few spare hours in London to rock up at this guys place. When the giant guy he is opened the door I knew that I was in for it! He definitely made me work and had me tapping within seconds! Worth the visit!



Lpoolsub is recommended by davey123

Well.....he did say he was a wasn't really a fair match I guess. I am about 14 stone 5 pounds of muscle and he is a alot smaller. But I didn't tone it down. This guy can really soak up pain and punishment! Amazing! I spent a couple of hours working him in every hold I could think of and invented a couple too. He IS STUBBORN! But I am a bastard of a wrestling sadist and made him submit over and over and over. Was a particular pleasure crushing him repeatedly in head and body scissor variants. Also pounded his abs without mercy. He must have been in my Camel (pulled on tight) for about 15 minutes. Kept asking him if he wanted me to stop. Every time, 'No!'. He is fit, with a very nice athletic build. He bends, he resists, he stuggles, he gasps/yells/moans and only taps out when he absolutely has to. What more can you ask? Guys, if you like to work over a sexy lightweight jobber then this man should be top of your list.
Just hope he can move in the morning.



davey123 is recommended by Lpoolsub

Taken me a long time to write this - and I don't know what I can say... This guy is extremely tough and lives up to expectations. He is a force to be reckoned with for sure! I tapped more than once to this beast's submission holds. This said - I'm fairly certain he was taken back by my resilience and determination NOT to say those two words "I give!" Hopefully there will be a round 2 sometime!



Lpoolsub is recommended by dazwrestleuk

Great match today with Lpoolsub. Despite a big size difference, he made me work hard for every submission. Certainly not a passive jobber, he can take a tremendous amount of punishment before tapping.
Looks great in his gear and is a nice lad off the mats - what more could you want?
Highly recommended and I look forward to another match



dazwrestleuk is recommended by Lpoolsub

Taken me a while to write this recommendation but I remember the match well. This is one tall and strong guy who is also quick on the mats. That said I made him work to get submissions out of me - both of us dripping in sweat by the end. I also surprised him I think - making him tap a couple of times. Remember - it's not your height or muscle mass that matters - it's what you do with. That said - if there was a winner - dazwrestleuk was definitely it this time... Bring on round 2!



Lpoolsub is recommended by ukmark

Met this guy a bit ago now, but what a time we had! This guy does not give in easily, in fact many holds taken to KO just with him being stubborn and not tapping. Had to show him who was actually in control a couple of times.

A great jobber for those heels out there wanting to punish someone; this guy can take a lot of punishment!

Quick and agile too; he managed to get some holds in but not nearly half as much as what I done to him.

Great, friendly and fun guy. Can't wait til our next meet up! Get ready to go out again buddy ;-)



ukmark is recommended by Lpoolsub

So, a week on and my neck and back have just about recovered from the merciless working over I got from this adonis. He takes care of his body and is working hard on getting bigger. He looks awesome in his own skin and boy does he know it!!! He loves flexing his arms and legs to intimidate his opponent (or should I say victim?!) and more so, to put them out cold! Once those thick and bulging biceps lock around your neck theres no escape, and he just has to flex his bicep on and off to keep you on the brink… To say he has a sadistic bone in his body is an understatement! If you suggest to him he ignores your taps, he’ll willingly do so (still safe and sane though).

All that said, Mark is a great guy and probably one of, if not the best I’ve met on here so far! A welcoming host, charming and friendly. He even showed me some of the sights in Cardiff… before going back to his for another round and put me out one last time (or maybe a few times, I lost track!)

He even let me put a couple of holds on him. I got him to tap in my legs more than once, and almost (ALMOST!) put him out in a sleeper - but my arms, unlike his, need quite some work!

In summary, a must meet if you’re a fan of any variety of sleeper hold, or just want to meet one of the friendliest guys on here.



Lpoolsub is recommended by Matt73

Finally managed to meet somebody near my size, and it was well worth the wait! Lpoolsub has bags of stamina and passion which made for a great wrestle, can also sneak a submission on you when you least expect. A tough little guy with a tough set of abs too. No mercy next time though !



Matt73 is recommended by Lpoolsub

Great to finally meet this guy after chatting for ages, if only for a flying visit. Had an awesome wrestle, he's a strong guy... I still managed to get a couple of submissions out of him though... Better luck at being the mean heel next time eh! Definitely worth the wait though!



Lpoolsub is recommended by Leglocklover

We finally met after months of chatting and the match was well worth waiting for. He took me aback by getting the first sub on me but I soon paid him back. He is not a jobber and will fight back which I liked. A really likeable guy with personality who I am glad to have met.



Leglocklover is recommended by Lpoolsub

Met Leglocklover a while ago now but only just getting round to writing these. Reliable guy, showed up on time. I think I surprised him how tough and realisient I was: not giving in easy and getting more than one submission out of him. Had a good hot sweaty match. Would definitely meet again.



Lpoolsub is recommended by fightsoldier

A tough little sexy bastard that always come back for more lol.. I would like to say yet again how important is to meet someone and have a good time and a good feeling with, no matter how the match goes or who win or lose. He is tough, and he can really take pain, of course he was facing the best and was everything but easy for him ha ha ha ..just kidding, there is no best or worst, there is always two guys having good time and respect each other at the end.
Anyway, if you guys are in Liverpool and you wanna have great match, he is fun, tough, cocky, sexy and a bastard and you should totally meet him. Between us, that was just a first round, the second one will be a real nightmare for him...but this will be another story.



fightsoldier is recommended by Lpoolsub

Finally managed to meet this guy after a false start (completely unavoidable). He was reliable and kept in touch with me up to the meet. Met him at the train station and eagerly walked back to mine... This guy is built like a machineqq. I could tell that I was in for a rough time but couldn't wait! The trash talk started before we even arrived back at mine. And I was right. He got multiple submissions from me and had me begging for mercy multiple times, as well as almost ko-ing me a few times in sleepers/scissors... Got a rough gut punching too... Interesting guy to talk to and get to know as well... Despite this mean streak! Can't wait for round two... Bring it on - I'm ready for ya!



Lpoolsub is not recommended by Gloved wrestler

  • Unreliable / no show



Lpoolsub is recommended by hardboy

Met Lpoolsub yesterday at his place after long time chatting finally got to arrange it. Well worth the wait. He is a very sexy and fit young guy, his pictures don't do him justice, with stamina to put a lot to shame. Had him in hold after hold and had to work hard to get him to give in most of them. Great personality and had great conversation with him. If you ever get the chance to meet him I would recommend it 10/10. Hope to meet up again in the not to far future for second bout.



Lpoolsub is recommended by toetotoe

Great guy. A must meet. Tough jobber to take on. Makes it difficult to get holds on him and can take a lot of punishment. Off the mats a genuinely nice person to spend time with and chat to. Look forward to a rematch. Thanks again for a good match.



toetotoe is recommended by Lpoolsub

So after a struggle to arrange a good time, toetotoe came up for a visit with the intention... I think I gave him a run for his money - we both certainly broke into a sweat! His legs are extremely powerful and had me tapping a couple of times... you are warned! Great guy, friendly... would meet again!



Lpoolsub is recommended by worksopboi

Genuine lad, polite, showed up on time, had a good time/laugh/grapple. Shows promise.



worksopboi is recommended by Lpoolsub

Very strong highly skilled guy. Had me tapping multiple times. Really worked up a sweat. Good teacher too. Got a strong feeling he took it very easy on me even after asking to go harder! Haha