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Looking for wrestling in speedos, jocks, naked, can host/accommodate or travel. Email; ask for Skype and yahoo.



  1. United Kingdom, London
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I am willing to travel 300 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 46-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (181 cm), 220 lbs (100 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Greek

Gear: Speedos jocks naked

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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London Wrestler is recommended by sub aqua

Had a fantastic match and day with London Wrestler who kindly hosted today.

Not embarrassed to say I totally lost this one! He's got great strength but also a great mind to back it up, certainly saw what I was doing even before I even knew and really good at punishing mistakes.

Off the mats you couldn't meet a nicer person. Very much recommended!



sub aqua is recommended by London Wrestler

Met sub aqua after a short discussion where we arranged the place/time.
Sub aqua is an excellent wrestler, very strong, knows his holds/moves and he really fights hard (respecting the limits of course, very safe), he does not submit easily, his pain threshold is very high and he knows how to serve pain too. I really enjoyed a long bout where none of us wanted to give in, until we both got really tired. It does not matter who won, it has to be a real exercise for both of us, and it was!
An excellent personality off the mats, we had long and interesting discussions.
Looking forward to more wrestling bouts soon!
Strong recommendation!



Flyer12344 is recommended by London Wrestler

Very reliable person - we arranged to meet quickly and he was there. Still in his first steps into wrestling, but he has the build and the will to learn, so a big learning curve for now, but I am confident that he will manage it and also enjoy wrestling. A pleasant person off the mat too. Strongly recommended!



London Wrestler is recommended by Flo1972

A very strong wrestler and a great host....i really enjoyed wrestling this friendly person.
He managed to win by 1 sub to nil....
Can't wait for act 2.



Flo1972 is recommended by London Wrestler

I met Flo1972 and we had a really good match. He knows his moves and holds and he has stamina for long bouts, he does not submit easily and he fights back to bring his opponent to a difficult position. He is a nice person off the mats too. Very reliable in arranging to meet. Looking forward to round two.
Highly recommended!



London Wrestler is recommended by tankpaul

Nice reliable guy - enjoyed a hotel wrestle at last minute when in London. Big strong guy with big thighs and good strength. Very safe and reliable, thanks for the wrestle!



tankpaul is recommended by London Wrestler

We met at short notice. Very good wrestler, strong, does not give in, safe to wrestle with. He will improve his techniques by more bouts and he will become a strong opponent difficult to make him submit. Nice person off the mat too. I am looking forward to more bouts soon! Strongly recommended!



London Wrestler is recommended by Zürich

London Wrestler is a very friendly and chatty person. Always attentive to make his guest feel hospitable. On the mats very safe. Very big legs.
Spent a nice evening with this big man



Zürich is recommended by London Wrestler

Excellent wrestler, extremely strong and knowledgeable! Difficult to get a get a submission out of him! Very nice person off the mats too! Happy I have met him! Highly recommended both as a wrestler and a person!



London Wrestler is recommended by The Kestrel

It was a pleasure to get the train into London and meet this man. He was very friendly and hospitable during my visit.

He is quite a strong guy and does not like to give in easy, and kept getting up for more until complete exhaustion, it was a good fun match.

Interesting to talk to, very chatty and open.

I fully recommend him



The Kestrel is recommended by London Wrestler

Really enjoyed wrestling with this man! Extremely experienced and strong, knows many moves/holds and also how to apply holds and keep them to submission. Has stamina for long bouts and never gives up! Definitely a good teacher to learn you the ropes. Looking forward to another bout soon.
Nice person off the mats too, happy to have a discussion and very polite.
Highly recommended to anybody who is looking for a good wrestling match.



London Wrestler is recommended by flipkick07

A gentleman, great to communicate with, safe and reliable. Strong guy who I can recommend. Thank you for your hospitality.



flipkick07 is recommended by London Wrestler

Really enjoyed meeting flipkick07 for a wrestle. He is a very strong wrestler with good knowledge of moves and holds to make the opponent submit. It is very difficult to get a submission out of him. A nice guy off the mats too. Highly recommended to anybody who wants a hard wrestle. Thank you for the wrestle, looking forward to meeting you again soon.



London Wrestler is recommended by wrestlingstar

I met this great lovely guy for a lunch time wrestle today.he is very strong and suits his wrestling gear.well worth a meet



wrestlingstar is recommended by London Wrestler

We had a very good bout with wrestlingstar - he is a very strong wrestler and a nice guy too; hope we meet again soon. Highly recommended.



London Wrestler is recommended by wrestle fun

Really enjoyed meeting London Wrestle, he is a really friendly and accommodating gentleman, and made me feel very welcome when I visited him for a wrestle in London.

He is a strong wrestler and doesn't give in easily, he has great ground skills and I had to work hard to find a way in to get my win, to pin or get a submission. One of his weakness's is to wrestle him in the morning as he's not as awake or alert then and its easer to gain a submission.

I would strongly recommend meeting this easy going and reliable chap for a match. I look forward to having many future matchs.

Until then stay strong my new found friend



wrestle fun is recommended by London Wrestler

Wrestle Fun is a very good, strong and skilful wrestler - I really enjoyed our long bouts as we were very well matched. Difficult to get a submission from him, he does not give up easily, can be long in holds and will attack back when he gets the chance. He will fight hard to win, but always safe and sane!

In addition to being a great wrestler, he is also a very nice, friendly and sociable person to be with.

I am really grateful to have met and wrestled him and I am definitely looking forward to many future bouts!

I strongly recommend meeting him for a wrestling match.



London Wrestler is recommended by newlondonwrestler

My first wrestle and what fun it was,a long hard fought stalemate with london wrestler,it was sweaty work and gave me the hunger for more,thanks mate!We must do it again



newlondonwrestler is recommended by London Wrestler

I had a nice and long bout with newlondonwrestler - he is strong and wrestles hard, safe and sane. Definitely recommend him. Looking forward to our next bout soon!