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I'm Interested In finding a sparring partner for light/moderate to Intense sparring matches. The Intensity depends on our size matchup and whether or not you get Into gut punching as well outside of sparring as I can take and give a decent body punch. Looking for a local to meet up with on a regular or semi regular basis or when our schedule allows. Also looking for any takers traveling to Alabama or able to come here gor a match. Boxing Is #1 but I'm definitely willing to do wrestling with the right guy. I'm not skilled at wrestling and have zero experience so If you're cool with that then bring It on. I love to get competitive when boxing with multiple rounds of sparring If are sizes are close and semi-competitive If you're larger than me and headshots are ok as long as we use headgear. Not looking for a broken nose or injuries or to be KO'd. But I do want to have some good intense matches whether It's sparring, one sided gut punching give or take or wrestling. So don't be shy or let my size fool you. I'll give It all I've got In a match and then some.



  1. USA - Alabama, Birmingham
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 46-year-old Male

Stats: 5'5" (165 cm), 152 lbs (69 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: shorts trunks 3 sizes of boxing gloves 12 14 an 16 handwraps an headgear

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Bikerguy516 jdboxing20


Littlerocky is recommended by Bikerguy516

Little Rocky was a lot of fun to glove up with. We were both relative newbies though I did have a height and weight advantage and a few more opponents under my belt. We sparred for several timed rounds and exchanged a good number of punches. We exchanged some tips on between rounds and I saw him implementing suggestions right away. In the later rounds he came right at me with his fists and made it a lot of fun. He's a southpaw too so that added to the challenge. Even though we didn't have headgear with us we included safe and sane head shots in the mix to keep it real. And he was able to adjust levels to keep it safe.

Nice guy out of the ring too. He's still learning, as am I. I think we helped each other which is what sparring is all about right? Then we did some friendly gutpunching and body boxing afterwards to extend the punching fun. I enjoyed exchanging fists with this young man and I would recommend going a few rounds with him if you like exchanging punches.



Bikerguy516 is recommended by Littlerocky

I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet Bikerguy516. We had an awesome match. We did several rounds of sparring and It fid get fairly Intense at times for us both. He's a very strong guy and can take a lot of powerful punches to his mid-section. But, he can also deliver power shots as well. He's got pretty quick hand speed and will easily land punches on you If you're not careful and drop your guard a lot!! He's also a really cool guy to sit and share tips with to help each other Improve on their skills during and after the fight!!! I'm still learning here and Inexperienced and since he was bigger than me and has had more fights than I have he was able to adapt to me and box with me on my level. So If you ever get up his way or are lucky enough to have him pass through your city I would definitely get In touch with him to set up a match!!!! You won't regret It because he puts up a really good fight and we both ended up getting a great workout from It!!!



jdboxing20 is recommended by Littlerocky

I Very Highly recommend JD to anyone looking for an Intense Matchup whether It's boxing or wrestling type matches. He Is a really cool guy and fun to be with before, during, and after the match. He Isn't afraid to go toe to toe with you either, standing up or on the mats and will go at It with you. But he does like to be more of a jobber or on the receiving end of the punches or being out In wresting holds. But when you meet him don't let his size fool you at all because he Is a very strong Man with lots of strength, stamina and endurance and can last for a long time and definitely holds his own and can put up a great fight. He can take a lot of punches If you can dish then out but can also return the favor. He's very respectful of your limits and Is also very reliable dependable and Is well worth meeting!!! So don't pass up the chance If you get the opportunity to meet with him or If you're passing through his part of town! And as I said earlier he does like to be a little more on the receiving end of his matches but will go toe to toe as well. Please look him up If you're going to be passing through his area or near by!!!