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Competitive guy here. I love a good challenge.
Man against man. Cock vs cock. XL



  1. Sweden, Göteborg
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Age: 30-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (172 cm), 150 lbs (68 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Swedish

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Alex333 Jase28 Lv2wrestle Wrestler_Boy


Lillen88 is recommended by Lv2wrestle

This guy is the definition of the word TOUGH. It took everything I had and then some to try and keep away for his deadly head lock. SPOILER ALERT: Stay away from his head locks!! My neck was killing me for I had to tap every time. He has crazy endurance...I think i may have worn him out finally but it took a hell of a long time. He's very nice, easy to get along with. We keep in communication still. I would host him here anytime. If you get the chance i recommend meeting up with him!



Lillen88 is recommended by Alex333

Lillen88 is a strong, determinded and very competitive wrestler. He is fit and has a good stamina. Be aware of his strong arms! It was a long intensive fight that required a lot of energy, but it was fair and fun as well :-) Lillen88 is a nice, reliable and easy-going guy, It was very easy to arrange the fight with him and I had a relaxed chat after the fight. Highly recommended!



Alex333 is recommended by Lillen88

What a great guy to start off my first fight with on this site. Very experienced and knew a trick or two. Love his fighting spirit. He never gives up, just keeps giving all that he has. Off the mat he is very friendly and easy to have a conversation with. Strong recommendations from my side.



Lillen88 is recommended by Jase28

An incredibly strong and fast fighter who dominated our match (although trying to fight on a small bed is a bit of a pain). He's still learning technical moves, but has a powerful will to win which was hard to handle. His ground game/positioning is instinctive and very annoying – he thwarted many of my best attempts to get into a position where I could get a tap. I'd love to get him on some mats so I can show him a proper fight. He's also pretty hot with a great body. Very highly recommended.



Jase28 is recommended by Lillen88

I will admit that I was a bit intimidated to fight him after reading about his previous fights through his recommendations. This is a guy that clearly knows what he is doing and have a lot of experience. All of that did not help him, because I dominated him from start all the way to the end when ended up on his knees admitting defeat.

We had an intense fight. A lot of sweat and sore muscles. He has a great fighting spirit and I can highly recommend him. Nice and friendly guy outside the mat too.