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Hello there, my wrestling background involves 3 years of high school wrestling and off season tournaments when I can find them. I will primarily want to wrestle freestyle with submission being my secondary option.
I enjoy the gear aspect of wrestling so wrestling singlet are my go to gear for matches. I grew up in Indiana so I will make semi-frequent visits to the northern part of the state for those in that area whom are interested in matches. The "distance willing to travel" thing is just a recommendation at this point, I'm willing to travel further for a good match.
For any other question, feel free to message me and we'll try and make something happen. For those traveling to here for any sort of visit and are looking for a match with me, do let me know a few weeks in advance so I can attempt to plan accordingly. Thank you.



  1. USA - Idaho, Boise
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Indiana, Mishawaka
    Make semi-frequent trips when I can
  3. USA - California, Sacramento
    (I'm here between 1/28/2019 and 2/01/2019)
    Road Trip Around California
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I am willing to travel 300 miles


Age: 21-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 152 lbs (69 kg)

Gear: Singlets, Gym shorts, Compression shorts. Speedos.

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission

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Likestowrestle is recommended by Kayden

Had a great time with this guy. Don't let his size fool you, he's strong and scrappy and very, very skilled. If not for a substantial size advantage he'd have me beat in freestyle and submission, and as things are it's still closer than I'd like to admit, haha. Nice guy with a cute, tight body to boot ;)



Likestowrestle is recommended by Groundcombat

I wrestled likestowrestle while we both were in Salt Lake City at the same time. We wrestled a combination of freestyle and submission wrestling in the ring. I have quite a bit of a size advantage over him but he is very skilled and strong for his size. Singlet is his gear of choice and he looks good in it. We only wrestled a couple rounds since we were part of a larger round robin that day but those rounds were long and sweaty, just how I like em. Lol. I recommend him if you’re looking for a good freestyle or grapppling match.



Likestowrestle is recommended by Scrapper147

Great match with likes to wrestle, he’s got legit freestyle and folk style skill and was able to best me again and again, I’d look forward to another match on proper mats! He was also really kind to make a long drive to meet up and is a nice guy to match up with.



Likestowrestle is recommended by Muffn

Nice guy who can wrestle very well. Skilled and knowledgeable. He is welcome back at any time.



Likestowrestle is recommended by jnmich16

Fun guy on the mats. Easy to talk to off of them. A good opponent for someone in his weight range. He's been on a trip through the area, and I was able to give him his first losing record for a set of matches. Definitely someone I'd roll with again.



Likestowrestle is recommended by Big man ShawnAllen

If you ever why good ground game hit my boy up and he would definitely give you one hell of a match trust me on that there's one thing that I like but this kid he's strong he's talented and trust me his stamina his style wrestling will take the kick any day and trust me this boy right here will say the same thing about me probably I did give him a little but I wish I could go against him one more time he is one hell of a match.



Likestowrestle is recommended by ThisIsTeal42

Make sure you can hit him up! Likestowrestle is very fun and was kind enough to come visit us! I do hope to wrestle again



Likestowrestle is recommended by Squeek

I had alot of fun with likestowrestle. He’s a great wrestler, and lots of fun to hang out with. If you are looking for a good wrestling match, I reccomend likestowrestle.



Davidpson is recommended by Likestowrestle

Had a great time wrestling this guy this past weekend. Very knowledgeable scholastic wrestler, strong and a great wrestler on and off the mat. Looking forward to getting back on the mats with him soon.



Likestowrestle is recommended by avidwrslr

Likestowrestle was a tough match. He is strong and skilled in freestyle and I was unable to get any pins. He comes across as quiet guy but once you lock up, don't expect him to go easy. If you are looking for "real" competition, you need to wrestle this guy.



Likestowrestle is recommended by slick

Awesome wrestler this guy really loves and is very proficient in freestyle wrestling. We were doing submission wrestling, I got one sub on him right out of the gate when he when he shot in and I got him in a front guilitine choke. I gave him a few pointers on the differences between submission and freestyle and in hindsight I should have kept my mouth shut because that was my first and last submission on him. After the sub wrestling in the mat room at my house we went to my pro wrestling gym and I taught him a little pro wrestling he is a quick study and picked things up fast. Later in the evening we hit the mat room again because I guess he felt that the mat needed to be mopped up with my body some more. He is a good guy off the mat and all business on the mat. His quiet demeanor gives way to a very aggressive fun wrestler if you get the chance to wrestle this young man take it.



Likestowrestle is recommended by spiilitwill

This champ in the making eats n breathes freestyle...a good head on his shoulders n the skills to match...went at it for hours pin after pin till i could barely move...been a minute since ive had some serious pin matches n was not dissapointed in the slightest



spiilitwill is recommended by Likestowrestle

A great guy and a good wrestler, had a blast wrestling him and can't wait till we get another session going.


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Likestowrestle 11/02/2018

Match against Kayden a couple of weekends ago.

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Likestowrestle 11/02/2018

Match against Kayden a couple of weekends ago.

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Likestowrestle 7/10/2018

Match against davidpson this past weekend

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Likestowrestle 7/10/2018

Match against davidpson this past weekend

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Likestowrestle 7/10/2018

Match against davidpson this past weekend

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Likestowrestle 6/26/2018

Match against Slick this past weekend.

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