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Strong guy who likes to make another submit. Back/forth until someone takes over, competitive with similar stats/experience levels, squash jobs, ... Sub/pro, promission



  1. USA - California, Los Angeles
    Place of residence
  2. USA - New York, New York (I'm here between 2/20/2018 and 2/25/2018)
  3. Thailand, Bangkok (I'm here between 4/08/2018 and 4/16/2018)
  4. Singapore, Singapore (I'm here between 4/17/2018 and 4/21/2018)
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Age: 40-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 200 lbs (91 kg)

Submission Submission
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LAbackBreaker is recommended by gambit

This one is overdue...

Clashed with LAbackBreaker back in Oct around Halloween and, as his other opponents noted before, he lives up to his name. Strong, persistent, scrappy and capable. Think, Chris Beniot. Our submission bouts were intense and pretty even but tumbled into a barrage of pro moves (in his favor). Camel variations and racks seem to be his specialty, naturally. Maybe next time we'll see what his back can take when the tables are turned!

Hit him up if you're ever in LA - and expect a fight.



gambit is recommended by LAbackBreaker

This guy was a lot of fun to take on. Thick, strong, well built and tough, getting any submissions out was a lot of work. He eventually had to take whatever i threw at him and got tossed around like a rag doll - i think he enjoys being somebody's lil bitch but he'll never admit it. He says he's gonna pay me back next time, but something tells me he'll end up taking another beating.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by natureboyesq

This guy is the real deal. He's as strong as they come, knows a lot of subs and pro moves, and worked me over like I was much smaller than I am. Can't wait to lock up with him again and *try* to get some revenge. Highest recommendation.



natureboyesq is recommended by LAbackBreaker

Had tons of fun taking down and destroying this guy. He was a tough one, flexible and is built to withstand some punishment and keep coming back for more. Enjoyed watching the mirrors as he was both up in the air and down suffering on the mat. Look forward to owning him again.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by Bridgeboy

This guy is sexy as hell. He manhandled me a couple times now and it’s always hot sexy fun. He’s gotten me in some vulnerable, punishing holds, just the way I like it. Can’t wait for the next time we meet up!



LAbackBreaker is recommended by SmallButMighty

Said he'd break me and make me call him Daddy's Little Bitch....all I can say is maybe next time chump lol. Didn't break but got bent in every wrong direction the human body has, which is a lot, apparently. Even threw in some pro slams like bodyslams, powerbombs and piledrivers. I thought he might have felt bad afterwards (he didn't) but he definitely lived up to his hype lol. Great host and great opponent! Maybe one day I'll have to show him who the real bitch



SmallButMighty is recommended by LAbackBreaker

He may not have said it, but he sure was Daddy's lil bitch for a while. Was fun trying to get submissions out of this tough guy, super flexible and can take a lot of punishment.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by PHXxPlant

Very hot wrestler! Extremely strong and aggressive, and really put me in my place. I could barely fight back at all against his muscles! He was very gentle when called for but really knew how to dial it up and read the match, during and after. Hope to wrestle him again when I'm in town!



LAbackBreaker is recommended by jdj2

Awesome guy. And he's even hotter than his photos!

My body was pretty wrecked from lack of food, alcohol and red-eye flight, so I wasn't much of a match for him, but I had an awesome time. He's super dominating.

Definitely make time to see LABackBreaker if you're in Cali.



jdj2 is recommended by LAbackBreaker

Had a great time making this guy suffer. He started out strong but after taming him he had to take whatever I dished out. Very flexible, strong, hot bod, doesn't submit easily - my ideal opponent. Hope to meet this one again.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by italianinla1980

Definitely the best guy! Hot, handsome, sexy!
I usually don't like to loose, but he was just too strong (and bigger) than me, so I had to... hopefully I made it hard for him ;)
Already looking for the rematch anyway!



LAbackBreaker is recommended by planted pinned

Good guy, tough as hell. If you are interested in some serious submission action then this is the guy for you. Respects limits and takes requests - either way still tough. You will feel it after he leaves, trust me.



planted pinned is recommended by LAbackBreaker

One of my fav big guys to demolish. he's a nice guy, asked if i could take it light so he would have enough energy for his next match later in the day, i said hell no i'm gonna beat you even harder. still wasn't able to rack him, but i will get there next time



LAbackBreaker is recommended by bowolverine

And unexpected great day !

At the gym working out get this message from this is Super Hot guy.
He says: man want to wrestle,
Me : yes man , when now ,tonight ,tomorrow.
He says : Now !
Me : yes let's do it

We met up and wrestled for an hour and a half .
He is freaking strong ,awesome moves , great wrestler. Both of us sweaty wrestling hard for top and we both got a few good punches in. Freaking awesome fight
It was a great back-and-forth between two muscle boys .
My body is sore from a great fight
Can't wait to wrestle him again.
Great guy,amazing body, top-notch fight and a awesome dude off the mats as well.
I highly can recommend him !!!!



bowolverine is recommended by LAbackBreaker

Had a great match with this brut. Big muscle, strong, and skilled - I had my hands full. A perfect afternoon match set up in minutes - can't beat that. Great guy on and off the mats - don't miss an opportunity to fight him.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by CasualWrestler

Awesome bloke, we had a good chat, great wrestle and and all around excellent time. He's got a smoking hot body and can put you through some hot (and punishing) moves. I can personally recommend NOT getting caught in his camel.
Looking forward to another match down the track.



CasualWrestler is recommended by LAbackBreaker

Was a lot of fun taking on this handsome brute after chatting several years. I managed to get him once but he made me pay for it at least 3 times. Very strong and knows how to have a fun and sweaty time; he's also a cool guy off the mats. Hope to wrestle him again for sure.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by Blitzkrieg

Quite a lovely surprise and an added delight during my visit to Southern California in early 2017. LABackBreaker was solid, formidable and a thoroughly enjoyable match. The photos don't serve justice to someone as pleasant on the eyes as they are in person. Solid, grounded and engaging on all fronts, I do hope we have the pleasure of meeting again.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by submisionss

What can I say that have not already been said?
This was out second meeting having the first one years ago. He completely solidified his position in the best ever list to wrestle. Age just make him better. Amazing body and the skill to match it.
One heck of a nice guy to talk with and easy to communicate with - but when it gets to the mat he is one hell of a tough heel. He will punish you and will enjoy it. Push your limits while always keeping it safe.
Hopefully our next meeting will not take another several years in the making.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by liketopin

What can I say about LAbackBreaker except for MAGNIFIQUE!!!! LOVE HIM...LOVE HIM...LOVE HIM!!!! I highly recommend him to anyone! I had a spectacular time with him once again!! Although I got completely owned and controlled by him, I had an extremely Pleasant, Hott and Mind Blowing Good Time!! I am sooo elated that we're planning multiple times to meet in the future. Don't let his pretty looks fool you, he packs a wallop of skill, muscle, spirit and WHOOP YO ASS talent. ;^D Thanks LBB fo being my fwiend (From the movie "The Waterboy") Lol ;^D :-D



LAbackBreaker is recommended by synxiec


Magical. It was the most impromptu meetup, but we made it work. When he arrived, we got to know each other and he gave me a taste of what his crossfit training could do. Being manhandled a bit was fun. Easily the highlight of my trip here.

Aside from the wrestling, he's funny and very sweet. 5/5, 10/10, some other thing like that.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by sqfig4

This guy met me back in 2012 after discussing rules and limits we went at it. Great guy to hang with, true gentleman, and a complete and total beast on the mats. This guy will push you to your limits and leave you begging for more. We had a great time and yes he won the matches. I would wrestle him anytime I get the chance and glad to see him back on the site.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by maineagle93

One of my first ever regular match buddies. Took a rookie and made me learn my place as a young jobber. Totally cool guy, but intense about back breaking holds. Pushed me to my limits in crabs, camels, and other fun holds. Always respectful and cool about things. Would wrestle again in a minute since he seems to be in even better shape now.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by Azjobber

We had an awesome match! Though we have a great size/strength difference, he was super safe and very dominant. I still fought back so I wasn't just a rag doll, but he was way too strong for me to have a chance. Definitely a squash match I'd like to have again.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by DenverWrestler

A terrific guy in all respects – great body, great wrestler, super nice, very handsome, fit, and reliable. We wrestled a couple times in years past, and I look forward to future matches. He's one of the best and most reliable guys in LA.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by Theman1984

I wrestle LAbackBreaker a while ago wow what can I say he probably The best wrestle I have ever went up agest I am not going to lie he work me over good I will be more then Glad to go agest him agen if u get a chances u need to wrestle him



LAbackBreaker is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey

He is a fun guy both in and out of the mats. He has improved a lot from the first time I wrestled him, so our last match was more competitive. But I still know his weakness though. :) Definitely highly recommended!