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Novice... looking for more experiences, with local guys, I can host with notice or travel, looking for a coach



  1. Australia, Sale
    (I'm here from 11/05/2018)
    Gippsland ( Sale ) Home
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I am willing to travel 10 kilometers


Age: 58-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 150 lbs (68 kg)

Gear: SInglets, speedos, jocks, nude

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Ktotter is recommended by cambridgeuk

Engaging guy who is much stronger than he looks. We were in a fairly small hotel room so not much space to move around but he is determined and able.



cambridgeuk is recommended by Ktotter

Met Roger last night at his hotel in Liverpool. He didn't realise I was an overseas visitor, here on holidays.
Had an enjoyable grapple, worked up a sweat, he is alot fitter than you think!! Glad to of met him for the experience and a friendly chat, highly recommended, when he is in your area



Ktotter is recommended by lutte95

Un accueil avec un sourire charmeur ,ktotter sais de suite vous mettre a l aise ...
Bon lutteur .doté d une force certaine qui vous coincera rapidement au moindre écart .
Les matchs se suivent et tout aussi viril que sportif
Bien sur hautement recommandé..



lutte95 is recommended by Ktotter

After messaging back and for for a few weeks, finally met this handsome man while in Paris on holidays, I was hesitant as he has wrestled many guys and has alot more skills, experience than me.
He wrestled at my level that gave me confidence and managed to put him in head sissor, to get a tap out of him..mind you I tapped out more but enjoyed a sweatty grapple and like previous guys highly recommend Lutte95



Ktotter is recommended by Alan2005sg

Ktotter is considered strong at his weight & age. I had a very hard time to escape once I got into his control. He knows how to control all my limbs & restricted my movement. I was at one time feeling helpless. Although he is inexperienced, he knows many of the basic moves that surprised me.
Off the mat, very nice gentleman that you would like to be a friend with.



Alan2005sg is recommended by Ktotter

Alan2005sg, well worth a grapple!!
He wrestles to the standard of his opponent whether experienced or not as skilled as what I am, gave me a few pointers and did use them to my advantage.. Thanks Al.
Highly recommended when you are in Singapore.
Friendly guy very easy to get along with



Ktotter is recommended by squeezerian

It was a pleasure to meet Kevin for some horny wrestling action while I was recently in Sale. He is a quick learner and although I dominated him in this match I am sure it won't be so easy for me next time. A nice guy and highly recommended for those who are planning a visit to Sale in Victoria.



squeezerian is recommended by Ktotter

After a short corrospondence finally met Ian, when he was passing through town.
Great guy, alot more knowledgeable and experienced wrestler than me, I did put up a good struggle, but my lack of experience didn't help, enjoyed the wrestle.
Higly recommend squeezerian, look forward to a rematch when I have more experience/knowledge



Ktotter is recommended by Mikemelbourne

What a lovely and amazing man. Being 80kgs lighter than me he surprised me with some excellent holds. He certainly got me hot and sweaty!!!!

We had a lot of fun. Poor guy had such a disadvantage but put up a great fight!

My face sit pin finished him off nicely....!!!



Mikemelbourne is recommended by Ktotter

Mikemelbourne gave me a good work out, but I did manage to get a few holds on him before his weight advantage took over and yep the face pin done it!!
Had a great time with a kind hearted soul, great conversationilst.
If I am back in Melbourne hope to catch up again time permitting, highly recommend Mikemelbourne



Ktotter is recommended by Pericles

Had a good hotel match with this friendly & considerate guy. He's stocky and has a good strong grip. Worth a tussle when you're in Melbourne.



Pericles is recommended by Ktotter

Nice guy is Pericles, very tall, which was to his advantage over me!
Enjoyed our hotel wrestle gladly meet up again if he comes to Melb, highly recommend and worth meeting up with if he is in your area



Ktotter is recommended by Sean226

friendly guy, we had a great gentle erotic match.



Sean226 is recommended by Ktotter

friendly quiet guy on and off the mattress/mat, introduced me to my first erotic wrestle , had a ball, gladly meet up again!!