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They call me zZz

Say hello send me a message (not a challenge) I try and get back to everyone :)

Hey guys! Has surgery a few months back, nothing serious but back to my normal self and up for matches :)

My boyfriend is Leo Tomasi or zedd on MF, we are available for tag team or 2 vs 1 we also have a wrestling area

Heel looking for jobbers, and still learning

Looking for jobber vs heel matches or one sided matches (as Heel) into total
domination and squash jobs. Would also enjoy trying tag team matches
heels vs jobbers or 2 vs 1 matches. Im also a fan of some dirty tactic in my
matches. Another thing I think would be fun is to is a little tying up at the end of the
match. Also ok with a little back and forth if the other guy is not into squash jobs.
Also I am now learning sub so I can now do light sub matches but still a pro guy

I workout at least 4 times a week trying to put on some more
weight. Chill, down to earth guy Just down for a good time not looking to hurt
anyone or get hurt just in it to have fun. Can not host or travel far due to school
and work. Do not take it personal if i dont message you
right away. Still getting use to this. Not into cyber
So if I sound like your type of heel shoot me a message :)



Match structure: Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one
Miscellaneous interests: I'm a heel
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Face sitting


  1. USA - Missouri, St. Louis
    Place of residence
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 145 lbs (66 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Pro Gear, Trunks,Speedo

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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Interest Groups:


KidZ is recommended by dcwrestler

I was lucky enough to have some time for a match with this guy, and boy am I glad I did. KidZ is as good as advertised. He's a great heel, knows exactly how to dish out the punishment while keeping it safe and fun. And he more than holds his own too if a match gets more competitive. Do yourself a favor and reach out if you're in the area.



dcwrestler is recommended by KidZ

I had a great time with Dc we wrestle for a few hours and this guy took everything I dished out and then some! He also dished out some fight back as well. Really fun guy and wish we could of wrestled for longer I had a blast! Hope to meet up again soon :)



KidZ is recommended by Txwresl

He was just starting to wrestle some years back when I was in St Louis, but had great instincts, was totally fun, very handsome and great body, good fit to now he is experienced and ready to kick butt:-)




KidZ is recommended by SpandexWrestler

There is not much more to be said about KidZ than has not already been said by his other past opponents. He owns me as he likes to claim and he certainly owned me on the mat. Whether you want to lose or not (and I usually don't) he still makes being dominated, defeated, and humiliated a lot of fun. I traveled to St. Louis just to face and and would do it again soon!



KidZ is recommended by AldiStl

Had a BLAST with KidZ. He’s definitely on my list of top heels wrestle with. Real easy to talk to and get along with off the mats. But on the mats, it’s game time. Likes to see what your limits are and from there, he knows just how much to give to make it enjoyable for both wrestlers. He doesn’t make the match any easier once he starts to verbally get into your head. He’s a great host and is one good looking stud! If you ever have a match with KidZ, you’ll definitely leave wanting more!



AldiStl is recommended by KidZ

Had a freaking blast with this sexy guy! We wrestled for hours and could of gone longer. Sexy guy with killer legs and a sexy body and is made to be put in hold after hold. Can take a lot and took everything I fished out. Made me work for it but I had him as my jobber toy for the last hour ;) can’t wait till our next match!



KidZ is recommended by 26wrestler

Kidz is an amazing wrestler and heel. His pictures do not do him justice. He has an amazing body and his biceps are very tight when he puts you in his sleepers. He has an amazing set up for great pro-matches and is a wonderful host. He is truly one of the best heels I have faced. I wish we could have wrestled for a longer time. If you have the chance to meet him, don't miss the opportunity,



26wrestler is recommended by KidZ

Had a GREAT match with this stud! Great body and pecs! It was blast he started off strong but I wore him down and took over the match he took all my punishment and then some! I could or wrecked him all day! Suffers so sexy :)
Can’t wait till our next match!



KidZ is recommended by Chicago11

A perfect heel, from the cocky trash talking and hot gear to the holds that back it up. Nice guy off the mats, but a beast inside the ring. Definitely check this stud out, you'll be glad you did.



KidZ is recommended by suig

KidZ is a total stud. Knows his moves well and proves a most talented heel (with the trash-talking mouth to match). He's a nice guy off the mats and has a great setup. I'm glad we finally were able to meet and I'm definitely looking forward to being manhandled by this cocky dominator again soon!



suig is recommended by KidZ

My match with suig was awesome! Super flexible, knows his stuff and fun all around. I had fun turning him into my jobber boy toy for the day but he did make me work for it. Can't wait to wrestle him again! We had a fun sexy match



KidZ is recommended by freddy3973

This guy was a great opponent and I'm glad I got to meet with him. He's a tough heel on the mats but also cool to talk to off of it. Will definitely meet again if given the opportunity.



freddy3973 is recommended by KidZ

This guy was a blast! Took every bit of punishment I had and came back for more. His stamina is crazy high. Can't wait to take him on again :)



profantasywrestler is recommended by KidZ

What can I say? Super sexy and a great body with a hot pro attitude. I had a blast with him! One of my divine matches I've ever had! One of the nicest down to earth guys off the mats too! This guy is awesome and Will be counting down the days till I get to wrestle him again :)



bna37 is recommended by KidZ

One of my favorite guys I've wrestled! Super fun and looks so sexy in my holds! Cute and such a fun guy off the mats too! I'd wrestle him Any day! Owned him for hours. This was just round one. Round two I'll make him mine again



Slater Jackson is recommended by KidZ

I had a great ring match with slater! It was awesome getting to meet him and work him over ;)
Can't wait till next time



KidZ is recommended by thegillup

I could not ask for a hotter heel! Hes so much fun to wrestle!



thegillup is recommended by KidZ

Super hot guy to wrestle! I could put him in holds all day! Love getting this guy in my holds. Super hot matches and a fun guy all together



KidZ is recommended by Andy15

Had an awesome match with KidZ! He's an awesome heel who knows his stuff. Super hot match, can't wait to wrestle again.



Andy15 is recommended by KidZ

Hot, scrappy, and a fun guy to wrestle. Loved putting him in holds and he looks so hot suffering in them and came back for more even got to do a little 2 on one action. Would wrestle him again in a heart beat! and hope to meet up again soon!



KidZ is recommended by DenverWrestler

I had a terrific pro match with the Kid. He is very skilled at heeling and brings a huge amount of enthusiasm and a sexy muscular body to the match. He's also in great shape and has that classic heel 'bravado' that makes him perfect in that role. But more important that all that, you'd be very hard pressed to find a nicer guy – he is outgoing, friendly, so easy to talk to, reliable, and an all-round top quality guy. I'm very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet and wrestle him.



DenverWrestler is recommended by KidZ

Had a great time with allen. He has a great body that can take a lot of punishment and looks hot a holds. This guy can dish it out too. Very skilled and knows how to apply the holds. Not only a good fun wrestler but a great guy off the mats you can talk to him for hours. Can't wait to meet up again!



KidZ is recommended by nightstranger

Z is a hot young thug. Great imagination and skills. Awesome heel attitude. Had a great match just wish we were closer.

Update: May '15 brought the 2nd annual slaughter in st louis. Z is only getting better and better and meaner and awesome match. Highly recommend this fun, tough, reliable guy.



nightstranger is recommended by KidZ

Match 1: Hot, great, fun guy hot jobber and a hot match can't wait to work him over again. Round 2 can't come soon enough!

Match 2: hard to beat the first match but we did. Great hot match once again this guy sells awesome and looks hot suffering can take all the punishment I dish out and I did punish him for a few hours! Can't wait to go at it again



KidZ is recommended by Brown Bomber

St. Louis has a NEW heel in town and he goes by the name of KidZ. I enjoyed his working me over, talking trash before and during the match. He knows his holds and moves real well and I hate to admit it but can back up ALL his talk. I seek revenge in a new match but I think the results will still be the same...which is okay too.



Brown Bomber is recommended by KidZ

So mr brown was on my list of guys to wrestle for quite some time finally got a crack at him. He likes to trash talk and thought I was going to be a pushover but I made him eat his words ;) had a blast working him over and making him submit over and over. Don't get me wrong he did put up a fight but in the end I got to punish this jobber can't wait for his return so I can do it all over again!



KidZ is recommended by SlimScrapper

What a stud! Where to start? Had a fantastic time with this dude! Had a go at it early in the day and he even came back for more at night. Went at it for hours and could have kept going if time allowed. Quite the heel with his attitude but backs it up dishing out the pain and punishment. Skilled, knowledgeable, and a strong, spunky kid. Got locked in holds I didn't know possible and he had the strength to execute some good power moves. All throughout kept it safe, although it still hurt! Cocky heel attitude aside, a really genuine and nice guy. Great to talk to and hang out with. Rematch can't come soon enough! Definitely book some time with him before he gets too popular! ;)



SlimScrapper is recommended by KidZ

Man let me say I had a blast with this guy! Wish I had more time to heel this tough jobber. Wanna first say that he is the most flexible guy I have wrestled put him in some nasty moves. Made him my jobber boy but He took punishment real well :) can not wait till we meet again didn't have enough time working over this guy. Great jobber and awesome guy off the mats



KidZ is recommended by flscw

An up and coming heel. He's grown from a novice to veteran wrestler fast. He's a great guy to hang around with on and off the mats. Still like shoving the "kid" around. ;) All around nice, genuine wrestler. Don't pass up the chance to meet up with him on the mats!



flscw is recommended by KidZ

Great guy and teacher have awesome matches with him, always learn something new when me meet our matches get better and better every time, don't pass this guy up.