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Enjoy a good submission match and at times mixing in body punches. I like promission matches as well. All safe and sane. Nothing personal to anyone, buy I enjoy wrestling older guys who are in shape.

Favorite holds are headlock, and bearhug.

Started training harder, to take on older inshape muscle guys.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take
Fetishes: Muscle worship


  1. USA - Ohio, Sidney
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Age: 43-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg)

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Kevin42 is recommended by Muscledmaster

Kevin and I wrestled today. Yes, he got one tap from me, lol. I think I got 20! Our fight was safe and a great workout. He just was no match against this muscled bodybuilder. Nice work today.



Muscledmaster is recommended by Kevin42

Wrestling muscledmaster was like wrestling a tank. Strong and built, but safe and sane. I even got a sub against him. Above all a great time. Watch out for his head scissor's.



Kevin42 is recommended by Guysmiley

Kevin and I have met quite a few times, both here in Ohio and in California. He's worked on his strength quotient and I'm pleased to say he has improved quite a bit. Besides submission, we also engaged in some gut punching. His bruising will pass quickly.



Guysmiley is recommended by Kevin42

Having wrestled Guy a few times I must say he is strong as a bull. Biceps that will KO you, and quads like tree trunks that squeeze you. Tremendous guy off the mats. I will make him submit one day.

Wrestled Guy this weekend. Another enjoyable match. He amped up the matches and pressure. He dishes out alot of pain. Safe and Sane though and respecful of limits. Even did some gut punching. If u want a strong and built man. Guy is the one. His quads are to die for!!!



daytonwrestler is recommended by Kevin42

Have wrestled this guy over the years. Had a match today and once again he beat me. Quick as a cat who enjoys submission mstches. Off the mat guy.



Kevin42 is recommended by calwrestler

Met Kevin during an unpleasant family situation and was cheered and diverted immensely for a few hours. We had a good match or 5, and a long chat, which helped me face a very sad situation. He held his own (80% of the time !) and we had a good time. Too bad he is so far away ! Watch out for his headlock, btw.



calwrestler is recommended by Kevin42

Met Calwrestler a few years ago. Great guy who is very strong, and tough. If you want a great match safe and sane he is your man. Off the mats great guy. I look forward to a rematch.



Kevin42 is recommended by Bomber

Kevin and I have wrestled a few times and always. fun. Modesty prevents me from giving the results - don't want to embarrass him :0

More than that we have become good friends staying in regular communications. He's a good hardworking guy who'll always give his best and respect his opponent.

Sadly, he's a Reds and Buckeyes fan and can't be swayed.



Bomber is recommended by Kevin42

Having wrestled Bomer over the years, and I still cant beat him. Bomber is strong, and tough on the mats. Great guy off the mats. Sadly he retired, but we have a great friendship. If he were to wrestle again I would break his headlock.