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Near Margate, England
I like to wrestle/Judo with other guys over 30yo
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  1. United Kingdom, Herne Bay
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I am willing to travel 150 miles
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Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 214 lbs (97 kg)

Gear: wrestling trunks, squarecuts, gI, boxing shorts

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Kent super trouper is recommended by suited exec

Had a horny, sweaty wrestle today with Kenny at his place, starting off fully suited and stripping off through the session. We were pretty evenly matched and both had time on top. He is a really nice guy and put me (a novice) well at ease. Recommended.



suited exec is recommended by Kent super trouper

A late morning start between Kenny Boy and Suited Exec. This was my first match involving Rip and Strip and to make it more unique we started both in full three piece suits,
Round by round the gear came off, ties, braces, trousers till we were just left in royal trunks (KB) and black (SE).
It was a very memorable wrestle rather even at times but I did have a few problems getting Suited Exec off my chest as his upper half of his body is rather strong and can take a punch or two.
Off the mats he is one hell of a lovely gentlemen, if you get the chance challenge this guy, he may be 64 but his enthusiasm is good as any I have fought on here.



Kent super trouper is recommended by Junkmonkey

A fairly short notice match due to my availability and coincidental timing meant I was able to meet up with Kenny.
Genuine bloke who took into account my inexperience......we had a good match and I found myself being able to do some variations on holds. I was glad to have had the chance to wrestle Kenny and would do so again once I get the chance.
Thoroughly recommended.....thanks buddy



Junkmonkey is recommended by Kent super trouper

Great to organise a submission bout before Christmas and my new opponent did not disappoint in the slightest. Green trunks KST, Blue trunks JM

Having travelled from nearby Ramsgate it was a good way to start the morning off before work beckoned.

For a guy who has only wrestled once before I surpringly had my work cut out due to his awesome scissors. I wished I had his strong power he uses it at just the right time.

We wrestled for just under an hour and were both full of sweat as we both went for it.

Because JunkMonkey is a local lad I am hoping we can do this all again in the New Year and beyond

Fully 100percent recommended



Kent super trouper is recommended by wjones

Kenny boy is enthusiastic, aggressive, and always ready to wrestle and go for more. On and off the mats, he is a happy-go-lucky man with a nice and genuinely generous personality.



wjones is recommended by Kent super trouper

It was great to meet Wjones, who took advantage to wrestle me whilst over here for work in the UK.

I was expecting an even match but somewhere inside him there is a lot of power and strength and he certainly came out top in almost every move.

Only Thighman and Wjones are the two hardest wrestlers I have faced on this site.

It was great to spend some time together before our wrestle on the seafront and particular his fondness for English food

A lovely guy who gives as good as he gets I hope to return the match with a trip to California to finish off some much needed business.

Thanks again for a terriric day and safe flight back to the USA



Kent super trouper is recommended by south coast

Met with kenny after what seemed like an eternity today for a wrestle. Perfectly evenly matched. Kenny was very strong and gives as good as he gets with lots of stamina. A great host and guy both on and off mats. Anyone within reasonable distance should give kenny a wrestle you won't be disappointed and I will be visiting again.



south coast is recommended by Kent super trouper

After seventeen months of communicating I today met and fought this great guy.

South Coast is extremely fit and has the strength to last a decent bout.

Having won 3-1 in my previous fight against Muscle Man Pete, I admit I went into it in a positive mood but South Coast's energy levels pegged me back a notch, so no real surprise this match ended in a exciting draw.

South Coast has a wonderful personality off the mats too. If he shows up near you then meet him.



Kent super trouper is recommended by danwrestle

I met up with Kenny at his place in Hern bay on 15/4/14 he gave me a warm welcome and he is a nice guy plus we had long chats before and after our me he is a novice we had a gentle wrestle at each other pace which was long and sweaty I like to meet up again soon with Kenny on a one on one match or tag match



danwrestle is recommended by Kent super trouper

I met up with Dan tonight at my house at Herne Bay, Kent.
I was very much looking forward to grappling with Dan as he is a novice like myself and would be great to fight back for a change against someone similar to myself.
The match did not disappoint, and by the end we were both in a sweat and knackered but felt good nonetheless.
Dan can be quite sneaky with a leg lock when you are least expecting it, and does have some good strength in his legs.
A pleasure to meet him for a chat and grapple and we got on really well I would recommend him to anyone on this site.
Looking forward to hitting the mat with Dan again, and we are keen on getting in the Wrestle Ring for first time.



Kent super trouper is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Finally locked up with this gentle giant over chistmas. Although 'trooper' has experience in judo, hes taken to wrestling like a fish in water. Although his knowledge and skill was limited. He still made the bout fun and enjoyable. He's a local lad and l will be expecting the call soon for another rematch. Give 'new boy' a chance, Hes definately worth a meet.



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by Kent super trouper

Had the pleasure of meeting Phil Christmas week, we had been exchanging messages over the lest couple of months, and after surgery I felt it was time to get back into action even though it had to be light grappling for now.
Phil is rather quick and can get you in a hold in no time, after a few more matches with him I will discover his strength more.
But what made this first wrestle in a long time really good was the fact that Phil understood my disability and respected it.
I am looking forward to wrestling him again