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I'm into friendly Jiu Jitsu or wrastling. Please be not more than 175lbs. I've got 10'x10' mats.

I don't respond to Match Requests. Contact me directly if you want to meet up.



  1. USA - New Jersey, Newark
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Age: 48-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 149 lbs (68 kg)

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Kato-pale is recommended by nypython

Just wrestled him. Very good wrestler too! His knowledge of BJJ helps him alot! Highly recommend him. Great host too! Want to see him again!



nypython is recommended by Kato-pale

He’s very strong. A tight grip with his arms, and a scissor grip like a nutcracker. Showed up on time, and was respectful. I’d grapple with him again.



Kato-pale is recommended by Buscape

Really strong skilled grappler i have met so far. He is really serious about training and knows how to maneuver BJJ holds very well. I enjoyed every minute with him and we also share knowledge of ancient greek Palé grappling. Hope to wrestle him again!



Buscape is recommended by Kato-pale

His groundwork is smooth and powerful but can be gentle too. He has a very effective bent armlock submission. He's respectful, open, quick to respond to tap out. He was responsible with his communications before we meet and showed up on time. He also has varied and intriguing interests beyond rolling. If you have the chance to grapple with him - do.



Kato-pale is recommended by njmuscguy1

skilled wrestler with a great set up and a nice guy to boot !! def a great addition to the nj ny wrestling scene and hope to have many more tough fun matches with him !! totally recommend



Kato-pale is recommended by Sean MacGowan

Duke is fit and fun, and we've had several good rolls. Very scrappy and tough. Without giving out undue pointers, there are certain positions you simply don't want to let him get to! His chokes are nasty but he plays safe and is always respectful. He's game for trying different styles and he is an amiable and gracious host. My only complaint is that too soon after finding him to spar with, the New York area stole him away...



Sean MacGowan is recommended by Kato-pale

Sean is a competitive and dynamic opponent. More importantly, he immediately respected my tap-out. In other words, he grappled full-out but stopped when I gave the signal. He’s primarily a wrestler, however was very willing to roll (jiu jitsu) with me. I look forward to rolling with him again. Oh yea, he’s got a devastating scissor grip. So watch out and have fun. Sean’s a great guy to roll and hang out with.



Kato-pale is recommended by Muleman

Kati-pale is a skilled fighter with a lot of endurance and strength. Be prepared for a work out. He can ramp up or tone down the intensity of the match based on his opponents ability. He will fight above and below his weight and size. A courteous and gracious host both on and off the mats. I would defiantly look forward to another match.