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Former competitive freestyle wreslter who still enjoys easy-going fun matches.



  1. USA - Iowa, Des Moines
    Des Moines, IA
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Age: 67-year-old Male

Stats: 6'3" (191 cm), 230 lbs (104 kg)

Gear: singlet, lycra briefs

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman

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Jim from Iowa is recommended by Fisty2019

Jim from Iowa is a class act and very skilled wrestler. He is a great host and super guy. It was great to find an experienced wrestler who will challenge you at every angle. I highly recommend Jim for anyone who wants to exhibit superior moves by pin, submit, and other styles. Do not be caught comparing ages as he can dominate any age. I learned a lot from Jim and look forward to future meetings to improve my wrestling.



Fisty2019 is recommended by Jim from Iowa

Hosted Fisty2019 at my place and had a really good sweaty match, kind of combo of pinning and submission to outright exhaustion. I outweigh him by 50 lbs but he was definitely up to the challenge. Good strength and stamina had me begging for rest breaks. Definitely up for more matches, and since he lives close by, hoping it will happen. Highly recommend Fisty2019 for fun, sweaty match.



Jim from Iowa is recommended by Dynamo

Jim_from_iowa it’s a real strong man, very tall and great wrestler. Our wrestling match it was so strong and sweaty tall vs tall, man vs man.
A lot of strength and wrestling holds. Respect rules every time. Off the Matt Jim is an extraordinary man, full of culture and great chatting a real gentleman. I hope to have the honour and opportunity for meet him and wrestle him again. Highly recommend



Dynamo is recommended by Jim from Iowa

Dynamo (then StrongStorm) and I wrestled at the July Wrestle Fest about 3 years ago. Had a good, but short match, since this handsome, strong wrestler was in demand for matches with others in attendance. Looking forward to our next match when this wrestler comes back to the USA for a wrestling tour.



Jim from Iowa is recommended by Just Dan

Jim hosted our match at his home in Iowa. I'd lost touch with him until recently. He was a gracious host and a gentleman. At 6'4 and over 200# he crushed me. But he did so without inflicting any serious harm and it was a day well spent. Two thumbs up.



Jim from Iowa is recommended by CamoDad

Jim is the typical Iowa guy. Tall, big, solid, corn-fed, unintimidating and underselling his abilities. A friendly, gentleman type. He's also a typical Iowa stubborn.

Don't buy all that "aw, shucks" when you get to the grapple! He's sturdy on his feet and his neck is thick. He won't yield. We had a friendly. Wouldn't want to fight him if he was in a bad mood!

Will plan the small detour on a road trip to meet him again on his turf! Look forward to it!



CamoDad is recommended by Jim from Iowa

CamoDad is very strong skilled wrestler. We did a bit of stand up wrestling in confined space. Managed to have good match without tearing up the place. CamoDad definitely was the dominant wrestler. Great to hang out with, too. Highly recommend a match with him.



ats is recommended by Jim from Iowa

ATS was a fun match. Just two older guys going at it and having a great time. Personable and friendly and will surprise you with his strength.



Jim from Iowa is recommended by matslam

It was a sheer pleasure getting worked over by this giant!
I distinctly remember how effortlessly he made me struggle to escape his holds,all that time with a serene look on his face,always in a safe and sane way.I’m eager to meet him again.
Dont pass up an opportunity to experience wrestling at its best with this man…



matslam is recommended by Jim from Iowa

Had a great time with matslam at a past NY Wrestlefest. He's a great jobber in that he puts up a great struggle. No pushover, which I love. Looking forward to wrestling him again next month. Great outgoing personality, so fun on and off the wrestling mat. Highly recommended.



Jim from Iowa is recommended by wrestleinsocks

Jim was fun on the mats and a great guy off the mats as well. I enjoyed locking him in holds and hope we can get our schedules to match up for a rematch. Don't pass up an opportunity for some fun if he is in your area.



wrestleinsocks is recommended by Jim from Iowa

Wrestleinsocks is a strong, dominant wrestler and enjoys working holds on his opponents. Had a great time even thought the match was completely one-sided in his favor. If you want a tough match that is also fun, make sure you contact this guy the next time you're headed to Chicago. You won't be disappointed.



Jim from Iowa is recommended by bobster

I had a great time wrestling Jim and hope if he is willing to give me a re-match next year. anyone who wrestles him will have their hands full and have a great match.



Jim from Iowa is recommended by DenverWrestler

Had two very tough matches with Jim. He was kind enough to wrestle submission with me even though his expertise is in freestyle, and he used his size and strength to fight me off for several long periods. He has excellent mats and is a very hospitable guy and as nice as they come.



DenverWrestler is recommended by Jim from Iowa

Just had a couple really tough sessions with DenverWrestler (Allen) and had a great time in my wrestling room. He's more skilled at submission, but has strength and stamina, too. Couldn't put my considerable size advantage and freestyle background to win any of the submissions. Great guy on and off the mat. DenverWrestler comes highly recommended.



Jim from Iowa is recommended by bones

Strong guy & very nice...was happy to finally meet him....not very ofter that i see eye to eye with a guy standing



bones is recommended by Jim from Iowa

Bones is a big, strong competitive wrestler and had a great time trying my best to survive all his moves. Fun match for me getting handled but still walking away in one piece :). If you want a good tough match, I would highly recommend Bones.



Jim from Iowa is recommended by nu2rasln

Met Jim at Akrob's Wriverfest wrestling event, and he is a very knowledgeable wrestler, very strong and fun on the mats. I would recommend him to all those wanting a great match. I look forward to matching up with him again, hopefully at wrestlefest this summer.



nu2rasln is recommended by Jim from Iowa

Had a fun match with nu2rasslin (Rich). He is a tough opponent and very nice guy to be around to socialize. Will wrestle him again in future for sure.



Jim from Iowa is recommended by wildcat

Jim made a pretty long drive to come wrestle. He is very skilled and gave me and my wrestling buddies (yes, there are a few of us here in town) a workout. He got a lot of tapouts, too.



wildcat is recommended by Jim from Iowa

Had a great wrestling weekend with Wildcat at his place. He was a great host and made the long drive to meet up well worth it. Got plenty of wrestling with him and some of his buddies on his wrestling mats. Fun, friendly and considerate host made for a really fun wrestling experience.



Jim from Iowa is recommended by iowajoh

Had a great time. Jim is strong & knows his holds. Showed me some stuff. Great workout. Super guy. Would wrestle him again. Hope to go back.



iowajoh is recommended by Jim from Iowa

We had a fun match, no pressure, just two guys blowing off some steam. Our size difference gave me the advantage, but still enjoyed the wrestling.



Jim from Iowa is recommended by Rusnak

Jim is a good guy. He's a strong freestyler with plenty of stamina to challenge you on the mats. Don't miss a chance too take him on



Rusnak is recommended by Jim from Iowa

Rusnak is a big powerful wrestler. But he is careful in using is size and strength to avoid injury
Had a great time wrestling and will wrestle him again



redlandguy is recommended by Jim from Iowa

Redland guy is a skilled strong submission wrestler. He was in complete control the entire match and was patient and restrained wrestling an unskilled sub guy like me. Really nice guy too. Want to wrestle him again.



Jim from Iowa is recommended by PacNWBulldog

Nice man with strong legs and some guns. Easy-going off the mat, but a worthy opponent whom I look forward to getting on the mats with again soon.

Good competitive freestyle wrestler, and do not let his age fool you he is strong and skillful.