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I love all grappling, and am open to different styles. I LOVE sleepers, and am willing to compete or just trade holds.



  1. USA - North Carolina, Raleigh
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  2. USA - Florida, Orlando
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Age: 28-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 175 lbs (79 kg)

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bjames65 Greekwrestler2 jared


Jester12 is recommended by Greekwrestler2

I’ve had the pleasure of grappling with Jester12 over the last 5+ years. Jestet12 is a skilled, formidable, and safe opponent on the mat and a great guy off the mat . I’ve been fortunate to have very intense matches with him, but have never had to worry about my safety. well worth meeting, you won’t be disappointed.



Greekwrestler2 is recommended by Jester12

This guy is deceptively formidable, and tough, but he knows how much intensity to bring or not bring. Plus he is, overall, a beautiful human being! He is as great to talk to as he is to grapple. I'd recommend anyone meet him, because he is extremely open-minded and will definitely make it worth your while if you decide to lock-up with him!



Jester12 is recommended by bjames65

After chatting with Jester for several weeks, I finally talked him into taking a trip to Winston-Salem to hit the mats. When he stepped out of his car, my jaw dropped at the sight of this handsome young stud. Big biceps and broad shoulders are my weakness and he has both.

As he removed his shirt revealing his chiseled pecs and neatly trimmed chest hair, I was once again in awe. The guy looks fantastic, but I mused " Is it all gym muscle or can the man wrestle?"

Well, the answer to that is HELL YES! The man knows his way around the mats and thoroughly embarrassed me in the wrestling arena. But he was so much fun to wrestle. While I have no formal training, my years of wrestling have taught me many moves, but no matter what I threw at him, he was always able to counter.

While a real competitor on the mats, he is a really nice, intelligent guy. I'm hoping I will have the opportunity to wrestle him again as it was such a pleasure both on and off the mats. If you have an opportunity to wrestle the Jester, YOU would be the fool to pass on the opportunity!



Jester12 is recommended by jared

Had a great match with Jester! Although he’s new to North Carolina, he is certainly not new to the game. He is very strong and skilled and I would recommend him to experts and beginners alike. Hope to meet again!