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Hi, fit Scouse lad. Like all sorts of fighting and wrestling from WOS through to MMA. Just like shirts off and getting down to it.
Preference is submission wrestling with punching but up for most. Easy on gear and rules. Happy to chat too.
If not interested please say so - just 'cos it's about fighting and it's all a bit virtual doesn't mean we can't be polite lads!



  1. United Kingdom, London
    Place of residence
  2. United Kingdom, Brighton
    (I'm here between 6/20/2018 and 6/22/2018)
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 43-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Gear: shorts, trunks, Trackies, square cuts, singlet

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Judo Judo

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Jayboy is recommended by Archfighter

Had the pleasure of meeting jayboy this week at his place. Top bloke in good shape with bundles of stamina and some skills to call upon. Great to chat to as well. Want round two and have a feeling it'll just get rougher and rougher wherever it occurs. Highly recommended!.



Archfighter is recommended by Jayboy

Met Arxh for a quick grapple this week. Top bloke. Easy straight up lad to talk to and arrange. And a great body. Big lad. Awesome arms and shoulders.strong and a good fight. Looking forward to many proper hard fights to come



Jayboy is recommended by fight2018

Top bloke. Will fight and fight and fight. This guy is up for grappling or brawling. If you do beat him, he gets up for more instantly and is in your face. When he beats you, he is very humble but will go at you again if you start it.

Always up for another fight with this guy whenever we can.

Proper decent guy off the mats but will put you through your paces on them.



Jayboy is recommended by Marcwrestleruk4

A top bloke - great attitude and a good wrestler. Beat me way too easy but great session and couldnt recommend him highly enough!!



Marcwrestleruk4 is recommended by Jayboy

Awesome lad. Fit strong and genuine. Skilled fighter if he was a bit injured when we met so was too easy for me. Definitely recommend and cant wait for the next one.



subwrestler2 is recommended by Jayboy

A great bout with an awesome wrestler. Strong, skilled, safe and sane he's a fantastic wrestler and taught me a lesson.
Very hard very aggressive but still a nice(ish!) guy. Have rarely liked getting beat so much. Highly recommended.



surreygrapple is recommended by Jayboy

Had a quick bout with this fit skilled wrestler. Really enjoyed it. Strong, big, easy going, and a great wrestler. Definitely up for a rematch and will highly recommend.



Jayboy is recommended by FitScot

A good fit fighter, good looking, fairly strong and got a lot going for him. Had a very enjoyable roll with him and was surprised by a sudden foot lock (damn!!) so obviously knows a truck or two. Jayboy was also fun on the mats so hit this guy up. When is our next fight?



FitScot is recommended by Jayboy

Had a great wrestle with FitScot - and he lives up to his name. Great physique, very technical skilled wrestler and a great easy going lad to fight. Generous with tips and has some great stretches. Definitely recommend and definitely want a rematch.



Jayboy is recommended by Squashlad

28/03/2017: It was excellent to get a match in with Jayboy at the Walthamstow ring thanks to the kind match-sponsoring efforts of DaveLon, whose generous offer of a winner's purse does get some quality opponents stepping into the ring with me! It does, however, also mean that I get some opponents who're very keen to make me quit, and Jayboy duly smashed his way to a well earnt victory. (You can see some of the aftermath in my photos if that's your sort of thing!) He's a tough guy in superb shape. He is, however, also completely safe and sane and respected my limits. And I was very pleased to make him work hard for his victory; an armlock and a choke even having me ahead for a period. Jayboy's very highly recommended if you like rough matches, and I can't wait for another go at the big bruiser. Thanks Jayboy—and thanks DaveLon!



Squashlad is recommended by Jayboy

Great meet with Craig. Don't let the profile name fool you He's a tough competitive wrestler. He's strong and has one of the highest pain thresholds I've met. It took a lot to put him away - but glad I turned it round and did. Recommended



leelondon is recommended by Jayboy

Wrestled this lad a while back. Easy to arrange. Good body, nice hard wrestle. Recommended.



Jayboy is recommended by NorthNotts

Met for a match today. A big build up to the match which was incredibly easy to arrange. He is a great guy in every way - looks good in his gear and great person to chat to. We started wrestling and despite the size difference i had him in numerous subs. He took defeat well and i will definitely meet again. Highly recommended.



NorthNotts is recommended by Jayboy

Excellent meet. Great wrestler, strong fit and skilled. Lost big time but definitely up for a rematch. Easy to talk to and arrange, genuine and same. Really enjoyed the build up and the actual bout. He's a short arse but he taught me a lesson. Highly recommended.



Jayboy is recommended by Peteuk

I had a great match with Jay today at Walthamstow ring. He is a strong, fit athletic guy and really knows how to work holds on a man. We had a good hard competitive match with submissions both ways. Already looking forward to the rematch
Strongly recommended



Peteuk is recommended by Jayboy

Met Pete last week in the ring at walthamstow. Had a great wrestle with him. I won but he never gave up and got the first sub (and a few more). Very high pain threshold, good skills, very strong and a great fight. Easy to talk to before during and after. Recommended



Jayboy is recommended by ImtiazAli

I met Jayboy on Friday 6 January 2017 evening at Monica's Wrestling Centre for a just over 1 hour match of relaxed submission wrestling with body strikes and "promission" wrestling to finish off with.. DaveLon was watching.

He is a nice guy outside the ring, in the ring, he is very strong, aggressive, and fairly skilled. At the same time he is considerate, sane and safe. No reason not to recommend him - go for it gents!



ImtiazAli is recommended by Jayboy

Great lad, awesome wrestler, very strong, very skilled. Had a great wrestle with him. He was easy to chat to before and is a fantastic energetic fighter. Really enjoyed it. Would do it again and would definitely recommend



wrestled is recommended by Jayboy

Great wrestler. Fantastic attitude. Really very fit with very good body. Great space to wrestle. Was just too short. But try him. Can't wait to fight him again.
Top lad.



Jayboy is recommended by britboxer28

Good lad up for a scrap. Keen new boxer and can pack a punch. Reccomended



britboxer28 is recommended by Jayboy

Great fighter. Very fit very strong very aggressive and a great teacher. Love the attitude and look forward to many more. Proper mans fight. Great lad. Highly recommended.



Jayboy is recommended by hugefan

I have the feeling the enigmatic Jay won't appreciate one of my books so i will keep it brief. Short notice, short wrestle but high quality . Strong, good looking (yes shallow me) and knows his stuff and how to be a meanie when he needs to be. Really want much longer with this guy which i think is a pretty good recommendation.



Jayboy is recommended by jgrappler

Had some fun bouts with Jayboy. He's got a great attitude and looks the part. Give him a go.



jgrappler is recommended by Jayboy

Good guy. Had a couple of great pro and sub style bouts. Very enjoyable and recommend.



Jayboy is recommended by Mister80

Great scrap tonight. evenly matched, altho like to think I got a few more subs on him ;). strong and some great holds. havent sweated so much in ages. look forward to the next time.



Mister80 is recommended by Jayboy

Fantastic fighter. Very strong, nice and aggressive. Top bloke. Big recommendation. Definitely want to meet again. Loved it.



Jayboy is recommended by subscapuk

great guy, good fighter with loads of staminer, fit and strong, looking forward to fighting him again



subscapuk is recommended by Jayboy

Hard aggressive fit. Good bloke. Good scrapper. Want him again. Meet him if you like hard scraps