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Those who can, WRESTLE;those who can't wrestle, hang out online TALKING about it ! Looking for competitive matches, safe and sane. Possible mat space available. Favorites are guys I've wrestled and would recommend; have wrestled more, but probably wouldn't recommend them.

(Filled this out because I was told I had to.)



Match structure: Even match, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu
Fetishes: Don't want sex


  1. USA - Florida, Orlando
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Age: 56-year-old Male

Stats: 5'4" (163 cm), 193 lbs (88 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos, shorts

Submission Submission
Judo Judo

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JasonFL is recommended by lovethesqueeze

I have been meaning to write this for a while. Jasonfl is one tough matman and the absolute master of the reverse fig 4 headscissors.He's shortish but skilled ,quick ,and determined. Catch him if you can in Florida but be ready for some punishment!



lovethesqueeze is recommended by JasonFL

We actually met 4/18/04

(more to recommendation forthcoming)



JasonFL is recommended by bobster

Met Jason in Jacksonville and wrestled him over the week end we had some intense matches and he is a tough guy to handle.
If you want to treat yourself to a fun match and a good work out then challenge him to a match. It will be well worth your effort.



JasonFL is recommended by FTLAUDFLWRESTLER

Jason and I have wrestled many times over the years I have lived here in Florida-he is a tuff opponnett to get to submit-he is strong and skilled and a very good wrestler



FTLAUDFLWRESTLER is recommended by JasonFL

Had the honor of wrestling Chuck several times when I lived closer to him in south FL. He is one tough, scrappy grappler who doesn't seem to know what "I quit" means. Long, lanky, with stamina to spare – a lot more reserves than younger "wrestlers". Just wish the space we tangled with had been larger; it would have made for some epic battles!

Challenge him if you dare!



JasonFL is recommended by gutpuncherVA

Have wrestled Jason many times. Always a lot of fun and an excellent workout. He is strong and has really good wrestling skills. One of the few things I miss about not living in Fl anymore is getting together w him for matches. Off the mat he is friendly, easy going, considerate and easy to have good conversations with. He loves to wrestle!



JasonFL is recommended by Redmond40

Great time with this strong, very experienced grappler. Mattress limited moves, but his experience and skill was apparent. We both want a mat match next round. Grrrr. Quite a gentleman to boot. Recommend without question.



Redmond40 is recommended by JasonFL

Formidable foe that makes for some memorable match-up. Redmond having never wrestled me before had no preconceived notions about the apparent mismatch in size; he was more than willing to have me wrestle him. Of course, once I experienced his strength, I realized I was in for a workout! I had no idea just how strong he and his legs are! Great guy; fabulous opponent; a much better wrestler than I am a driver (LOL).

Hopefully, we can continue having our long, drawn-out battles on the mat!



JasonFL is recommended by carolina wrestler

Had a great match with Jason. Very dependable and was on time. He is very technically wrestler and strong. We traded some good submission holds and had a some good mat time. I would recommend Jason to all those visiting Florida.



carolina wrestler is recommended by JasonFL

Wow!!! What a great opponent and a great guy. He's "strong like bull", always up for more and more wrestling, and a formidable foe!!! He arranged everything, and even invited a third guy to meet up with us. I was lucky enough to get to wrestle him back in Feb. 2013 and am really glad that I did. He's DEFINITELY worth wrestling if you ever get the chance!



JasonFL is recommended by knight1701

I have wrestle Jason over the years . What I great guy to take on . Very skilled and strong . His background in sub wrestling is very good . He knows how use it . His lower body is very strong very hard break his holds . If want a tough match take him on . He will wrestle to your skill level . This one fist guy I wrestle back 1998 . He a great guy ...



JasonFL is recommended by scubawrestler

If your travels include Florida, you need to meet up with Jason. He is an honest decent opponent, and you will be pleased with your match with him.