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I actually like to be dominated and punished,yes I am a jobber,if you like to dominate or punish a guy, message me here.



  1. Germany, Duisburg
    (I'm here from 10/17/2017)
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Age: 23-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (174 cm), 168 lbs (76 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

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Janting is recommended by slowly

Janting is a very passionated jobber. He realy likes it to give up due to several different submissionholds such as holds, streches, scissors,... and he realy can stand so much, that caught me by suprise. I enjoyed to work over him. He is a pleasant person. If you like to dominate someone, who offers resistence too, meet this fit guy.



slowly is recommended by Janting

He was a particularly skilled opponent, and he didn't look very strong but it was very difficult to fight with, and his leg scissors was really painful for me, and he had a lot of stretching techniques that made me give up. Besides, he is a very friendly person and it was very interesting to fight with him. Highly recommended!



Janting is recommended by wrestlerplace

I marked janting as favorite just after we finished out match! He is one of the guys more amazing i have wrestled at the moment. Strong, nice and very resistent wrestler. We has an hard,long and hot match.

I would love to fight this guy each day :)). Totally recomended!!!!!!!!



wrestlerplace is recommended by Janting


It’s an exhausting but exciting fight. This person is very strong, especially his legs. His scissors legs really make me feel pain, but he is very good, very enthusiastic and very endurable. I used some submission skills but he always escaped. In general, he is a particularly worthy opponent, very recommended!



Janting is recommended by Noby

Janting is a nice and muscular guy. If he improfe his wrestling skills he can get a very strong fighter.
We had fun rolling together. He fights safe and sane and is a reliable person.
I can recommend him 100%.



Noby is recommended by Janting

I have to say he's crazy(in a good way), he has a strong body and great skills, and he's going to control you and bring pain to your abs with his fist, and you can't do anything but give up. It was a good experience and I want to see him again, but my stomach might say no.XD



Janting is recommended by ukfighter

Janting is a very pleasant young man, and we spent a good session on an extremely hot day exchanging holds and wrestling.
He is very enthusiastic and likes to try and fight back, but I overpowered him.
I would highly recommend him if you are in this area!!



ukfighter is recommended by Janting

ukfighter is a very powerful and gentle opponent, we are not at the same level, but I still enjoy his technical submission holds, and he is very careful in order to avoid injury, so if you want to meet him but afraid he is too strong, I tell you that is unnecessary, he will not let you down.



Janting is recommended by gigromeo

Great guy, strong, muscular, very resistant on pain, we train around 2 hours, he bravely bearing all painful submissions, what impressed me the most, after some initial training he become great fighter, highly recommend him.



gigromeo is recommended by Janting

He is a very skilled fighter, he trained BJJ, so he knows one thousand ways to make you tap out, I have already do my best to fight against him, but he made me to tap out several times, and sometimes he really got me, the pain I will never forget. In addition, he is a very friendly person, looking forward to meeting him again.



Janting is recommended by ninov

Did some good rolling with this friendly guy in a group meeting. Respect for him and thanks for the nice chat we had in the end of our meeting.



ninov is recommended by Janting

He looks not that strong, but when I wrestle with him I have to do my best to against his power. I was exhausted but he was still full of energy. His wrestling skill is better than me but he still try to don't make me feel uncomfortable. Afer that we had a conversation about our experience, I thought he is not only worth to be a opponent, I want this guy to be my friend.



Janting is recommended by Bamm-Bamm

What a nice encounter. Super sweet, somewhat shy guy, but with balls and confidence to agree to a group fight with 3 much more experienced guys. Thanks for that.
He describes himself as a jobber in his profile, but he fights back hard, and he really doesn’t want to tap out. Perfect for heels that want some resistance.
It was great to roll with him, to discover his limits, and to slightly push him over those limits 😇
Thanks for joining us, man. I enjoyed your presence a lot. I hope you did too.



Bamm-Bamm is recommended by Janting

I don't know how to express how nice he is. He never forces you to do whatever you don't like and take care about how you feel, he is full of wrestling skills and very strong. I was so glad to meet those guys, they give me a unforgettable wrestling night, hope we can meet again.(^~^)



Janting is recommended by novice fighter

A very interesting and friendly guy.
He has good stamina and can handle a lot of punches!
Janting has some great wrestling moves and managed to get me
into some painful positions a few times :)



novice fighter is recommended by Janting

he is a really nice guy, very strong and friendly.
He likes gutpunching very much so if you like it too you can't miss him.