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Hi guys. Recently retired at 55, I cannot wait to get back into my speedos and enjoy learning to wrestle for great times.
Although a novice, I am totally flexible and willing to receive the harshest of treatment. I can take it. I am recovering from an accident, and back onto physio programme after being unable to dive and keep fit, all that said I am now ready to start some great fun wrestling in a gentle fun way.
I am totally happy with any desires etc you wish to make the wrestling, more than wrestling but also a sexy erotic experience to remember.
I adore large bodied and hairy guys, and old or young, not a problem.
I love my speedos, and with 36 pairs of Speedo, Adidas, Slazenger and other brands, you bet I do. I Adore the feel of them during wrestling matches.
Try me, I give whatever you want of me.



  1. United Kingdom, stalham
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 139 lbs (63 kg)

Gear: Speedos, swim briefs

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James cross is recommended by nottsman

Had a great match with James cross today. He is new to the site, but is a keen and eager recruit. A friendly and considerate guy, he is both reliable and genuine.
This was his first match from meetfighters but he attacked it with energy and enthusiasm and not afraid to get stuck in. He wants to learn, and gave it a good go. He is also a more capable wrestler than he maybe gives himself credit for, especially considering he has to take care due an injury.
I would recommend guys to give him a chance .... he seems up for it.
Personally, I am sure we will be meeting again.



nottsman is recommended by James cross

Well what can I say, how does one begin to comment on such a first class host, true decent guy, and a first class wrestler.
I will try to run through this lovely man covering all I can.
Following a nasty accident I had 18 months ago that left me unable to continue with any form of fitness, banging on weight and the associated depressive time I had over my situation, I needed something to refocus my lifestyle and get out of my shell. I joined, although feared for my actual wellbeing of damaging myself further to recovery if I got it wrong. Along comes Terry, and, his gentle character online, giving me a mass of encouragement from the onset, had me starting to believe in myself. In no time at all I felt good about myself, all thanks to terry, and so I decided to commence physio, and I am now on a major weight loss programme over the coming months. Terry continued to help me with what mf is all about, and so I decided he was the first guy I wanted to meet through mf. We had booked a slot through his busy lifestyle last week, but one of our beloved pets had a turn for the worse. I felt gutted, but a necessity to have to cancel. I felt a real time waster, but for terry, nothing was a problem and he stressed my number one priority at home. God bless him. Moving on, I finally managed to meet up with terry today. This man goes the whole hog to host top end. He goes to enormous trouble in converting his living room to a excellent mat room. First things first he ensured my injury was properly located, and handed me a bottle of water prior to the first bout. From the standing position away we went and although I have zero experience in wrestling since way back in my youthful military days, terry ensured moves more technical for me were explained all the way. Terry looks great, just the part in his trunks, and do not underestimate his strength. Wow watch out for his scissor locks, pins, actually all aspects for you'd better be quick and damn good to break even with terry. For me, although there were many submissions ta boot, it was all about having the time of my life, enjoying the wrestling, learning and getting back on the road to a full recovery of my fitness. I will get there. To complete the afternoon, terry then hands me a fresh towel, shower gel and off I went to get cleaned up, even though I brought my own towel etc, this is the kind of real gent he really is. Very fit, looks great, but an excellent wrestling trainer to useless newbies like me, and a first class host. Tea and coffee whenever I wanted it,though was too engrossed in the wrestling to bother, Further, a lovely pro touch was the running of wrestling dvds in the background. Today I shall never forget, this guy has put me on a true high, and good feeling about myself following so long. Cannot praise terry highly enough. Your loss people if you bypass terry.