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I'm ready for exciting profantasy matches, I am heel and I would love to meet muscle jobbers ;)



  1. Italy, Turin
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Age: 31-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 168 lbs (76 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Italian, Spanish

Gear: Speedo

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
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James87 is recommended by IKBER

After long time chatting, we finally met in Milano. And I found out James87’ is the perfect heel for me. He loves Pro, He knows how to dominate the jobber with a lot of powerful holds.but all safe and sane. Off the mat he is very sweet. I’m already very looking forward to meeting him in the pro ring. This will become much harder and hotter! I recommend him to all the jobber in this site.



James87 is recommended by B2Bomber

James87 is a true beast and a vicious pro-wrestler that enjoys taking jobbers apart piece-by -piece. We talked for weeks and when we finally met, I thought I could hold my own against him since we are roughly the same size. As soon as the match started he had me on the ropes with brutal forearm smashes, gut punches, and pressure holds that had me screaming in pain. Every time I tried to get the upper hand, he would knock the wind out of me with a low blow or a body slam that left me powerless. After a few hours of sleepers, torture racks, and even some pile drivers I was left dazed and confused as he took his time to slowly pin me and flex over my laid out body. James87 is a fun heel that gets into the role playing as much as I do! Outside the ring he is a very nice and respectful of my limits. I highly recommend him and look forward to a rematch (and some revenge) on this awesome wrestler!



James87 is recommended by BearRoma

I had the pleasure to meet James before leaving Italy this summer. We've been chatting for a long time, I knew he wanted to heel me and I must confess I was a little bit uncertain considering our size difference. I couldn't be more wrong. James proved himself as a skilled and strong heel making me submit many times in his headscissors and chokes, until he got me begging for mercy in a long, well kept boston crab. I still remember how pain gradually got more intense throughout those excruciating minutes, how much he got to bend me until I couldn't get any more and I accepted my defeat. Outside the mat this merciless heel is a nice, polite guy, even a little bit shy. Highly recommended.



BearRoma is recommended by James87

This big mountain is the perfect opponent if you want to test your strenght.
As the jobber he can take and resist to all your holds.....if you want a long session BearRoma is your guy.
He is very flexible, and you will have fun to use and improve all the submission holds that you know.
Inside the mat as outside he will treat you in the best way.
He could be the perfect jobber....the perfect heel....and a good guy for a conversation.
From the first minute to the last hel will give you the best expierence.
Highly reccommended.



James87 is recommended by waltyfight

We had a brief time to test our strength and wrestling.But it was enough for me to say that James87 was,and still is,a true reliable and strong opponent.
I'd like to meet him again if I go to Turin and I'd like to have more time and a good space where we can have a prolonged match.
I'm ready to meet you again James87.Obvoiusly the same invitation is for you if you came to Rome for any purpose!



James87 is recommended by Fight to death

Ottimo lottatore veloce e deciso, tenace non molla mai. Ha neutralizzato più volte i miei attacchi murando il suo petto contro il mio. Molto furbo, lo consiglio.



James87 is recommended by ATONMAN

10.09.2012 - young fighter with the right amount of grit and physically very similar to me. We also challenged in sweaty match and we look like oil wrestlers ...enjoy a lot for that!
We are close and although our commitments do not allow us to see each other often I hope to meet him soon again.