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Hey lads!

Probably should update this as I haven't in forever.

Scottish guy living in Vancouver, get back & forth to Scotland pretty regularly.
Looking for submission rounds with cool guys mainly, any other suggestions or styles can be discussed. pretty open minded to trying things.
Not a total newbie anymore, got a couple matches under my belt but always looking to learn & grow.
Good guy here, just looking to have a good time so get in touch!




Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Online chatting, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship


  1. Canada - British Columbia, Vancouver
  2. United Kingdom, Glasgow
    Here fairly regularly
  3. Romania, Bucharest (I'm here between 4/22/2018 and 4/25/2018)
  4. Hungary, Budapest (I'm here between 5/02/2018 and 5/05/2018)
  5. Greece, Athens (I'm here between 5/05/2018 and 5/09/2018)
  6. USA - California, San Francisco (I'm here between 6/17/2018 and 6/22/2018)
  7. Italy, Roma (I'm here between 5/13/2018 and 5/18/2018)
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I am willing to host.


Age: 30-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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Jambo is recommended by VancouverWrestle2

Great fun as we both like the same submission holds etc.. Lucky me. I am already looking forward to the next session.



VancouverWrestle2 is recommended by Jambo

Great looking guy in good shape! Strong, friendly & accomodating. If like me you’re very into sleepers & scissors then I’d definitely recommend if you get the chance.
Thanks for the good time man, looking forward to a rematch!



Jambo is recommended by nycjock72

Had a great match with Jambo yesterday. He's super beefy and strong. Definitely made for an awesome back & forth match! Jambo is a super chill/nice guy as well. Highly recommend!



nycjock72 is recommended by Jambo

Great guy, in great shape. We had some awesome back & forth & he is super strong. Our match wasn’t super long but I had a lot of fun.
Really nice guy & would recommend to anyone.
Thanks mate!



Jambo is recommended by kicksands

Always a pleasure to hang with Jambo. Genuinely one of the nicest guys I've met on here...until he's relentlessly trying to crush a skull between his tree trunk legs. The guy is intense! Not easy to get a match in with him, so if you have an opportunity take it!



kicksands is recommended by Jambo

Finally managed to get around my stupid work schedule to organize a match & it was worth the wait! Hot guy & super strong. When his arms or legs are crushing you then you’re screwed. Watch for his blows too, really likes a sneaky punch when you’re not expecting it.
Really nice guy, respectful, hot, & tough as hell, would definitely recommend a match if you get the chance.



Jambo is recommended by vangcuver

Jambo is a lot of fun to wrestle and a great guy! He definitely knows his sleeper holds and scissors and we had a good back and forth! Highly recommend wrestling him ;)



vangcuver is recommended by Jambo

Had a match with Vangcuver today & it was awesome! Would definitely recommend him, he’s a really nice guy & very nice to look at too! We had a good few competitive rounds & some serious back & forth fun!
One tip, watch out for his legs!
Thanks a lot man!



Jambo is recommended by Johnny Hammer

I had a blast wrestling Jambo! This self described “scissor and sleeper” wrestler who does not give up easily is both safe and sane, and focused and determined. He’s also a heck of a lot of fun! I had a blast wrestling him!

Off the mats he’s a super sweet, very friendly guy who’s incredibly easy to get along with!

I’m definitely looking forward to meeting up with him again!

Highly recommended!



Johnny Hammer is recommended by Jambo

Had an incredible meet up with Johnny today. I cannot recommend him enough, he is just the nicest, friendliest person off the mats & we had some great chats & it was an absolute pleasure to chat & meet him in this capacity.
On the mats, he is tough as nails & strong as hell, we had a load of really good "bouts", I got a couple of taps but he kicked my ass for the rest. He is super respectful, fun & a great looking guy & I can definitely guarantee you'll have a great time if you meet him. If you're in the Vancouver area or he's visiting your area it would be a mistake not to take him on!
Anyway, would recommend 100%, he's probably one of the best guys you'll have the pleasure of wrestling.
Thanks for the amazing time!



Jambo is recommended by Hardmatch

Had a great recent match with Jambo. It's been tough to get our schedules to mesh but, once a window came open, the communication with him was great. He claims to be inexperienced but he certainly has good instincts. Aggressive but sane and doesn't submit willingly or quickly when on the receiving end. With a few more matches under his belt, he will be a real force. A very friendly guy that looks great in gear too!



Hardmatch is recommended by Jambo

Had a great match with this guy! Lots of great holds, he has awesome technique & he is tough as hell! Super nice guy as well, was an absolute pleasure wrestling him & I would recommend him to anyone crossing his path! Hope we can roll again soon mate!



Jambo is recommended by worstelfan

It was an Amazing good match! It was tough to make him tap! We had some nice long sweaty rounds and he is a good host;-) deffinetly recommend him to wrestle when you are in Vancouver! Realy friendly on and off the mats! Thanks mate;-)



worstelfan is recommended by Jambo

Super nice guy, had a lot of fun with him even though he totally kicked my ass! Had some really great sweaty rounds. This guy is crazy strong & very technical & knows his stuff. Really nice guy off the mats too.
Would definitely recommend him if he makes it to your area.
Thanks for the match mate!



Jambo is recommended by feistyface72

This kid is the real deal: tough, beefy and hot. Super intense submission match with lots of great back and forth. I thought it'd be an easy win but I was pleasantly surprised at the ferocity of this dude. I'd definitely recommend him and I definitely want a re-match. Thanks man!



feistyface72 is recommended by Jambo

Being pretty much a newbie, I wasn't hugely confident going into this. Was made to feel relaxed & confident & it led to an awesome match!
This dude is the nicest guy, way hot & tough as hell. Lot's of back & forth & had a lot of fun!
Great match man, definitely recommend & definitely want to do it again soon!