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Hi Guys, Friendly Male based in central London looking for likeminded individuals.

Any guys want to wrestle? Willing to explore and learn.

Please message me, willing to arrange and travel.




  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Islington
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I am willing to travel 200 miles


Age: 22-year-old Male

Stats: 6'5" (196 cm), 209 lbs (95 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shorts, Boxers, Singlets or Briefs

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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JackBC is recommended by nwprograppler

Round 2

So we hit the ring for round 2 and the Duracell bunny came fully charged and ready to tussle. This time we stepped it up and it was 2 hours that was a blast despite the heat in the ring.

No matter what you do he just bounces back up for more which is great fun for a destructive heel like me as I can keep on hurting him.

Round 3 will be coming soon for sure.

There is a lot that has been written about Jack already which I’d agree with however I’ll try add my own comments.

Firstly arranging this match was so easy to do and before we hit the ring we’d had trash talk aplenty. I had no doubt this young rookie could back it up!

It is not often that I’m the smaller opponent in the ring being 6’1 but with Jack he dwarfed me!

We started off with some give & take and showing how to execute holds and counters which he quickly took on board. He’s a quick learner and with experience behind him I’ve no doubts he will be a formidable opponent. If he uses his assets wisely he will get many a Wrestler into serious trouble and get them tapping out! That’s when he decides if he wants to heel or job.

The match was so much fun. 90 minutes of sweat drenched wrestling. He’s like the Duracell bunny in that as soon as you’ve got him to tap he’s up and ready to go again.

Lovely guy in/out the ring and he’s a must meet as you’ll have a blast with him!



nwprograppler is recommended by JackBC

June 18 (Round 2)
I didn’t think it was humanly possible but our re-match was even better than our first, longer too! Mr Nwoprograppler is a honestly a force to be reckoned with whilst in the ring (I now call him the mean machine... amost other things), outside the ring he is a truly awesome guy, one I can now call a friend.
Our 3 hour match was fun, intense and a in depth coaching session if you like. He increased his game to suit me (mainly because I took his beating the first time so knew this time was going to be even tougher) always putting his opponents needs before his. I lost count how many times I tapped as he was just working all over me, my back and arms absolutely killed from all his submissions and pressured techniques.
Until next time round 3 - I promise you that nasty chop 😉

(Match 1)
Where to even begin...

Mr nwprograppler and I had only been speaking a few weeks before securing the first match of which I hope to many wrestles.

Our communication was very free flowing, trustworthy and quick, allowing plenty of back and fourth, jobber and heel trash talk in leading up to the match, boy did I pay for it... Literally!

He’s mentioned about the height but he’s actually one of my taller opponents, so I knew we were very similar in that sense and would he be nothing short of experienced, intense and a fun enjoyable challenge.

What else can I say apart from that his positive and experienced reputation precedes him.
He’s probably the most relaxed in terms of wrestling and accommodates your needs and objectives from the match, over his. Who am I kidding, this guy is going to whoop your ass! He’s a steam machine! 😏

This man takes on the character and is the one of the best heels in the business, once you step foot in the ring with him, there is no going back. This handsome fit pro is a very tactile opponent running on pure energy and adrenaline until you’re tapping out, reminding him of the champ he is.

He made me realise there’s a lot for me to learn, build on and to apply successfully and efficiently having the ultimate impact on ones opponent. He has a certain delicacy to how he wrestles, his techniques are super strong and skilled.

Even though he’s very pro, safe, macho type.. he’s also a very patient and lovely guy. I learnt a lot from Sunday in which I am very thankful for and will show him exactly next time what I have remembered! ;)

I can safely say this was my most enjoyable wrestle to date, still trying to contain the buzz. Honestly guys, don’t miss out! It’s your loss otherwise.
Highly recommended and we are already arranging round 2!



JackBC is recommended by Lomandlad42

After chatting for a few weeks I had the pleasure of meeting JackBC for what had to have been one of the best meets I’ve had in a long time.

This tall handsome lad was a great opponent and kept me on my toes (literally) we had a great two hour session in the blistering heat and we’re both drenched in sweat by the end.
A great subs match with subs both ways, considering he is a relatively new addition to the Meetfighters stable I have no doubt that he will only improve on the good skills he has picked up

I have no hesitation in recommending Jack , class opponent and a lovely lad too. It was great getting to know him more over a drink after. Catch you again soon fella for round 2 👍👍



Lomandlad42 is recommended by JackBC

Finally, The anticipated day arrived to meet this lovely Scotsman and boy, it sure has gone down as one of the best wrestles and days ever. I had a feeling it would be. (Not being cocky Jay 😜)
Jay is very easy on the eye, but don’t get too distracted otherwise he will you have you in a headlock, also those legs can do some damage. Jay was very relaxed and kind enough to demonstrate and practice on him. Our 2 hour session was very back and fourth, probably a very mutually most giving and take Match to date. It was fun, fast, intense and very sweaty. The holds were strong and technical, whilst the cheek from me was flowing (He got his revenge).
We are already planning round 2 and can not wait to get back in the ring with this ‘ Wee ‘ legend 😉😇
Bring it big boy!



JackBC is recommended by Squashlad

11/04/2018: It was great to get a match in with JackBC while he's just starting out in wrestling as his size, strength and enthusiasm mean that he's soon going to be a real handful and too much for an old man like me! It was very easy to arrange a match with him and he turned up right on time. He's very easy to talk to: indeed if you're not really in the mood for conversation he'll happily do that for you. His height does make him a bit of a challenge to control but he's not the lanky inexperienced sort who's all flailing limbs, he's a controlled and thoughtful wrestler who is looking to improve. He was very tolerant of my preference for submission, which was therefore most of our match, but we did a little bit of pro for fun too. He's got a very expressive face—he really would be great on the radio—so it was occasionally fun to tie some painful knots in him, but he's by no means a pushover, and in a rematch he may well take his revenge. Safe, sane, fun and funny, JackBC is highly recommended.



Squashlad is recommended by JackBC

Squashlad and I had been speaking since pretty much day 1 on MF.
What else can I say apart from that his positive, experienced and strong reputation precedes him. A super friendly ‘Kiwi’ ;)
who’s probably the most relaxed in terms of wrestling and accommodates your needs and objectives from the match, over his.
We were back and fourth in the ring and and then on the mats, actively and safely performing submissions with a tiny bit of pro thrown in for me. 👍
Although, something I better mention is my very over compensating expressive face, which became the highlight for Squash. He made me realise there’s a lot for me to learn, build on and to apply successfully and effectively having the ultimate impact on ones opponent. Highly recommended and I will be back for round 2!



JackBC is recommended by BSF

It was a genuine pleasure to meet and wrestle Jack. He's a really friendly, easy-to-get-on-with guy and when we met I couldn't wait to get on the mats with him. It was great to wrestle a guy who's taller than me, which is quite a rarity. He's a strong, capable and fit guy to wrestle and we had a great time with a mix of sub and pro. It was a perfect bout for me against a very capable opponent. He's not afraid to use his height and strong legs to his advantage and he can step up the aggression when needed - I certainly didn't have it all my own way. I'm happy to recommended Jack and I look forward to the rematch.



BSF is recommended by JackBC

It was nothing less of an absolute pleasure to meet BSF aka David. We arranged very quickly and easy, who kindly travelled from Brighton to Stockwell Mat-room for our wrestle. He is a super friendly, charming and interestingly relaxed kind of guy. We started off with Submission type freestyle, well matched from the get-go, which would turn into a proper sweaty challenge of a bout. Do not be fooled by this guys slim physique, within that he has plenty of experience and strength, especially with his leg locks (boy did I feel them). David made me tap a few times but I certainly gave it all I had. I look forward to more matches with this guy as we are similar heights (a rare thing) allowing us to really go at it competitively also. He was kind enough to demonstrate various holds and how to apply them to their best capacity on ones opponent. Until next time buddy! Highly recommend. 👍



JackBC is recommended by DenverWrestler

A very tall lanky lad who's a great new addition to the UK wrestling community. He's enthusiastic and eager to become more skilled. Our wrestling space was really too limited to do anything very competitive, so we worked on BJJ/submission grappling skills. He's a bright young man and a very quick study, and he picked up all the moves and holds easily. I was also impressed with his reliability and his ability to plan ahead – made it so easy to arrange our match. I highly recommend him and hope to wrestle him again soon, preferably in a mat room or ring with lots more space.



DenverWrestler is recommended by JackBC

What can I say about this Meetfighters Legend.
His reputation proceeds him. He is a man of experience, skill and strength. Throughout the morning, this very accommodating and friendly pro, showed me various BJJ grapples and submissions. I have definitely learnt quite a lot and going forward can apply to this fellow wrestles. Give this guy a go because you will not be dissapointed, a very friendly and respectful all round guy, very intellectual and worldly.



City wrestler is not recommended by JackBC

  • Unreliable / no show



JackBC is recommended by rezla123

Jack is an enthusiastic & very charming rookie who just discovered MF & has embraced it totally. He's 6'5 and 15 stone so he's a serious unit with significant leg power and leverage.
It was pleasure to give him his Grove Park ring debut and show him some techniques from pro and submission wrestling. I'm never happier than when I'm destroying a young punk twice my size so I'd happily do this again & again but I doubt it will be long before he has acquired the skills to take control of every match he's in :)
Very nice guy, open, communicative, durable, cute, totally reliable and a great new addition to London's wrestling community.



rezla123 is recommended by JackBC

Rezla123 - Where do I even start with regards to this talented and experienced Alpha Male Heel.
To step in the Grove Park Ring with this top dog was truly a wrestle that I will never forget.
I can only describe him as one of the most professional athletes that puts your priorities and interests before his. He doesn’t care about himself, only his opponents and tailors it to their needs and desires, especially for a rookie like me.
I wouldn’t like to mention how many times this beast made me tap and submit to his incredible and pressured holds. His body stength from head to toe is not only incredibly strong but is so balanced, you’ll be foolish to underestimate him as I can assure you, you will never come out on top. I definitely have learnt a lot in and out of the ring and can only involve and take that with me in my future wrestles. I got everything and more out of this, still not able to express the excitement of wanting to continue and explore wrestling on a whole, especially with a trainer like Lee.
Superb guy, friendly, funny, intellectual, has such an edge to him and can’t wait to face him again and again, until I’m the won literally throwing him and submitting in every inch of the ring.
Just bring it! 👍



JackBC is recommended by The Arrow

It doesn’t happen often, but tonight I discovered I had erred when making a presumptuous opinion of someone before actually meeting said person. Not that I opined anything negative, but all the same my impression was rightly corrected upon meeting Jack and learning what an articulate chap he is, with a plethora of tales to tell.

Jack was good enough to travel after work from London and we had ourselves a sweaty and energetic wrestle. It was hard work! He was hard work! Trying to get him to submit took gargantuan amounts of effort and it’s fair to say neither the eventual score nor my ability to walk minus a limp afterwards reflect the efforts required to take him down. My wrists in particular are burning which doesn’t bode well for tomorrow. Most of all I am impressed by this rookie’s eagerness to learn and his functional strength. Definitely had my eyes opened on that score. Until now I’d only ever been wrong once - and that was when I thought I was wrong. Give this guy a go becsuse I’m not kidding, as soon as he learns what he’s doing you’ll wish you caught him sooner. Very much recommended.



The Arrow is recommended by JackBC

As I write this highly complimentary recommendation, my body and I are still recovering from last nights intense and sweaty/amazing battle with the Mighty Arrow.
He definitely underestimated me but this quirky and very intellectual screwed on guy was just as interesting outside of wrestling than he was inside the wrestling world.

I can’t praise or express the right words and level of excitement. I quote Arrow back ‘It was hard work! He was hard work!’ This lad definitely knows his stuff and is very observant and recognising his opponents weaker points and capturing them in the right moment through time and patience. He is certainly very strong, resistant and once he has you in lockdown, it’s pretty much game over. Even I had my limits I just had to tap. Communication was key and I can’t even count how many repeats of give and take submissions/holds we countered and got on each other.

Until next time, guys you better challenge him now. He’s waiting!
FYI - I’m back for seconds in a couple of months 👍



JackBC is recommended by Mark uk

Mar18. Jack and I started chatting from his first day on MF. Keen from the start we scheduled a match during my brief return to the UK. 22 yo and 6'5 he is a big lad but with a great smile. On mats he knows he lacks the experience but he by no means lack the confidence. We had an awesome evening and hopefully he picked up a few new holds.
A very mature, confident but funny young man that really made my evening. We will battle again



Mark uk is recommended by JackBC

Mark and I have been speaking since day 1 for me on MF.
What else can I say apart from that his positive and strong reputation precedes him. A Great Older Fit guy who has a breadth of experience and knowledge but most importantly doesn’t forget everyone starts somewhere..
We had an awesome evening where a variety of holds, warm ups and training for myself. Definitely learnt some new holds and how to perform them successfully and safely. He made me tap several times and communication was clearly a key thing between us, especially when I managed to lift this beast up onto my shoulders.
A highly recommendable guy who I hope to know for a long time. Super nice, friendly and funny.
Until next time Big Boy! I will be back ha.



JackBC is recommended by leanmuscles

Jack is a great guy, really friendly and easy to connect with. He has some height and weight on me and as he gets more experience he will learn how to use it. We had a great wrestle and I would highly recommend him!



leanmuscles is recommended by JackBC

Leanmuscles is a strong, fit and in shape guy. He is more than accommodating and certainly knows his stuff. We had quite the trash talk while in some very intense submissions. For my 2nd official wrestle on meetfighters, it was certainly a sweaty battle to who would come out on top. Great guy on and off the mats. Highly recommend.
FYI - very observant of one hold that I didn’t want him to get on me, he definitely played on that. (Obviously I won’t mention it here).



JackBC is recommended by henri70

This handsome young guy is going to be a great wrestler with his knowledge and his passion about wrestling , we had have an intense, good fun match, I am extremely recommend this very nice guy with good conversation out of matts, definitely we will have a rematch.



henri70 is recommended by JackBC

What can I say about henri70, what a great start to my 1st official MeetFIghters match which was everything of intense, sweaty and overall fun. He is a very tactile wrestler regardless of my height and weight advantage. I did make him tap twice though :P
Do I hear a rematch calling? 👍
Very genuine and friendly guy off the mats too and more than accommodating. Communication was key between us!