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WRESTLING HIATUS: I just had skin cancer surgery on my head, and so will be recovering from that for the next several weeks. Hope to begin (light) wrestling again in November/December!

Thank you guys for all of the positive comments about the videos I've uploaded!

8 x 8 mats at my home in the desert.

I'm looking to build up a good sweat with guys who are into submission, pro-mission, jobber/heel, back and forth, competitive wrestling, or just horsing around.

I love wrestling for the aggression, bonding, and muscle-on-muscle contact, am completely sane about it and will always go at your level! I definitely like guys who have a dominant streak. Matches don't have to be erotic but if it happens, I'm fine with it. And if you're a jobber who needs 'extra care,' I'm totally into you... ;-)

I'm in Los Angeles during the week for work, and my home in Palm Springs on long weekends. I can host at my home, and am open to hotel matches in LA or at your place. Definitely open to travel.



  1. USA - California, Cathedral City
  2. USA - California, Pinole
  3. USA - New York, New York City
    (I'm here between 8/21/2018 and 8/25/2018)
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I am willing to travel 2000 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 61-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 178 lbs (81 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Gym/wrestling gear (headgear, mouthguard, MMA gloves if requested)

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Iwreslinca is recommended by wrestleinsocks

Iwreslinca and I had 8 years between matches but both times were a lot of fun. He put up a good effort and always had a smile on his face. He is also eager to learn new moves. I was glad our paths crossed again.



wrestleinsocks is recommended by Iwreslinca

I had met wrestleinsocks probably eight years ago in Chicago - so it was a nice surprise to find him in LA for a couple of hours a few weeks ago. Super friendly and easy to spend time with a big muscular body and very strong - especially his legs - you'll have a good time!



Iwreslinca is recommended by Lookintowrestle

Jim and i had a quite fun match. Was fun applying holds, and both of us enjoying it! It was super watching him wrestle in action too!
He's a really sweet guy, easy to get along with, and quite personable! Looking forward to next time!



Lookintowrestle is recommended by Iwreslinca

I had a super fun afternoon rolling around with this slim, yet super strong (watch out for his legs of steel) competitor - along with his amazingly hot bud Rocrassler. Great guy!



Will is recommended by Iwreslinca

Will came over to my home and we spent a good half hour talking, getting to know one another before getting into it. We had an excellent time wrestling - 2 full hours - and it was fun for me to be a Heel! I'm looking forward to another match...



Iwreslinca is recommended by Anthon1

Been meaning to wrestle for the past four years, finally got together. Very strong, fun, personable, and a great wrestle! Looking forward to our next bout.



Anthon1 is recommended by Iwreslinca

After chatting back and forth for years, I finally met this handsome guy at his apartment in LA for a couple of hours of wrestling. Great time - great experience, and looking forward to our next encounter!



Iwreslinca is recommended by RocRassler

Had a great time with this guy, who was nice enough to change his flight plans to meet me. Can definitely take some punishment but also gives some back. Totally recommend and hope to meet up again someday!



RocRassler is recommended by Iwreslinca

We had been chatting with each other for months - all he had to do was send a photo of his 18" baseball bicep and I was hooked. Meeting Roc was wonderful. Nice guy, sexy, incredibly strong, devastating headlocks :-)
If you have plans on getting anywhere near Rochester, you owe it to yourself to send him a message. Looking forward to our next match!

ROUND TWO - October 18, 2017 in Las Vegas
I hadn't seen Roc for over two years - and the dude who walked through the door left me breathless- he's got a physique model's body now - and is super strong. Be warned - this guy can be gentle, but his preferred speed is 'brutal.'



Iwreslinca is recommended by wild130

Excellent guy I had a great time meeting him :3 smart, funny and good humored :3 we chatted over coffee before getting home, trading massages, sparing around (will go harder next time) and post-match massages and chill ^^ I'd definintly reccomend him for some casual horseplay; while he may not have the most experiance with Collegiate Wrestling he definintly enjoys the experiance, is curious to learn and I'd love to meet up again :3

[Update Round 2]
I have now met Iwreslinca ~5 times for rematches and I can't recomend him enough. It is inspiring to see a guy that can take a beating with a smile on his face. BUT, he can fight back, he is strong and will you make fight to submit him and he is getting stronger and stronger. Gentlemanly, energetic, easy going and brilliant off the mat as well. You should definintly check him out!



wild130 is recommended by Iwreslinca

I had a GREAT time meeting Wild130. Personable, and so much stronger than his size would suggest. He's also a 'real deal' wrestler and if you're game, he can teach you a lot about the sport. Intelligent, super sexy - and just fun to hang out with. If you're in the Riverside area you owe it to yourself to meet him!

UPDATE: Round 2 - even better and much rougher. We had a ton of fun and I was 'introduced' to his super powerful choking head scissors... Wild's an amazing wrestler and we rolled for hours.



Iwreslinca is recommended by ThisIsTeal42

Still one of my favorite frisky jobbers



ThisIsTeal42 is recommended by Iwreslinca

Teal is a super nice guy on and off the mats. Lookout for his Full Nelson/ Scissor combo - deadly! A wonderful friend who I'm glad to have met 2.5 years ago. DEADLY on the mats though!!



Iwreslinca is recommended by mattz4fun

We've been at this since our freestyle days. Was great to lock up again recently. I wasn't gentle, but this tough, fit bud took what I dished out, and was happy to give some back. Easy to set up our match and a great friend to hang with off the mats as well.



mattz4fun is recommended by Iwreslinca

I have known Mattz for years - and what a great guy. This was our first match in 12 years and he looks the same, if not better, than i had remembered him. Super strong but very friendly and willing to go at your level (he's advanced). Highly recommend him!



Iwreslinca is recommended by SeanMCP

Fun and personable, highly recommend



SeanMCP is recommended by Iwreslinca

Fantastic guy - ton of fun and he's so much stronger than he looks!



Iwreslinca is recommended by SeattleFight

After years of trash talk I finally met this handsome muscle dude in PS. I trust it was the first of many matches – great host, fun wrestling, super guy! He took it like a man – his beat-down, that is <EG>



SeattleFight is recommended by Iwreslinca

This man is an awesome wrestler - handsome - muscular - trust me, you'll have a great time!



evenmatch is recommended by Iwreslinca

The man is fantastically strong - very knowledgeable, and friendly off the mats. Great time and looking forward to seeing him again.



Jesse123 is recommended by Iwreslinca

Spent a couple of hours with this very sexy man, exchanging holds, talking, and massage too. Very strong for his size, and getting stronger. Highly recommend him!


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Wild130 and me trying a little MMA action

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Wild130 teaching me how to do a Fireman's Carry - and land safely

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Wild130 and I wrestling at my home

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Iwreslinca and Wild mix it up

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Head scissors submission!

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