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Love to wrestle, either clothed, topless/shirtless, or flat-out nude. And I'm simply looking for good, hot men who like the same! Whether just for horseplay or to lead into good, hot fun, I enjoy it so much! But I'd love to wrestle with a guy who wants to make a good meal out of me.

Let me explain that. Everyone has their quirks. Everyone has their needs, desires, fantasies, and fetishes. I want to be upfront with anyone who reads this and mention mine. I'm into something called vore, which is short for "vorarephilia." It is a fetish involving being turned on by the idea of either eating or getting eaten by someone or something else. I, in particular, like to role-play scenarios in which I am chased, hunted down, caught, and devoured alive by my partner. I would be the prey to their predator. I even have several scenarios I've written out for that. Now you know what the headline for this profile means. And no, I don't REALLY get eaten. It's painless roleplay. Roleplay that could easily incorporate the wrestling we love into something more, and something hotter.

Most men have found this out about me and have run for the hills, finding it too weird, too freaky, or too unorthodox. But a select few have tried it with me and actually found it fun and exciting. This prey is hoping to find a few good predators willing to play out his wildest fantasies, no matter how weird they may seem or sound. And hopefully, one of the predators in question could end up being this prey's predator for life.

If you're a bear or a chub and you're white or Latino, and you are my age or older (or younger than I by up to three years), then you shoot right to the front of the line! Oh, and if you're a fellow black guy, or if you're anything shorter than 5'7", please keep moving! My ideal predators and wrestling partners are those 5'8" or taller. My ideal predators are also SIGNIFICANTLY heavier than I in terms of weight. And my ideal predators are absolutely NOT BLACK. Just not turned on by other blacks. Sorry. If you're in my ideal height range or of one of my two ideal races, Just drop a line, and we can discuss this more, and maybe make a date to wrestle and "eat" to our great content!:)

As a warning, however, I DO prefer to tape my matches (and meals!) with my opponents. So if you're uncomfortable with that, keep moving.



  1. USA - Missouri, Kansas City
    (I'm here from 8/29/2018)
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Age: 34-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 191 lbs (87 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

Gear: Shirt, shorts, and sweatpants.

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InnocentMeal is recommended by MN Wrestling Dummy

I heeled for Innocent, which is not typically my role, but I had a blast doing it! Innocent can really take some punishment! I worked him over for several hours and he took it incredibly well. Really made it fun. His legs are also very strong - he doesn't realize the weapon he has there! Would enjoy meeting up with him again in the future.



MN Wrestling Dummy is recommended by InnocentMeal

Very good if you like being dominated, but there's something about him if you like submissive, too. He definitely has strength to match his larger-than-life appearance, and he definitely can bring you a good time, whether you want a match or total humiliation. All of you in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area should feel free to look him up if you want some fun!;)



tonyboy is recommended by InnocentMeal

Very strong, firm grip and a great passion to his wrestling. Things can be an all-out fight with him, or even segue into a hot, passionate lovemaking session. If you want either one of these, he's the one for you!:)


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