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Actively searching for a real life, non cyber opponent for domination / submission match. Been in several real fights in the past,lost most of them, but hoping to avenge a past surrender to a specific rival I lost to years ago. (Like some mental payback) I'm not wanting a brutal brawl, instead wanting an agreed on safe and sane exchange featuring a belly punching fight with gloves (mine are 20 oz), very close in, no wind up punches but very short jabs or uppercuts, working over the belly area non stop, till one rival wears down, winded with no more fight or aggression left, and unable or unwilling to throw anymore punches. The winning fighter keeps punching till the loser cant take it and submits. Safe, sane,no damage to either fighter,no shame for losing beside the humiliation of surrendering to your rival. Not looking to get hurt, or hurt anyone, but desire a definite and undisputed winner and loser at the end. Very new with no boxing experience. "Love the thought of confident rivals seeking opponents and arranging physical duels. The appeal of a combative rival is one who shuns conventional activities and alternatively accepts risk and chance in their private lifestyle. They stands out in the eyes of others. The combative rival accepts uncertainty and knows the conclusion will certainly result in an exchange of pride and dignity between the actors. The victor will feel a great sense of satisfaction, and will smugly feel a sense of superiority over their beaten challenger. The loser will leave knowing they has been bested, might face some personal humiliation, and must deal with the psychological consequences of being physically inferior to the victor.



  1. USA - Iowa, Cedar Rapids
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I am willing to travel 500 miles


Age: 60-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 295 lbs (134 kg)

Gear: ex wife fought in many bar room matches years back. Looking for an arranged,sane and safe belly fight,till one rival submits Love the uncertainy of an agrred on fight.

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