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Actively searching for a real life, non cyber opponent for domination / submission match. Been in several real fights in the past,lost most of them, but hoping to avenge a past surrender to a specific rival I lost to years ago. (Like some mental payback) I'm not wanting a brutal brawl, instead wanting an agreed on safe and sane exchange featuring a belly punching fight with gloves (mine are 20 oz), very close in, no wind up punches but very short jabs or uppercuts, working over the belly area non stop, till one rival wears down, winded with no more fight or aggression left, and unable or unwilling to throw anymore punches. The winning fighter keeps punching till the loser cant take it and submits. Safe, sane,no damage to either fighter,no shame for losing beside the humiliation of surrendering to your rival. Not looking to get hurt, or hurt anyone, but desire a definite and undisputed winner and loser at the end. Very new with no boxing experience. The combative rival accepts uncertainty. The victor will feel a great sense of satisfaction. The loser will leave knowing they has been bested.



  1. USA - Iowa, Cedar Rapids
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I am willing to travel 500 miles


Age: 60-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 295 lbs (134 kg)

Gear: Ex wife did amature Foxy Boxing back in our younger years,,I loved it. Looking for an arranged,sane and safe belly fight,till one rival submits.

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IOWA SUBMISSION is recommended by funwrestlerwolder

Had a great time meeting up for some in close body boxing with gloves. A really nice guy and easy to talk to before and after the match too. Don't let that fool you though, he's a big guy that can throw some strong punches and can take them too. He did good for his first match and I wasn't disappointed. He will be tough to beat when he gets more experience and stamina. Very good at communicating what he's looking for in a match. Recommend him if you're looking for some body boxing with gloves on until one quits. Looking forward to the next time we get to meet and go at it.



funwrestlerwolder is recommended by IOWA SUBMISSION

First class guy for sure. Tough guy, and can really punch. He stays focused, thinks before he throws his punches, knows when he's stung you and works the area till he takes the win. I got a lesson and took my medicine. A great guy, throws a mean punch, hope to meet up again soon. A+++ opponent and an all around fantastic person.