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My primary interest here is in finding a partner to gutpunch with. Looking for guys close to my age, older is ok as long as you're in shape. I'll also say it ahead of time, I'm sorry to those of you it pertains to, but I'm not into bears.

I'm usually a receiver but if you wish me to, I'll try my hand at wrecking up your gut as well. My ultimate goal it an intense session involving restraints and a gut beating that takes me well past my limits. I also role play as well So that can be mixed in If you think you've got it in you to destroy my abs and pound my guts into a pulp or even just want a little give and take, drop me a line. And by drop me a line I mean actually send me a message. I do not respond to challenges.

Additional: I will be attending the 2018 NYC Wrestle-fest on Sunday only. A friend is graciously sharing the use of his room, so if anyone is interested in a meet up, that would be the place.



Match structure: Give and take, Squash match, Two on one, Outdoors fights
Fetishes: Gut punching


  1. USA - New York, Babylon
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I am willing to travel 20 miles


Age: 34-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Pants, shoes, shirtless

Boxing Boxing

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Hyede is recommended by Bikerguy516

I had a great time with Hyede. If you like gutpunching (which I enjoy in between real sparring matches), look him up. He is a gentleman and packs a mean right uppercut to the gut which I really enjoyed. He can take a lot of punches too and likes to take your hardest punches. I got a good workout using Hyede as my personal punching bag 🙂. And truly enjoyed feeling his fists as well. And don't let his modesty in his profile about giving punches dissuade you. He can give some good hard punches too and always checks with you to see if you're ok and if you want it harder or softer. It was awesome!!!



Bikerguy516 is recommended by Hyede

Had an excellent time with Bikerguy, warm and friendly which is always a plus. We traded some nice punches and he especially enjoys uppercuts to stomach, so guys take note. I'm definately looking forward to another meeting with him. ^__^



Hyede is recommended by Tiger

If not the best , one of the best gut punchees on this site period. No doubt in my mind. Very reliable and a great guy to test his abs. His abs took over 600 of my best punches and he still was ready to take more. Whether outdoors or inside Hyede can take whatever you can throw his way. If you like to gut punch, you should ask him for a session. I have worked him over a few times and he keeps on coming back for more-what could be better? A punchee who never has enough! looking forward to another session withi this very hardy guy-he never disappoints!



Tiger is recommended by Hyede

Excellent puncher, very safe and throws hard shots when you ask for them. I highly recommend especially if you like getting worked over with gloves. Looking forward to more encounters.



Hyede is recommended by Lv2wrestle

Very nice guy, knows how to take punches for a long time. Good times!!



Lv2wrestle is recommended by Hyede

Had a great time. Warm and friendly, hits hard when you ask him to and very respectful of limits. I very much look forward to future matches.