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New to wrestling. Interested but novice. Looking for a safe sane match of strength. A fun competitive, not combatative match. Not a great fan of trash talk. But a good chat is always welcome. I cannot host due to family.



  1. Norway, Oslo
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Age: 52-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 172 lbs (78 kg)

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Harrybro is recommended by foamfighter

OCT'18 – Harrybro is a really nice guy! We got along real quick, so nerves disappeared and atmosphere became great really fast.

It became a long-lasting evening with lots of fights, interesting thoughtful conversations in between, and beers before, during and after.

Both of us got pretty competitive – more than expected – and I only cheated maybe twice, haha... It was great fun.

This was my first match ever, and I couldn't have wished for a better first opponent to wrestle than Harrybro. I really hope to get the opportunity to wrestle him again some day.

APR'19 – Second time with Harrybro! Yehaa! Had to go through a party sober the night we had our opportunity to meet again, but it was well worth it. He is still the best opponent I can think of – playful and slightly provocative. Just how I like it. Bossy role shifted a little back and forth, which we both enjoyed. Off the mats he is such a genuine nice guy to hang out with. Again, again Harrybro!



foamfighter is recommended by Harrybro

What a great match. What Ffighter lacks in skills he makes up for in determination and tenacity. This guy never stops. We are both beginners so we had a great fight with some exciting twists. FF is also a smart, reflective man. It was a pleasure having beers with him. A mild, curious and playful guy experimenting with life. And now experimenting with his primal - physical - fighting self. If you are likeminded, you will love him.

Round 2: met foamF again, he is stronger and even more keen to dish out some punishment. Thankfully neither of us have learnt any technique so it remained a drawn out, sweaty wrestle. As before-this guy never stops. We even fought the day after so there is an insatiable appetite in this guy. I need to go home and recuperate.



Harrybro is recommended by dg duffy

I met Harrybro on a recent trip to Oslo. He made time for me in his busy schedule because I had such a short time there. I prepared for the match by reading his recommendations. They were 100% accurate: He is (1) strong, (2) aggressive, and (3) no novice. He showed up precisely on time; as I went downstairs to wait for him he entered the lobby. Although we were in a hotel room we destroyed the mattress that we used as mats. Very active and aggressive match. I look forward to returning to Norway (great country and people) and battling with Harrybro again.



dg duffy is recommended by Harrybro

This was a case of sprightly 50 yr old meets immovable object. At first site ringmaster looks big old and unlikely to worry. Not the case. This guy has done the rounds and learnt his homework. He is tough, adaptable and strong. Im not sure how strong because i dont think i stressed him in any form. And that primal growl. Grrrr.
Of the mats he is dependable, interesting, polite, not a flood of words - a real bloke of a man.
This has been another British defeat to an American- watch out you yankies, I need revenge.



Harrybro is recommended by uniqlo

I am very happy to have met Harrybro.
This man is strong, fast, willing, not afraid to go to battle and who really likes body to body.
We had a good match and we had a good sweat.
After that we went to debrief around a good beer.
I do not know if I'll ever see him again, but this man deserves to be known.
I highly recommend.



uniqlo is recommended by Harrybro

This man is a real man. Polite, generous and considerate, loves fighting, stronger than I will ever be, and a good looking blighter to top it off. During the first 10 seconds I thought I might be better than him. The next 58 minutes proved me wrong. I highly recommend this charming guy. If you like a real battle, this is definetely your man.



Harrybro is recommended by MontyNJ

I had a great time with this guy but he does undersell himself. He's much stronger and aggressive than he lets on... which makes for an incredibly hot, fun struggle! We were quite evenly matched and wrestled for a few sweaty hours (with a few breaks, we're not kids!). And beyond that, he's quite a charming, personable, funny guy. We had another great time over dinner and beers! Definitely hoping he's back in the States sometime soon.



MontyNJ is recommended by Harrybro

Like a fabled animal of different parts, monty is a collection of contradictory parts. That gives you an agenda to finding out more about this charming lovely guy. To the wrestling. Tenacity, wants to win, clean, couple of killer moves ( they got me grunting). Pretty evenly matched. All in all, a blast. More of this please.



Harrybro is recommended by SeattleFight

This guy. He tried to confuse me by saying he's a newbie and he was gonna kick my ass. He may be a newbie but he's tough, strong, an instinctive fighter, and has the desire to kick ass. In this centuries old battle of Yanks vs Brits, chalk up another for the Yanks, but Harrybro is one tough wrestler when fighting for the honour of his Queen. (See what I did there?). It was a great sweaty bout with a really nice and accommodating guy and I certainly had a blast too.



SeattleFight is recommended by Harrybro

You are fat, slow and pig ugly; is what I should have told him but before I knew it he was half naked and staring me down. This man loves wrestling and boy is he good at it. He is horrifically strong, resilient, tough and adaptive to his opponent. I had an exhausting, sweaty fun time. I think his pulse was slightly raised. If you like a solid, safe competitive battle with a good looking power house then he is your man. Take lots of water and oxygen.



Harrybro is recommended by mikeswuk

strong, fast and competitive, but a gentleman as well. I had a great wrestle and hope its not the last.



mikeswuk is recommended by Harrybro

Mike must be the great teacher of wrestling. We had a hard, competitive match in a much too small space and he guided me with suggestions, tips and stories. I presume he is a bit of a chameleon; adapting to the level of his opponent. I definitely had the impression he was toying with me, but thanks for that. A true gentleman, uncomplicated and trustworthy. Highly recommended.



Harrybro is recommended by Eu2

Met up with Harrybro last week for a match and found him to be a very friendly and instinctive fighter. I was also impressed by his speed and strength. Although the wrestling space we used was very limited and hardly ideal, we gave it our best and had a good time getting much-needed experience and practice. If he continues to pursue this interest, I can imagine he will develop into an even stronger fighter.



Eu2 is recommended by Harrybro

Eu2 was a freindly and considerate host. He was well aware of my questions around this new sport , we a good chat and then we let loose on each other. He is strong and we had a great wrestle and work out. He was nice to me and i got the distinct feeling he could go many levels more than i could offer. Reccomended.