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I'm sorry that I couldn't reply some messages.
Because I had been under the weather this 1 year.
Just only checked this site until recently.

But I'm gonna be back to meet someone to wrestle or fight from now.

Hi. I live in Tokyo. I wanna meet and wrestle with someone who is competitive or fun wrestler. If you are interested in, feel free to send me a message.



  1. Japan, 世田谷区
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I am willing to travel 50 kilometers


Age: 39-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (177 cm), 172 lbs (78 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Japanese

Gear: Speedo

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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HARU is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey

He is a lot bigger and stronger than his pics. If he had only had more experience, he might have beaten me – emphasis on MIGHT. :) I had a lot of fun having a playful match with him. He is good company as well.



Wrestleboyjoey is recommended by HARU

He is a big, strong and great wrestler. and he has amazing wrestling skill. He dominated me again and again. but it was really great! If you have a chance to meet him, it's gonna be a great time!



HARU is recommended by ResuRuff

He is a HOT, handsome, and very strong wrestler!
He knows a lot of techniques and definitely he has wrestling skills.
He is rough but respectable on the match
Also Haru is very friendly and accommodating; (I had great time during and after match).
If you are in Tokyo, do not hesitate to challenge him.
Domo Arigatou Haru San, hope oneday we could have another wrestling match.
Hope you could visit Melbourne.



ResuRuff is recommended by HARU

He was a really good and tough, good looking wrestler.
He was so strong. And he knows a lot of moves. It was Sooo fun wrestling!

and he has so good personality. I really enjoyed after the match.
Highly recommend tough sexy wrestler!!



HARU is recommended by NJW77

He is a reliable person, and super nice guy, seems like much more muscular guy than his profile pic. The other recommendations describe exactly who he is. Highly recommended!



NJW77 is recommended by HARU

He is absolutely great wrestler. He is strong, tough, and has good skill for wrestling.
We had a really good time in a sweat. I hope meet him again!!
Highly recommended!!



HARU is recommended by londonwrestleguy

I met Haru at the end of my time in Tokyo after some message exchanges where we were clearly looking for similar wrestle action. It was easy to arrange to meet with him and we met up on time. Haru is a nice and friendly guy, very easy to get along with.
On the mat we enjoyed plenty of great wrestling action over a couple of hours, full of all kinds of holds and moves, with lots of back and forth giving us both a good sweaty workout. Haru was a little bigger than me but he seemed regulate himself with ease to ensure a great wrestle for us both.
Very happy to recommend Haru as a great guy to meet both on and off the mat.



londonwrestleguy is recommended by HARU

Sorry I'm late for recommendation, because of lack of my English skill.
He has good wrestling skill and knows how to enjoy wrestling. Really enjoy the match. And also his personality is so nice.
If you have a chance to meet him, you should! It's gonna be great match.



HARU is recommended by ArabianGuy

had a good match with Haru while visiting Japan!
He is fun to wrestle with, friendly and never lost his smile despite the hard match he had :)

Recommended!! ✌🏼️😁



ArabianGuy is recommended by HARU

He was so strong, handsome, friendly, and sexy guy!
I'm so glad to meet him and wrestle. It was exciting great time.
If you have a chance to meet him and wrestle, you should!



HARU is recommended by hedloker uk

Haru is strong and feisty, a very friendly guy and great fun to wrestle. He knows some very effective holds and I really hope to wrestle him again.



HARU is recommended by Mark uk

9 Apr 14.Back in Tokyo and had another chance to meet Haru. Well he didn't disappoint me the second time either. Really nice guy, Fun to wrestle and also punctual. Another 10/10

4Dec 13. Got a message from Haru on my last day in tokyo and wanted to hook up. Never being a guy to turn down a match if I can do it so I agreed. The guy is young, fit and handsome. We had an awesome back and forth match. Loved meeting him and breaking him in to the world of wrestling. Def look up if your in town. Can't wait for the rematch already.



Mark uk is recommended by HARU

It was a great fight. He was cool, greater tough, and gently, wrestling skill was amazing too. I hope rematch and have great time with him.



HARU is recommended by Jorgefighter

Handsome lovely guy. What really surprised me is how fast he learns: you can apply a hold on him, but you wont fool him a second time with the same hold. Really recommended.



HARU is recommended by wrestling4fun

He is a handsome and sexy wrestler – strong and eager. We had a great match and I would highly recommend him. I hope to get the chance for Round 2 sometime soon.



wrestling4fun is recommended by HARU

He is handsome and strong wrestler. So kind and has a good skill.We had a great time and wanna wrestle with you again. He is highly recommended.