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Athletic in shape guy here. Into competitive grappling, pro, promission, jobber/heel, and squash matches. Willing to travel if we work something out as far as hosting etc.

Looking to start training/learning too.



  1. USA - California, Los Angeles
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I am willing to travel 1000 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 34-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 150 lbs (68 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Gear: Singlets, shorts, trunks, speedo, posers

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GymJock is recommended by testofstrength

Gymjock is a nice guy and great host! We finally settled the debate about who would end up the winner ;). I had a good time and would definitely recommend.



testofstrength is recommended by GymJock

Very very strong fighter and fun to wrestle. On the mats he is a tough competitor, off the mats a great guy. Would totally recommend and looking forward to next time.



GymJock is recommended by polyethylene33

We had fun with gymjock in a tag match in LA.
He's in shape, pretty strong for his size and Don't stop going at it no matter how many times you make him tap.
Easy guy to meet and nice off the the mats too. Meet him when in LA.



polyethylene33 is recommended by GymJock

Great opponent to roll around with. Very strong and knows what he is doing. Best part is when he's ready to make you submit, you will most definitely submit. Super nice guy off the mats too!



GymJock is recommended by Antton64

Don't be fooled when this guy says he is a jobber and don't underestimate him because you may end up your ass kicked!
He is quick, explosive and really strong for his size. Add that he is competitive and likes it rough.
So there is the jobber? Maybe, his fit muscular body in his tight speedo encouraging you to try to dominate him!
Very nice guy outside the mat.



Antton64 is recommended by GymJock

Antton is a very skilled & strong fighter. Met up during his visit to CA and had a blast grappling around with him. Super nice guy off the mats but definitely brings his skill set to a match and will make you tap. Looks great in his speedo too! Looking forward to round 2 next time .



GymJock is recommended by MuscChamp

GymJock is hot, muscular, ripped and fast (and quite handsome). In addition, he added skill and excellent cardio to his improved arsenal from our last match eight years ago! Nonetheless, the weight, muscle and power difference was just too much for this talented young stud. The Champ made him his boy toy, forced him to acknowledge his superiority, and flexed over the young stud less than half his age! Another talented young muscle stud for my stable ......available and recommended to the rest of you with my permission! ;-)



MuscChamp is recommended by GymJock

MuscChamp and I met up for some grappling here in LA. This was the second time around that we grappled and I wanted to test myself against him. Needless to say he is still as dominant as ever, biggest and strongest I've gone up against. Do not be fooled by his age, if he wants to, he will wipe the floor with you and have you submitting in no time. Even with added experience and muscle, he still dominated me this time around. If you are looking to challenge yourself, go up against him. Good luck if you do and make sure you have an ice pack ready for after.



GymJock is recommended by natureboyesq

Quick, strong, skilled...GJ and I had a great match that left us both sore for days. I had the edge in strength and size but that didn't concern him (he more than held his own) and we both worked up a great sweat. Check him out!



natureboyesq is recommended by GymJock

Great guy and competitor to roll around with. Had an awesome match up with him and worked up a great sweat. Although he says he's still a beginner, his build and strength would be a challenge to any wrestler to take on. Nice guy on and off the mats, very much recommend.



GymJock is recommended by pnwprowrestler

GymJock and I wrestled in Bario Bruisers Pro Ring in Santa Ana CA. He is the nicest guy in the world. He is really good at Pro and his body is perfect! I can not give him a higher recommendation. Just a great guy. And so cute. His face matches his body! I can't wait to wrestle with him again on my next trip to LA/Santa Ana. Thanks for a great match GymJock!!



GymJock is recommended by fig4man

very fun to do pro with..great body..creative in ring.def recommend



fig4man is recommended by GymJock

Tough great guy in the ring. We had a a fun match with lots of strikes and holds. He's a very strong competitor and I highly recommend you lock up with this guy.



GymJock is recommended by Rough Edge

GREAT guy , Great wrestler , Super handsome , had a blast , would totally recomend



Rough Edge is recommended by GymJock

Great guy and had an awesome match. Very strong and really easy going. I'm still relatively new to wrestling and he was great and showing me some moves. Anxious for a rematch and would totally recommend.