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Hi everyone ,PLEASE READ this so that you understand me better !!!
My gut has been getting a lot of attention lately !! Loving it .

Have been into Gutpunch style matchs since a young guy and also love submission and MA and NHB style with or without body punches if other is not into that .. Not into face punches at all and see nothing hot with blood type matches. I respect all limits and expect the same but I believe that they should be discussed before a match instead of finding out during or after a match that some things where not liked or past limits ..

Here for friends and matches and NOT to upset or do wrong to others or for me to get used .. Happy to be a Jobber or Heel .. up to us to sort before the match. Have contact real with a few of the guys both from here and various sites and enjoyed the time with them .. If you want to contact me send a message and I always get back to you ..Am NOT here for sex but do enjoy erotic if both agree. I also travel to Hong Kong and Philpines during the year and will be in Singapore later this year I hope ..
Regards Olly



  1. Australia, Teneriffe
    Fortitude Valley
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I am willing to travel 400 kilometers


Age: 63-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 181 lbs (82 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Tagalog

Gear: Speedo

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Gutpunchnhb is recommended by ozboxer

Ian is a great bloke and plenty of fun to GP with, I look forward to our next meeting



ozboxer is recommended by Gutpunchnhb

What can I say that hasn't already been said here. Chris is AWESOME .. not only is he excellent at gutpunching but also a great guy and very good looking. his pics don't do him justice. I recommend him to all boxers and gutpunchees .. he got me good and I loved it.looking forwards to next time. BY FAR one of the best around and a GREAT person on top of that !!!