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I absolutely love submission wrestling. Novice wrestler. Have always fantasized about being the larger heel putting guys into long painful camel clutches with fish hooks or Boston crabs. Used to love the Iron Shiek and other big heels. My favorite matches to watch are squash matches. For some reason, I love lopsided matches where the big guys totally dominate.

Been meeting some great guys on here. Am finding out that I am into trying out more rough housing and fantasy pro. Not into real pain. Just want safe and sane fun!

Thanks for taking the time to read.



  1. USA - Florida, The Villages
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I am willing to travel 75 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 45-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 224 lbs (102 kg)

Gear: Singlets, spandex, speedos, jockstraps

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Grizzlymike is recommended by RasslorBear

Mike is an amazing wrestler. He'll say he's mean but he's awfully sweet. However, watch out for his strength. He is strong as an ox and was able to lift me off the ma, not once, but twice in the same match. While he says he's new, he's learning fast.

He's also a great cook, has an amazing laugh, is an amazing listener, and a supreme gentleman off the mats. I highly highly recommend him.



RasslorBear is recommended by Grizzlymike

Rasslorbear is a true powerhouse and a really great guy. I had so much fun wrestling him even though I got my ass whooped. For a big strong bear, he is a gentle giant and cognizant of his opponent's size and experience level. I look forward to wrestling him again in the near future and suggest you do the same if given the opportunity.



Grizzlymike is recommended by hockeyfool

Whew... what can I say? I met both GrizzlyMike and Bigbulk_T after driving an hour and a half to meet up... and honestly it was worth driving that long and more. When we first started messaging each other all established we were all new to wrestling and all communication prior to meeting was very pleasant. When I finally got to meet them in person, they were both VERY hospitable, friendly, and very welcoming... almost like meeting up with someone you are already friends with. When it came to wrestling, with short breaks between sessions, we wrestled each other in turns for almost five hours.

When it came to wrestling GrizzlyMike, the guy is flexible as hell for a bearish dude. We started off with a little give and take when it came to pro holds and we both surprised each other on how flexible we are... but honestly I think I was way more impressed and blown away on how far I had to crank my boston crab and camel clutch before he would tap. He had never put anyone in the torture rack before so with careful instruction and on his knees he was able to hoist me on his shoulders in a perfect rack... then blew my mind when he got up to standing position like a true heel showing off. Incredible! When we went to actually rollin' in a little submission, he is a tough dude that just won't quit. While he got me to submit a bunch of times, I was able to get him to tap once... but I had work VERY hard for that. I think he enjoyed Bigbulk_T and myself teaming up and 2v1ing him at the end... but even then he held his own for an unreal amount of time.

After the great time I had today, I'm really looking forward to meeting up with these two quality gentlemen again in the near future.



hockeyfool is recommended by Grizzlymike

Hockeyfool came over today to wrestle me and Bigbulk T. It was frickin' awesome. He is strong, flexible as hell and a really fantastic guy. He is so laid back and let me try and get my heel on. For once, I finally outweighed my opponent (by 60+ pounds). He let me practice some of my favorite moves and showed me a lot of new things. We enjoyed wrestling him immensely. I would totally recommend that you wrestle with him if given the chance.



Grizzlymike is recommended by cubby

Mike was a wonder to wrestle with! off the mat he is very funny and wonderfully friendly. on the mat he was picking up the few tips I showed him and giving me a run for my money! I look forward to watching him progress and learn more as well as getting to wrestle him as often as possible! if you are able to wrestle him I highly recommend it.



cubby is recommended by Grizzlymike

Cubby is very experienced and frickin' hard as hell to beat. I appreciated the instruction he gave me and willingness to wrestle at my level - challenging me but not going overboard. He is a really friendly and level-headed cub. Looking forward to getting some more pointers and eventually pinning him - hehe - or at least getting closer. I would 100% recommend you try and wrestle with him if ever given the chance.



bushchub is recommended by Grizzlymike

Bushchub is incredible. He is great to wrestle and just an overall amazing guy. His experience and awesome attitude were perfect. Although he easily made me submit, it was still extremely challenging and fun. I look forward to gaining more experience and pinning my new hunk of a friend in the near future. If you get the chance to wrestle with him, you should jump at the opportunity.



subwrestler1 is recommended by Grizzlymike

Met with subwrestler1 today. He is awesome and we would suggest trying to meet up with him if you ever have the chance. He is really experienced and strong as hell. The great thing about him is that he was willing to wrestle to our experience. Me and my hubby are extreme novices and were a bit worried at first to wrestle with someone with his experience. We didn't want to waste his time and we definitely didn't want to get hurt.

He was patient and an awesome instructor. We learned so many different moves and he wore us down. It was challenging but safe and incredible. He knows how to push you to fight better but totally controlled. Overall - it was great and we hope to get a chance to wrestle with him again.



Grizzlymike is recommended by smeikle

Grizzlymike is a tough fun wrestler. He is learning just like I am and was well worth the experience. He is very strong and watch out for those legs they can and will squeeze tight. Mike is a great person both on and off the mat. One that is easy to be around. Plan on having many matches with both him and his partner. If you get the chance to meet mike you need to wrestle him and his partner. Awesome guy



Lkn4awrestletoy is recommended by Grizzlymike

Such an awesome wrestler and all around great guy. It has been a long time, but this was my first ever wrestling match with anyone. He is so strong and experienced but was easily able to tailor it to me. He worked me long and hard but made sure not to over do it. If you ever get a chance to meet up with this handsome hunk - I suggest you jump at the opportunity!



Grizzlymike is recommended by Bigbulk T

Mike is a novice but is interested in learning. He has a love for wrestling and is fun to spar with.



Bigbulk T is recommended by Grizzlymike

Tony and I are married. We are not experienced wrestlers but love wrestling and regularly rassle for fun. I am interested in learning more and Tony has been completely supportive. We are monogamous but excited to get into this sport more. He always knows just how hard to play without going overboard. Very safe and sane.


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