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Tough guy who likes tough guys. Well toned and muscled mature manly male. Professional guy, considerate, and well balanced.

Do you like to grapple on the mats or box for sport? Do you like to get in someones face nose to nose and stare down before you fight?

I will pro rassle with give and take and grunt and groan. Im a noisy fighter. Good boxer and will punch it out with any man who wants a good hard manly stand up fight. Please have boxing skills. I do and have had three public sanctioned bouts, but can also box light and train if youd prefer that.

Have a garage turned gym for grappling and some boxing.

I am an aggressive top who at rare times can be dominated in the right fight. I have face pics on request.

Do you want to fight? Let's fight.

Lets chat and see if something clicks. I come to the San Francisco bay area and Memphis alot.



  1. USA - Arkansas, Jacksonville
    moving here
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I am willing to travel 200 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 59-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 183 lbs (83 kg)

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britboxer28 is recommended by GrappleandBox

One of my most memorable encounters. Britboxer loves boxing and can punch. From my perspective he is handsome, committed to a good match, and personable after the bout. He claimed I gave him a shiner in the boxing match, but I don't hit that hard. :) He certainly stayed with me. Good boxer. We had a second boxing match a few days later. If only the UK were closer Id pummel with him weekly. I like to keep it to sport, but this guy TURNED ME ON!!! Four star recommendation.



AFJock is recommended by GrappleandBox

AFJock flew out to Little Rock to spend two days with me. He is handsome, personable, and a good boxer. I enjoyed my sparring sessions with him because of his skill and his sportsmanlike sanity. I hope we can box again



sfbeef is recommended by GrappleandBox

I met sfbeef at the San Francisco Grapplers Club where we wrestled on the mats. Amazing beefy muscular body, very strong and more skilled than I in wrestling. Very personable and intelligent when we went out for pizza after with a group. I look forward to a rematch.



GrappleandBox is recommended by hookuppercut

Had a wonderful sparring session with GrappleandBox. We spent the time working on basic fundamentals—punches, footwork slipping punches. He is an excellent teacher, communicator, and mentor. I look forward to the next session with him.



hookuppercut is recommended by GrappleandBox

Hookuppercut is a handsome gentleman with good fundamental boxing skills. We sparred light and trained for about 90 minutes in my home gym. Good learner, good communicator. I can see he could be tough like me. He would be an ideal person to get in the ring with and just box till one man was down. :)



GrappleandBox is recommended by mastersboxer

Can't wait to spar with this guy again! He has all the qualities you would expect from an experienced boxer...confidence, control, and skillful... to name a few. Besides that, a gracious host. If you're fortunate enough to spar with him, you won't be disappointed. And if you're lucky, he may even give you a tour of Toad Suck while you're there ;).



mastersboxer is recommended by GrappleandBox

What a lovely guy. Nice build, good sparring skills, intelligent and accomplished. We sparred twice and had a great time. He knows how to box.

I hosted him for three days and he was great to be around the entire time.



GrappleandBox is recommended by ROSCOE the RASSLER

Just had a great training session with GrappleandBox. He's strong and a quick learner and enthusiastic. I can't wait till we get up to speed for intense man to man grappling. And maybe he can teach me a thing or two about boxing. Looking forward to our next encounter.



ROSCOE the RASSLER is recommended by GrappleandBox

Friendly and beefy all male kind of guy. A good wrestler with stamina.



GrappleandBox is recommended by namazsk

I had a great time meeting this well-rounded man visiting Stockholm. As the space was a little squeezed, we eventually switched from wrestling to going over some boxing basics. You are dealing with a very experienced boxer here - a coach in fact! - so really enjoyed the experience. Also makes for excellent company afterwards. Would be very happy to take him on in a proper ring with gloves!



namazsk is recommended by GrappleandBox

An intelligent, well mannered guy who is strong, in great shape, nice looking, and wrestles with great intensity. A rematch is in the offing.



GrappleandBox is recommended by btler

Have sparred twice, both memorable & fun spars. One of the most competent boxer I've sparred. A light heavyweight who moves like a middleweight & hits like a heavywts when or if he has to. Formidable, but sane, safe & a blast to hang with.
Also smart, intelligent, & charming. Highly recommend.



btler is recommended by GrappleandBox

Btler is a great boxer. Good punches, good form and endurance. If you want to box, contact him. The fact that he is handsome, courteous, and sexy does not hurt either.



GrappleandBox is recommended by Atlfight

Very Tough, Skilled and Worthy opponent! Serious and Intense in a match but sane and responsible – sticks to any rules and format. He will match your intensity level but be prepared for a fight if you issue a challenge! Great guy out of the ring and off the mats but he is there to Fight!



Atlfight is recommended by GrappleandBox

Manly and generous personality. Enjoyable company. Stan can fight and you better be able to bring some skill to the combat.