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  1. Italy, Roma
    (I'm here from 11/17/2001)
  2. USA - California, Los Angeles
    (I'm here between 1/11/2019 and 1/18/2019)
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Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Italian

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Firetyr is recommended by brazilwrestler86

Met Firetyr in his hotel when he was visiting town . He is very fit and strong and you can clearly see his kick boxing skills . Wish we were in a ring so we could have explored more our stand up combat ! It was a really good wrestle and I hope to wrestle him sometime soon !



brazilwrestler86 is recommended by Firetyr

Huge muscles, real strenght, great skill, pratically a dreadful opponent. I’ve been very glad to wrestle him because i loved to much this experience with such powerful fighter, moreover a kind person. Obviously no way he always won! Hope to meet him again.



Firetyr is recommended by rezla123

It was a pleasure to welcome Firetyr on a pilgrimage to Grove Park for his ring debut. He's a lovely guy, very reliable & easy to communicate with and he's in amazing shape.
Like a classic muscled rookie he had little idea what was in store for him vs a grizzled vet in the ring but he took it all in good spirit, he stretches beautifully and hopefully we made some of his ring dreams come true.
Very happy to recommend him and rematch sometime.



rezla123 is recommended by Firetyr

He’s exactly what you mean for ‘a real pro wrestler’ strong, smart, powerful, summarizing a perfect fighter. It was a great experience to wrestle him, even if too strong for me, but he realized my dream to fight in a real contest. Exaggeratedly recomended for everyone stronger or weaker!!!!



Firetyr is recommended by MuscleBond

Tall and deadly handsome - this man is not to be missed. We spent 2 hours locked together on the mats. Tall and lean with considerable strength and fight, he suffered handsomely when locked in my body scissors. We spent time moving from one hold to another and another and another. We shared a most important tactic in surviving a painful hold... remembering to breathe. I can definitely recommend him as a worthy wrestler to meet.



MuscleBond is recommended by Firetyr

Strong body, powerful muscles, great personality and so much talent and experience, pratically a perfect wrestler, no move failed, no mistake. He can teach you the real meaning of the word 'wrestle'. He gave me the most important experience of my 'wrestle life'. Don't miss the best wrestler in UK!!! Grateful i met you!



Flexforme is recommended by Firetyr

Guy with big muscles and and a real strong body, i appreciated so much our match, very recommended!



Firetyr is recommended by StrongGrapplerLondon

Another one bites the dust... An amazing guy, strong and agile. Friendly and fun. Looking forward to many future meetings...



StrongGrapplerLondon is recommended by Firetyr

Strong and very expert wrestler, i loved to fight him, hope to meet him as soon as possible to have another long and exciting match!



Firetyr is recommended by brook

Strong and skilled fighter, very competitive. Nice guy off the mat, competitive fighter on the mat. Highly recommended.



brook is recommended by Firetyr

He's very powerful and strong, i definitely like his way of fighting, we had great matches and i hope to repeat them again. Very kind person. Don't miss to wrestle him. RECOMMENDED!



Firetyr is recommended by BigGuyNYC

Totally amazing match! Don't let the "nice guy" persona fool you - he is very strong and is in top shape and can take a lot of punishment and knows his stuff. He also seems a little taller than his profile lets on! Very tough and very good. Great match in Rome!

Off the mat he is a complete gentleman. Extremely nice and very cool to talk to. Great guy! Do not miss him if you are visiting Roma!

Fought twice in Rome - both great matches!



BigGuyNYC is recommended by Firetyr

The second time was better than the first one! I have to say the most beatiful experience i've ever had in the world of wrestling!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!
He's huge, powerful, strong and even sexy.
He can take your emotions at the exteme of your pleasure!!!!
I hope to repeat it again and again if he will want it.
I remembered, if you think to challenge it and to win, forget it, you can win only if he allows!!!!
Obviously if you are a lucky fellow and live in NY don't have to miss him for nothing in the world :-)))))
Moreover he's a kind and sweet, and if you like to travel he's a five stars hotel!!!!!



Firetyr is recommended by lottatoreromano

Ottima persona e grande lottatore,Complimenti!!



lottatoreromano is recommended by Firetyr

Grande combattività e resistenza, un avversario assolutamente all'altezza. Decisamente consigliato



Firetyr is recommended by MatmuslFL

Firetyr not only looks amazing in a speedo, his wrestling skills are also quite impressive. Love rolling around with this guy.



MatmuslFL is recommended by Firetyr

MatmuslFL is such a strong, powerful and great wrestler and his body so very muscled. Amazing and kind person he dominated for the whole match. Very glad to meet him.