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Update June 2017: Due to my recent knee surgery I cannot do competitive matches until spring 2018. Big thanks to everybody who wished me well, you guys are the best!

Hi, I'm Sile. I like submission wrestling, gutpunching, and looking for opponents from all over the world! I like to take on beginners and advanced fighters alike. I usually try to adjust to my opponents skill level, preferred rules, etc. No injuries, no hits to the head.

I have a knee injury that is taking until about spring 2018 to fully heal. Until then I won't be able to do any competitive matches. :( Until then, I'm happy to trade holds, practice and show some moves. Also willing to try other styles, including pro! I have tried some 2 vs 1 matches recently and they were great fun.

I have about 8 square meters of good quality puzzle mats and will be happy to meet you if you happen to be in Budapest. I also go to Vienna fairly often, unfortunately my time there is very limited and I have no access to mats.

Things that I like: genuine guys who like a good fight. Good humor and sportsmanship are appreciated. And perhaps a beer after.

Things that I dislike: guys with foul attitudes, bad personal hygiene, fakes and no shows, wrestling in hotel rooms.

After using the FighterBoyy name for 10 years, I figured it was time to rebrand myself. I'm still a Boyy at heart, though! :)



Match structure: Even match, Squash match, Play wrestling, Two on one, Workout partner, Online chatting, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Pool wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Gut punching, CBT


  1. Hungary, Budapest
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers
I am willing to host.


Age: 39-year-old Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 163 lbs (74 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Hungarian

Gear: Shorts (sometimes singlets / speedos)

Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing

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Interest Groups:


FighterGuyy is recommended by earth524

Sile's abs are one of the hardest I ever had. Softening them is not a easy task!
To bring him down in a hold is also quite challenging, not to mention to hold him there... His fighting skills are way above mine. But he adapts to give you some changes (most of the time :D )
His endurance is incredible, he never wants to gives.
Privately anything is already said great person to spend time with!
I enjoyed our time a lot, looking forward to the next one.



earth524 is recommended by FighterGuyy

Jan 2018: We met once again, and had some great times doing training and gut punching. Let's have many happy returns! ;)

August 2016: Thank you so much for your hospitality in Münich. I had a great time visiting the city and meeting you. I enjoyed our wrestling and our workout together. You have very strong legs, my friend. Looking forward to meeting you again, next time in Budapest!



FighterGuyy is recommended by FRENCHGLADIATOR1

This guy has great biceps, chest and ABS......
It is up to you to test and check how hard and strong they are !
Punch them..Punch and punch against them ! he will apreciate !



FRENCHGLADIATOR1 is recommended by FighterGuyy

Instead of words, let the video of our meet speak for itself:
FRENCHGLADIATOR1 Punches FighterGuyy



FighterGuyy is recommended by Pinstride

Well, it was a great honour for me to meet Sile today for a few rounds of submission and practice - I have so much to learn!
First and foremost his technical skills are amazing as well as his ability to advise and guide his opponent. He is exceptionally fit and strong and I am immensely pleased that his knee injury is slowly but surely improving to the point of his ability to use his legs forcefully in a triangle hold that i had no option but to tap out of quickly!
It was a great workout and so much fun too - I really enjoyed it because off the mats as well as on them, he is a genuine, kind, fun guy and easy to spend time with. I look forward meeting him again and see whether I can remember what I learned!



Pinstride is recommended by FighterGuyy

It shows that you are having a good time when you go at it for over an hour and yet it feels you just had "a few rounds". I met Pinstride today, who was kind enough to meet even though I'm not fully healed up yet. He was great, always careful with my knee, a perfect gentleman, even though I frustrated him horribly.

Thank you so much for the match, and let's meet again in a month to see how much stronger you got and how much my leg improved!



HotJakeyyy is not recommended by FighterGuyy

  • Unreliable / no show



Deszkás is not recommended by FighterGuyy

  • Unreliable / no show



FighterGuyy is recommended by luckyalec

It's a great honor to meet Sile. He's very determined guy, with hard working and tenacity. He's in great shape and got unbelieveable strength, which is obvious...He's also very friendly and caring. I hope your knee get better and recover soon! Wish all the best.



luckyalec is recommended by FighterGuyy

We had a fun and enjoyable play wrestling session with Alec. He was friendly, safe and sane. Very easy to set up the match too. I appreciate you taking time off your vacation to meet me!



FighterGuyy is recommended by manunderstorm

I was lucky To meet sile during my stay in budapest
Despite an injury, he accepted to wrestle in a light way.
We decided to be very careful and respectful.
Thé fight was finally engaged and powerful
We had a lot of fun
Sile is a wonderful wrestler and i hope To meet him again when he ll be totally recovered !
Out of thé mat a very friendly person with a good sense of humour:)
See u soon my friend !



manunderstorm is recommended by FighterGuyy

It was with some apprehension that I decided to meet, this being my first match since my knee surgery and far before any sort of recovery. However, you have so many past opponents and glowing recommendations that reassured me that you would be a 100% safe!

I wasn't disappointed. You were a real gentleman, taking very good care not to hurt my knee and to take it easy while maintaining a friendly competition. I had a very good time. Thank you very much my friend! I hope to meet again once I'm fully recovered.



FighterGuyy is recommended by wrestlerplace

FighterGuyy is an amazing and nice guy!!. I thank you to wrestle me in spite of your injury. i enjoyed much our fight. His space to wrestle is very original. I have never been wrestled in basement

He is a fun and advanced wrestler. I hope to wrestle him many times in the future!!.

PD: Im a bad jobber because I have born to become in the best heel :))



wrestlerplace is recommended by FighterGuyy

Wrestlerplace is a big strong guy with a hefty punch. I enjoyed our match and would meet again. But he is a very bad jobber! :P



FighterGuyy is recommended by polyethylene33

Thanks for the meeting!
Due to a serious injury on his side we had some fun rolls but hope to meet him at his best next time, the guy is very strong and has some skills!
Of course Highly recommend



polyethylene33 is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for meeting me in Budapest during your holiday. I really appreciate it and I hope to meet you again when I have recovered from a previous injury and can give you a good and proper competitive match!

Enjoy your stay :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by Ruggdguy

This guy is incredibly powerful and strong. I was bigger than him but he has way more technical skill. Watch out for his arm bars and chokes.when those massive biceps get around your neck you don't stand a chance. We traded a few push ups with each other on our backs part way through the match to pump up our muscles. He is very friendly off the mats as well and knows a lot about Budapest. Definitely recommend him.



Ruggdguy is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for meeting me even when you were short on time and recovering from a knee injury. I was really impressed by your strength and physique! You lifted me like I was a feather, now that was a surprising and cool new experience for me ;)



FighterGuyy is recommended by cyclone74

What can I say about this guy!! Wow, he is a great wrestler with an even greater personality. Very strong on the mats and just hope his knee gets better fast. You be mad to knock back a wrestle with him. Was a true honour to have meet him and an even grater honour to have rolled with him. Have a safe trip home



cyclone74 is recommended by FighterGuyy

Beware cyclone's scissor hold. You get trapped in them at your own peril! :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by Flax

Very skilled, fit and extremely nice. I would wrestle him again anytime.



Flax is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you so much for meeting me on short notice and despite my injury. I enjoyed our playful give-and-take match a lot. I hope to see you again, perhaps next time in Europe!



FighterGuyy is recommended by Jobberpunisher

He is an awesome guy and awesome wrestler. He can certainly take some abuse and I am so glad he is as hot as his pics show and then some. Even though he had an injured knee he still demonstrated his impressive strength and resilience and I look forward to meeting him again and learning from this wrestling stud



Jobberpunisher is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for meeting me. We had a very cool jobber-heel match. You have strong legs and a talent for heeling, my friend. I hope to see you again, perhaps next time in Europe!



FighterGuyy is recommended by ausmusc

FighterGuyy is a great guy and a great wrestler. He went out of his way to make the match which was much appreciated. Hoping the knee rehab goes well and would look forward to a rematch with him.



ausmusc is recommended by FighterGuyy

Ausmusc is a great guy. It was super easy and straightforward to set up our match, he was a very courteous host. I had an injured knee at the time and I could not really wrestle well because Ineeded to be careful with it, but he was very accommodating and made me feel safe. Highly recommended!

Let's meet again when I'm better! ;)



FighterGuyy is recommended by Adler

Gutpunching or wrestling, I know he would never disappoint you. His endurance is impressive, it's not easy to break through those abs. He is handsome, his physique is awesome along with his great humourous personality. I think that's enough reasons for the next opponent to meet him if you have a chance! (Dont be shy he doesnt bite haha)



Adler is recommended by FighterGuyy

Adler is a.gracious host and a very talented puncher. I rarely do pure gutpunching meets anymore but I'm glad I did now because it was a blast. Adler had many great ideas and we tried many of them. Also he is a smart young man, well worth getting to know!



FighterGuyy is recommended by galmuscle

A great guy and very strong muscles a great wrestler was a lot of fun to wrestle with hope to meet him again



galmuscle is recommended by FighterGuyy

If you like a guy who has three magazine cover look and enjoys being worked over, galmuscle is your guy. Our match was less competitive than my usual but it was fun nonetheless.

Thanks know you for the friendly match!



FighterGuyy is recommended by LukasHuber

Ein brutal starker muskulöser Kämpfer, der auch technisch mit allen Wassern gewaschen ist. 15 zu 4 für ihn - ich war ihm deutlich unterlegen - und gleichzeitig eine super Motivation für mich, hart zu trainieren und besser zu werden. Jederzeit gern wieder! Ein recht schöner Dank auch earth524, dem netten Gastgeber!



LukasHuber is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you so much for coming to Munich to fight with me. You have very powerful arms and incredibly fit. I hope I will have your stamina ten years later!
Looking forward to another friendly match.



Yes2014 is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you so much for meeting me in your holiday in Budapest. You were very humble, telling me that you are a beginner and have very little experience. I almost fell for your ruse. :) Instead of a beginner I had the pleasure of wrestling a well trained guy with good guard game and balance, who kept me on my toes and caught me in holds where I had to use superior strength to bulldoze myself free (yeah, I'm a few kilos heavier). I enjoyed our match a lot. Thank you!

I hope to meet again!



FighterGuyy is recommended by Leglocklover

I have followed FighterGuyy's profile with interest for a while, so when I decided to take a holiday in Budapest, I knew that I wanted to fight him. He turned up on time and took me to his mat room which is a fantastic set up. I had no doubt that I was going to lose as I have seen his skill in his many videos. He is an incredible fighter, strong and in shape, with skills that completely outclassed mine. Off the mats FighterGuyy is friendly and easy to get on with and after our match we went out for a nice lunch and enjoyed each others company. I do hope that FighterGuyy will come to the UK soon so that we can meet again.



Leglocklover is recommended by FighterGuyy

Met Leglocklover in Budapest for a combination of submission wrestling and then trying on some pro holds. Both were very enjoyable! You were strong, some great pro moves and of course a very good leg lock ;)



FighterGuyy is recommended by sparkytbg

Fighterguyy is a strong and skilled submission grappler. I had a fun roll with him, where he got most of the submissions. He is good with offense and defense, so you will need to be on for the whole match. I look forward to our next meeting.



sparkytbg is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you so much for meeting me and giving me such an intense and fun workout. You have good fight instincts and great strength and resistance! You made me sweat and work for every position and hold, and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. I wish you the best matches and rematch you any time :)

Oh and than you for not mentioning the thing that we agreed not to mention here.



FighterGuyy is recommended by matt nbg

He really does not need any further recommendation. One of the best wrestlers I have met over the years. I could only enjoy being made to submit every few seconds ;-))
Great host , unbelievably patient and very friendly. Missing him while in Budapest would be a sin.



matt nbg is recommended by FighterGuyy

Matt, thank you for meeting me in Budapest. We had an enjoyable 4-way submission match. Let's do it again sometime!



gioroma80 is recommended by FighterGuyy

We had a very enjoyable 5-way match with gioroma80, paulwhite, wadzoli, livingforfight and me. I wish I was in better health at the time so we could have done a lot more of it! I hope there will be a next time.

Also thank you for being a very courteous guest!



FighterGuyy is recommended by paulwhite

Everything has already been said. :) Great wrestler, great guy, great friend. Should you have the chance to meet FighterGuyy in Budapest or invite him for a meeting, do not hesitate and do so! ;) Thank you, man!



paulwhite is recommended by FighterGuyy

We had a very enjoyable 5-way match with paulwhite, gioroma, wadzoli, livingforfight and me. I really enjoyed our match and only wish we could do more of it next time!

Also thank you for being a very courteous guest!



FighterGuyy is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey

He is definitely a fighter. He had just come from the flu, but still he tried to wrestle with me. Now that is what I call spirit! Or just a very good host. :)



Wrestleboyjoey is recommended by FighterGuyy

Due to circumstances our match was short, but fun.
Joey has a good defense, safe wrestler, courteous guy recommended for everyone!



FighterGuyy is recommended by Wrestler Boy

Thank You Mr. FighterGuyy!
Like all these people who met you know you are one of friendliest and the best fighter in this website. You was able to organize wrestling match only during one hour... It was so huge! Whole Budapest visit feels to be nice because of meeting you :)
Please let me know if you ever visit in Finland.



Wrestler Boy is recommended by FighterGuyy

I had a rather unexpected match with "Wrestler Boy". Apparently he was visiting Budapest, but was too afraid or shy to challenge little old me. In the end whoever he was supposed to wrestle did not show, so he worked up some courage and decided to message me. (Wrestling with scary Mr FighterBoyy is better than no wrestling, right?) An hour later we were rolling.

It was a fun match too, he had some jitsu background from some time ago. Wrestler Boy is agile and picks up new moves and strategies quickly. Good times!



FighterGuyy is recommended by greendude2002

FighterGuyy is not only a great wrestler but also a fantastic guy. He did awesome moves which I rarely experience from others and he makes sure that the fight is safe and fun.

Outside the mat, he is so friendly and I can't thank him enough for touring me around Budapest. One day I will visit Budapest and I hope to meet him again. Thanks for everything.



greendude2002 is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for traveling to Budapest to meet me and wrestling me even though I was injured at the time and couldn't really accomplish everything we set out to do. Also appreciate that you took care not to make my existing injury any worse. You were a true gentleman!

I would be happy to meet and wrestle you again, hopefully when we are both at full capacity ;)



FighterGuyy is recommended by Alex333

I can only confirm other recommendations: FighterGuyy is strong and technically perfect, always smiling on the mat and thus challenging you all the time :-)
very reliable when it comes to the communication and a smart and nice guy off the mats.
highly recommended!



FighterGuyy is recommended by alexxwrestler

Fighterguyy has an amazing skills in wrestling!! I loved scissor him in all the ways possible and enjoyed it as well, I guess...! I really liked to meet him and I hope to wrestle him again! Next time in Lisbon, buddy! :)



alexxwrestler is recommended by FighterGuyy

Alex and I had a very enjoyable match.

I enjoyed your brand of aggression and need to dominate. You have very strong legs, my friend, and your scissors are simply devastating! Keep training, and enjoy your matches. It was great to meet you!



FighterGuyy is recommended by jerrykao

Sile is a good person and kind. He wrestled me even I am a novice. He is a experience wrestler and he knows many moves. Therefore, he knows how to wrestle in fun without injured. Highly recommand.



jerrykao is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for meeting me, even if I'm bigger and more experienced and it is not fair. I enjoyed our match, you have very strong legs, my friend. I with you the opportunity to use them on many guys. I hope to meet you again someday. :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by NJW77

He is a very skilled, strong wrestler, but very very nice guy. If you are visiting Europe, make a stop this city to meet up with Fighterboyy. Highly recommend!!



NJW77 is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for meeting me on your trip to Budapest. I had a very good time, you are a very nice guy and it was great to fight someone around my size. I was happy to show you some new moves too. I hope to meet you again!



FighterGuyy is recommended by redlandguy

Great to meet you at last, Sile. You are a quick skilled man on the mats and a smart, interesting guy after the match.

Thank you for the match and I hope we will meet again soon. And you did actually tap me twice :).

Good work and stay strong.



redlandguy is recommended by FighterGuyy

I had a great fun match with redlandguy. It is a rare experiance that someone is kicking my ass, all the while patiently explaining to me how to maybe get my ass kicked less. Thank you for this great experience! :)



felipe21rj is recommended by FighterGuyy

I really enjoyed the match with Mr "Never Gives (Unless Absolutely Has To)" Felipe. You were tough, very resistant, but no match for me. Not yet anyhow. In any case, I had a great time applying my arsenal of holds on you. :)

Keep wrestling, my friend, and maybe next time you'll come out victorious!



FighterGuyy is recommended by spwrestler95

He's a very skilled wrestler with a great body. He has an amazing strength, mostly in his legs, don't let them get too close!
Even though I'm a beginner, he taught me some holds and chokes.
I can only say I had the best time with him and it's a must if you are around Budapest!
I hope to see you soon again and have another match like that ;)!



spwrestler95 is recommended by FighterGuyy

I really enjoyed our friendly and fun match. I wish you lots of good matches. Learn, get stronger, and meet me again! :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by worstelfan

It was realy nice to meet you in Budapest and had a great time in our match! Yes it was fun and yes you are strong:-p realy hope to meet you another time and do the same match!
Thanks for your time:-)



worstelfan is recommended by FighterGuyy

Hello and thank you for taking your time on a gloomy December day to meet. We had a blast squeezing each other and exchanging pins and holds. It was a blast. I could tell you were having a good time because you were grinning the whole time ;)

Hope to meet again!



FighterGuyy is recommended by docmoose

It was my pleasure to meet you, FighterBoyy. I soon realized it is not just a nickname but the reality as it is. We really enjoyed our two hours match trading holds in a competitive and safe way. I valued a lot that we really knew which technique we were expecting from each other, so a big effort was needed to anticipate it and avoid finalisation.
I estimate FighterBoyy as one of my toughest and skilled opponents ever met. Really ready anytime again. Useless to write highly recommend. If you go to Budapest and you do not challenge him, you are really missing an opportunity. But be aware. If he asks you how flexible you are in your joints, will soon find out you are on your own :-)



docmoose is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for meeting me, Mr Judo Master! It was great to blow the dust off my gi (not to mention my rather rusty gi skills). Remember how we fought for the better part of two hours, without really noticing? That's how you know you were having a GREAT time!



FighterGuyy is recommended by Jefary

Finally found the time to write my recommendation to this incredible wrestler. We had such a great time wrestling, laughing our heads off while trying to pin each other, and he totally dominated in wrestling. So I decided to box the stuff of his cutie and it was great fun! Looking forward to seeing my lovely friend again!



Jefary is recommended by FighterGuyy

Hard to find a guy who has so much potential and is yet so humble. I remember our fun match fondle. Please forgive me for taking so long to write this recommendation to you!



FighterGuyy is recommended by Billboi

Fighterboyy is a really nice guy. A very athletic wrestler. Makes you feel very welcome and comfortable. He has a great mat room to wrestle in. I would definitely meet him again if I return to Budapest. I highly recommend you wrestle this guy!



Billboi is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for meeting me! We had a fun and friendly match, and hope to do it again someday! :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by Essex

Had a awesome time wrestling Sile whilst on vacation in Budapest.
Has a fantastic physique and was always one step ahead of what I was thinking!
This guy is very experienced and is one hell of a wrestler.
Wrestling this Hungarian heel was great fun and he certainly made the match fun with plenty of banter and laughs in the match.
Safe, sane and a lot of fun.
A lovely guy both on and off the mats.
I can say "I survived" 😊
Highly recommended and I would definitely meet again when Im next Budapest.
Diamond geeza!



Essex is recommended by FighterGuyy

Essex is a lot of fun! It's so great to meet someone who has the same number of past opponents and experience as me, and just as laid back and enjoys a good roll. Thank you for the match, hope to meet you again in half a year :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by mrwrestling

Great fighter with lot of experience.
Very hard to beat…
Had a great time. Strongly recommended.



mrwrestling is recommended by FighterGuyy

We have met once before at the dawn of times. At that time his sound defeat led to his escape from the country. :P Now he is back and we had another enjoyable match. Thanks for all the fun!



FighterGuyy is recommended by interot

I've had a good time with FighterBoyy. Me not having much experience with wrestling yet; we fought until I had little to no energy left in my muscles. I could sometimes even gain advantage over him, but I am not yet certain if those were genuine or he just wanted to let me have some upper hand. Either way, I recommend him wholeheartedly; I am looking forward to fighting him again myself.



FighterGuyy is recommended by WisconsinDave

Finally got a chance to meet and wrestle the famous fighterboyy. We had chatted even before the original meetfighters (then called allfighters) was created, but I wasn't sure I would ever make it to Hungary. Man, am I ever glad I did, and I am thankful for his willingness to wrestle us "older guys" who don't have all the strength, the moves or the endurance we once had. I had a fantastic time wrestling this strong, masculine fighter, and even though he more than put me in my place, it was totally enjoyable from beginning to end. I don't have to tell anyone who knows him what a fine person he is, both on and off the mats, always willing to be patient and give pointers, while never losing that competitive fire that drives him. We had a great conversation after the match as well, and it was an excellent beginning to my first trip to Europe. Highly recommended, and thanks again for a very fun time!



WisconsinDave is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for an enjoyable, sweaty match and lunch after. You are good person and great company!



FighterGuyy is recommended by wolf89

We have had a few wrestling sessions and I had no serious chance whatsoever. That shall change with time and practice though. ;)
He's really experienced and amazingly quick and strong, definitely recommendable for a match. Also a very polite and nice guy off the mats. Hope to wrestle him again in the future.



wolf89 is recommended by FighterGuyy

We had two matches, one more back and forth, and one more competitive and faster paced. Both were enjoyable and I thank you for both!

Let's do this again when you are back in Budapest! :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by RomaFighter

Finally after years I have had the opportunity to meet this man strong, trained, but also kind and friendly. It was a beautiful match, of course he has dropped to my level, and that I was appreciated. Thanks friend, I will always be a beautiful memory of us on the mat



RomaFighter is recommended by FighterGuyy

We had a fun and enjoyable back-and-forth style match.

Thanks for the meet, my friend!



FighterGuyy is recommended by maddwrestler

What would Meetfighters be without Fighterboyy?? It is always an honour to wrestle Peter ! You are a really great guy, amazing technique, strength and a really really nice guy. And probably besides the toughest match my most fun match - thanks for all the banter ;)
See you very soon!



maddwrestler is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for making me laugh, sweat and have a good time all in one match. Let's try to meet again sooner than our present 5-year cycle, OK?



FighterGuyy is recommended by sicwre88

Had a very nice wrestling meeting with FighterBoyy during my trip in Budapest. Although he was not in his best form he easily made me tap several times. Strong, technic and safe, if you have the chance to fight him you will not be disappointed at all. Hope to roll again on his matroom the first possible.



sicwre88 is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for the meet and for teaching me some new holds :) I'm always happy to learn. Let's do it again!



FighterGuyy is recommended by Wresjohn

If only my bike ride had been 50 km instead of the 80 km that it was that included 2 flat tires, then the total domination that you had of me would no doubt have been reversed.

FB is remarkable in that not only is he a very strong and highly skilled and competitive wrestler, but that he also is a warm and friendly and fun loving guy. My only regret was the limitation of my time with him. If you want a great wrestling experience when visiting Budapest, then contact him.



Wresjohn is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for meeting me after pedaling 50 kilometers from Esztergom. (Always good to come prepared with an excuse why you're not winning, isn't it?) You are very brave, my friend! I admire that you are in such good shape, with good upper body strength. Our submission match was fun, good action and banter. :)

Enjoy your wrestling!



FighterGuyy is recommended by builtnycguy

This awesome opponent has many of the best qualities: strength, athleticism, skill, sportsmanship, muscularity, and friendship. And he made it really easy to meet, which is much appreciated. It was a fun meeting indeed. A five-star guy for sure.



builtnycguy is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you very much for meeting me. You were a perfect gentleman, good fun to wrestle. I appreciate that you kept our size difference in mind and made sure that I was safe. There are a lot of big guys out there who are not nearly as careful, so I know the difference!

It was great to share stories and our enjoyment of the struggle. I wish you lots of great matches on your trip!



FighterGuyy is recommended by santiago38

Definitely one of the best fighters met on this site. Challenge him because you will find a very friendly and nice person and an excellent fighter. What do you want more????



santiago38 is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for the match! I really enjoyed it. You are in excellent shape, strong and light, flexible and quick. Don't worry too much about technique, you have all the basics right and just need more experience.

I wish you lots of good fights! :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by Alexander the Great

Let me start by saying that, off the mats, FighterBoyy is a true gentleman and a genuinely nice guy who is a credit to his country. His basement mat room was larger than I expected and a really cool and pleasant place to wrestle, even though it was warm outside. It is a very nice environment with the best mats.

Regarding the fight itself, FighterBoyy is the real deal, he is a champion wrestler, who is both fast and strong. He has an incredibly powerful upper body, moves like lightning, and is a technical master. He gave me a real drubbing, but he also gave me a masterclass in the art and technique of wrestling. He approaches the matches with humour as well.

I would suggest any future opponents of FighterBoyy get ready for the fight of their lives. At the start I was optimistic about staying with him and have been able to do so with like wrestlers in the past, but FighterBoyy is a consummate fighter who should be competing on a national level. But even when it can get demoralising, with one submission following another (and I am the sort of guy who would rather die than tap out), he keeps the match going by offering hints, slowing down and injecting a bit of humour with some cheeky nips and punches!

I thoroughly recommend FighterBoyy both for his excellent mat room and his all-round prowess as an incredibly skilled, strong, fast and super-fit wrestler.



Alexander the Great is recommended by FighterGuyy

The other day when I was wrestling you, I thought I was doing well enough. I got some good subs, escaped your attempts at holds and cracked a few jokes at your expense when all that wasn't enough. Granted, you were resistant and generally seemed to prefer your limbs broken to tapping out, but still, I was under the illusion that I "had you".

Little did I know that all that was a clever ruse and your single most devastating attack was yet to come. And wow! Your revenge was the writing of a recommendation glowing so brightly that I could not live up to it even if I trained 10 hours for the last 10 years. You have guaranteed that anyone brave/reckless enough to meet me will be disappointed. Bravo, sir. Well played. (You may gloat now.)

They say "pen is stronger than the sword", but anyone who's ever held both would wonder if "they" have been intentionally spreading falsehoods. Now I see the point.



FighterGuyy is recommended by wadzoli

Have you ever been in Budapest? If yes, you have fought with him or you should. I'm lucky I live in Budapest.



wadzoli is recommended by FighterGuyy

Want to wrestle a guy who is strong enough to grind your bones into fine paste, but also nice enough not to? Try wadzoli, he'll take good care of you! :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by gigromeo

A lot of nice words has been said about Fighterboyy and a lot of will be, I can only confirm it. He has very fit body, good skills, friendly atitude, I am totally satisfied to spend with him one and half hour on his matroom (amazing place - like a underground gym) rolling, chatting, exchanging experiences and training new holds. Next time in Budapest I will definitelly meet him again.



gigromeo is recommended by FighterGuyy

Finally, after long anticipation, we have met! Thank you so much for taking the time to meet me on your holiday. I really appreciate it. You are an amazing wrestler, very technical , quick on your feet and clever. Let's meet again for a longer session next time! I believe there are many more holds that you can show me :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by grappleruk

Met and fought fighterboyy on his mats in Budapest and I am very glad I did! He is very skilled and was a real pleasure to roll with and chat to. Despite a slight weight advantage he more than held his own.

It was a lot of fun and we squeezed in a rematch just before I returned home. I hope it won't be the last time!



grappleruk is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for the match, it was a ton of fun. You are muscular, strong with good technique, good attitude and just the right amount of rough. Challenging and fun, which is a rare but great combination.

Also, you've got to post new photos, because the ones in your profile simply don't do you justice ;)



FighterGuyy is recommended by subfight

I guess Sile doesn't need to be recommended more...but I will just echo the rest. Very cool guy and well experienced. Very skilled and the same time relaxed. Thx for showing me the famous mats :) And hopefully wrestle again.



subfight is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for the match and taking your time to meet me on your trip to Budapest. I really enjoyed it and hope to fight you again sometime! You are a fun wrestler!



FighterGuyy is recommended by livingforfight

I had a great, friendly match with you. You are a highly skilled, strong, careful, reliable wrestler. On the other hand, you are a nice, talkative person.
See you soon!



livingforfight is recommended by FighterGuyy

Nice guy, muscular and strong for his size.

You are very brave, my friend. Never stop wrestling! :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by mlutteur

FighterBoyy is the real thing, a strong wrestler with great submission skills. In addition to being a nice guy and good host, he is also willing to share what he knows. Highly recommended for anyone interested in competitive wrestling.
Looking forward to our next match!



mlutteur is recommended by FighterGuyy

Don't let the Full Metal Jacketesque "drill sergeant Nasty" look of his photos deceive you! :) mlutteur is a very nice guy and I had a fun and friendly match with him. Mlutteur is big and remarkably strong but I never had the feeling that he was using his weight to gain an unfair advantage. Very safe and careful not to cause injury. Recommended for beginners and advanced players alike.



FighterGuyy is recommended by Lederringer

Sile is a great guy...a great and strong wrestler and a great person off the matt. He has also a very good place to wrestel!

His body looks very nice and sportive. He is skilled and know
what he is doing in a fight! This makes wrestling him very enjoyabl and demanding. Not to say that he is a great host.
I had a wonderful and great time with him.Our match was my highlight during this trip! Hope to wrestel him again on another Budapest journey!



Lederringer is recommended by FighterGuyy

We had a very enjoyable and fun match. I got a sampling of the best of German standup (or lay down) comedy and banter. :)
Hope to see you again in Budapest, or maybe Frankfurt!



FighterGuyy is recommended by wrestler90

He is a very good wrestler :) Like wrestling with he !!! I wait the next match :) Thx Sile :)

January 2015: Fighterboyy and Me meets again for today ! We have a very good match, and I hope we can meets again, in the near futuare ;) ! He is very muscular, technical and strong, more than last meets :) ! Thanks the match, and I really hope, we can do that again in near futuare ;) (Sorry, but my english isn't the best :), but who like to know what happened, understand that ;) )



wrestler90 is recommended by FighterGuyy

May 2011: He's an athletic and strong guy, watch out for his headlock of death!
Thanks for the match!

January 2015: Finally, after years, we meet again! They say good things are worth waiting for, but I do wish we will met sooner than 2019 ;) The match was as much fun as ever. It was great to see how much you learned and that you are fitter than ever! Thank you for coming to Budapest and hope we can do this again, soon.



FighterGuyy is recommended by enthusiast

Excellent wrestler, great opponent! Had a really good workout with him, and got some excellent pointers. He's very skilled. Would happily wrestle him more often, but Budapest is not a place I get to that often. Highly recommend him.



enthusiast is recommended by FighterGuyy

I had an excellent match with enthusiast. The name really fits as he is a clever, strong and technical submission wrestler.

How did you put it, "even more fun than I thought it would be"? :) I hope we'll meet again, some day!



FighterGuyy is recommended by matthias

What the others say is true. :)

Very impressive guy. Thank you for taking the time and rolling with me!



matthias is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for being such a courteous guest! You have good skills and strength.

Recommended for everyone looking for an enjoyable submission match.



FighterGuyy is recommended by andreawrestling

I had the honor to wrestle with FughterBoyy in Budapest during a short trip.
He is a very fit and strong guy, with experience and passion for all kind of fights.
For me it was not easy to fight, but he was always correct and careful. I hope to be able to fight with him again on a future occasion.



andreawrestling is recommended by FighterGuyy

Thank you for the enjoyable match! I hope you had a good time in Budapest. I hope to meet you again, perhaps next time in Italy! :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by evenmatch

Peter is the perfect, built, sparring buddy. His skills are at a very high level. He is quick to take advantage of any mistake. Because he is so skilled, he is the perfect partner for any level wrestler. An outstanding, fun, time.



evenmatch is recommended by FighterGuyy

I wish I'll be in as good a shape as this guy when I'm in my 50s! Seriously. We had a fun match, too. :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by ericffly

Very good fighter, very strong and very good technically
He knows how to put a level of someone less strong and gives a lot of advices
Very nice person, very welcoming
Definitly recommanded and hope to meet and fight again with him in the future



ericffly is recommended by FighterGuyy

We had an enjoyable threeway match in Budapest. I hope to meet again someday! :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Very strong and very good technical guy. I had a lot of fun grappling with him.
Definitely highly recommended.
looking forward meeting him again.
Off the mats a very nice gentleman.



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by FighterGuyy

Strong fighter and very courteous host.

I hope we will meet again soon and have a longer match with more submissions :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by GPBLN

I first met FighterBoyy when we were both still in our teens. He's a great fighter and can stomach any kind of beating you dish out to his impeccable sixpack.



GPBLN is recommended by FighterGuyy

Historians of a future age might record GPBLN as the first guy I ever did gutpunching with. It's been so long ago, and yet I still remember how sore I was for a few days :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by Lugi

FighterBoyy is definitely a great guy to wrestle with, certainly skilled and strong as well as nice and welcoming. Awesome fight. Extremely recommended ! Looking forward to a next match.



Lugi is recommended by FighterGuyy

Lugi is a good guy who makes up for his smaller size with skill and strength. I had a refreshingly competitive match with him and hope to repeat the experience again!



FighterGuyy is recommended by WrestlingSWE

Well this guy hardly needs more recommendations, nevertheless I had a blast with him. He is a really good fighter, much better than me. Although, he was kind enough to let me score some submissions and ground'n'pouding :) nice and friendly, intelligent and patient. Only downside with his matroom is that it doesn't have a shower, but I could manage. Definetly wanna wrestle this guy again



WrestlingSWE is recommended by FighterGuyy

I had a good fun match and an edifying chat after with WrestlingSWE.

Highly recommended for nhb-ish matches for his unusual style! Thank you for showing me this new interest!



FighterGuyy is recommended by EduardoGutpunch

Literally can not praise this guy enough. What a fighter, and what a lad off the mats. He has moves I've never seen, so watch out. He's a good teacher as well, showing me a couple of new things.
Can't wait to fight him again!



EduardoGutpunch is recommended by FighterGuyy

Eduardo is a great guy. His photos do not do him justice, not by a long shot. He is muscular without being bulky, has great build for fighting. He has strength, endurance and stamina that puts him well above the average.

Man, your crushing headlock is amazing. I best steer clear of that next time! I also enjoyed the fact that you kept fighting even in seemingly hopeless situations, always keeping me on my toes. The body punching action was great.

I enjoyed our match a lot and hope to meet again!



FighterGuyy is recommended by newzealander

forgot my recommendation for "fightboyy" , having read what guys think of me
but you ALL know this talented fighter, gave up his valuable time to wrestle me, thnaks, 100 times over, youre an excellent man!!!!



FighterGuyy is recommended by wrestlron

Reading all the recommendations in Fighterboyy profile before I met him, it was sure that I'll meet one of the best and most skillful wrestlers in the business. However, reality exceeded all expectations. The guy is a powerhouse of wrestling. He is knowledgeable, strong, quick, very talented and tough. His technique is great and so his sportsmanship. He is MUCH better wrestler than me.

More important, he was very friendly kind hearted and welcoming. The guy is incredibly intelligent, funny, and warm, but so modest he'd never allow you to say it.

His open-minded and impressive personality coupled with his pleasant warm manner, and excellent wrestling skills, made the meeting with him an unforgettable one. I owe the experience of a great trip to Budapest to this fellow. Thank you Fighterboyy, although I was defeated, it has been a privilege to be an opponent of yours.



FighterGuyy is recommended by dragonuk

Met my old friend FighterBoy yet again this August.We have met several times over the years and one thing remains constant FighterBoyy is a true warrior, genuine, humble, respectful, and he loves to fight. I have witnessed his fighter skills move from a novice white belt (easy pickings) to a blue belt kick ass ninja. We had a few good bouts in his underground mat room, and also sampled the delights of Budapest. He is good company on and off the mats.Looking forward to the next time. I can only recommend if you are in Budapest - check him out, you will not regret it.



dragonuk is recommended by FighterGuyy

Dragon is a friendly chap, I had the pleasure of meeting him both in Bristol and in Budapest. He's been going on and on about his awesome training of deadly martial arts for about a year now, so I hope to meet him to kick his ass again. :)

Also, he can make a rather lovely tea, with a little milk.



FighterGuyy is recommended by tapout

Thanks to FighterBoyy I had another amazing weekend in Budapest. There is no words to describe it - on and off the mat just my wavelength!

Recommendation posted on 13/6/2011:
Well organised and reliable guy who gives you a friendly welcome and makes you feel like an old friend of him. Dynamic, educated, into interesting conversations and with a plan and a vision. Good sense of humor that persists even if he is caught in a hold. Extremely well trained (biceps, abdominals etc.), quick with his reactions/actions, powerful and at the same time smooth as skilled in Jiu Jitsu/Submission Wrestling. It was excellent to meet and to go on the mat - would have loved to stay even longer on it! Hope to keep in touch and to catch up soon again for a good time!

And one more reason to arrange a match: Sile has an excellent wrestling place with professional mats!!!



tapout is recommended by FighterGuyy

I was happy to have limafighter in Budapest again for a weekend. The same enjoyable company and friendly personality with improved ju-jitsu skill. Off the mat, he is an educated person, good conversationalist, helpful and modest.

Recommendation posted on 2010-08-15: Loved our match, hope to wrestle you again!



FighterGuyy is recommended by fghtr

i met him in vienna and i have to say that it was a good match despite the weight and height difference. most of all he is a very nice person. THANKS.



fghtr is recommended by FighterGuyy

Big, strong, skilled and safe. We had an enjoyable match despite our size difference, so don't be afraid to meet him.



FighterGuyy is recommended by fracle2

Strong and technical, I really enjoyed our match...even if it was at 8 am ;)



fracle2 is recommended by FighterGuyy

Strong beginner with a instinctive sense of balance and good sportsmanship. I really enjoyed our match, it was a good workout!



FighterGuyy is recommended by Mirceal

as nice as good at wrestling ! Nagyon Kôzsonôm for the session :o)



Mirceal is recommended by FighterGuyy

Fun guy with a friendly personality. Thank you for the match!



twrestle is recommended by FighterGuyy

Very good grappler with a remarkably strong body, good technique and impeccable manner. Wish we'll meet again soon!



FighterGuyy is recommended by Mark uk

Sile and I have been chatting for ages but when he said he was coming over I couldn@t miss the opportunity to hook up. Well, I was not disappointed and loved every minute ofour match. Great wrestler and a lovely guy. Looking forward to the rematch very soon. Thanks Sile. Mark



Mark uk is recommended by FighterGuyy

We had a fun match! Mark is big and strong, but completely safe. Shows years of experience and great enthusiasm.



FighterGuyy is recommended by MCRLON30UK

We had a good wrestle + scrap. Then another wrestle at Grapple 101. Bring it.



MCRLON30UK is recommended by FighterGuyy

Guy is a lot stronger than he looks. Beware his standing guillotine! Also, he is a lot more personable in real life, don't let his gruff online demeanor put you off too much. :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by musclewrestlervienna

Sile is a very strong and quick wrestler, and a tough guy in taking and giving. At the same time very friendly and easy going. strong recommendation for everyone going to Budapest or Vienna!!



musclewrestlervienna is recommended by FighterGuyy

Tough guy, well adjusted and very friendly off the mats. He's in remarkably good shape! Recommended to all Vienna visitors.

See you in Budapest next time!



FighterGuyy is recommended by wrestler2000

I had the opportunity to have a match with Sile.
He is a very well trained wrestler with quick reactions and a strong body.
But he also always plays very safe and considerate and is a friendly guy.



wrestler2000 is recommended by FighterGuyy

Recommended, fun submission wrestler, a good match. I hope I'll be in as decent shape as he is when I'm his age!

Thanks for the match!



FighterGuyy is recommended by fightsoldier

Everybody wrote a recommendation to you....guess you don't need another one. But i do wanna write something about our meeting and about our match as a lesson for everyone else. Ive been receiving few emails asking how was our match with Sile and they all asked me who won...the answer is very clear WE ARE BOTH WINNERS Who cares who win or lose, how many times he got me and how may times i got him...we are both winners because we shared a great fun, with respect and honor of each other, yeah he punched me badly and i did the same, we had an accident but then we were laughing again, we had great competitive rounds where we were fight serious, he won some i won some, serious rounds with wrestling and punching, but then again we were just smiling and hugging congratulate each other...there were no losers last week end , just two normal guy having a wrestling match, we both come out winner because we both respected each other and we had nothing to prove but have a good time. This is a lesson for all assholes ( excuse me ) who never fought in their life and they pretend to be or trying to be someone else, trying to prove and hide their insecurity behind their muscles...grow up..and is a not a wrestling match but a great chance to establish a new friendship like i did with Sile. Thank you !



fightsoldier is recommended by FighterGuyy

Don't let the bad boy image fool you, he's a good guy and excellent to wrestle. Strong too, but never brutal. Highly recommended to everyone looking for good, clean, fun competition.

Thanks for dinner.. CG :P



FighterGuyy is recommended by UKSubsFighter

What a great guy! Skilled and technical on the mats. Funny and a genuine nice guy off them. Heartily recommended and would fight again anytime. Always welcome here m8!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by FighterGuyy

I met him, he's a genuine, reliable, truthful guy, and I enjoyed my match with him a lot. You can see a part of our match on youtube.



FighterGuyy is recommended by Raj

Great repect, v experienced wrestler



Raj is recommended by FighterGuyy

Genuine submission wrestler, just needs more practice! :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by DaveLon

lovely guy, great fighter too!



FighterGuyy is recommended by fitman

great wrestler and great fun - we had a fantastic match well over 2 hours - lots of submission mainly from him lol - but neverthe less the story is not over....
I hope this site is a great success - he is a great guy



fitman is recommended by FighterGuyy

Although we have only met once, I consider fitman a friend.
Our match was good, lasted well over two hours.
He was rather very good natured and took his crushing defeat rather well :P

One piece of advice: don't let him anywhere near your back.
You won't survive it. :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by StrikeFighter

A strong fighter and a genuine guy. My abs were bruised for a week after our meet.



StrikeFighter is recommended by FighterGuyy

Genuine guy, polite houseguest and good puncher. I'm looking forward to meeting him again.

His one drawback is that he is easily bruised :P


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Let's see how much weight I can hold with my abs!

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FighterGuyy 1/22/2018

My friend ikf punches and kicks me around a bit

Watched 675 times.
[5] (48 votes)
FighterGuyy 12/17/2017

FRENCHGLADIATOR1 Visits Budapest, Punches FighterGuyy

Watched 874 times.
[5] (43 votes)
FighterGuyy 11/30/2017

Taking some hanging punches from PowerGuy

Watched 992 times.
[5] (75 votes)
FighterGuyy 1/10/2017

My friend ikf and me have some punching fun

Watched 1501 times.
[4_5] (28 votes)
FighterGuyy 9/19/2016

Attempting to do 15 consecutive wide pullups

Watched 770 times.
[5] (20 votes)
FighterGuyy 9/05/2016

Doing some dive rolls for fun.

Watched 421 times.
[5] (17 votes)
FighterGuyy 8/29/2016

I'm attempting 20 hanging leg raises here

Watched 404 times.
[5] (13 votes)
FighterGuyy 8/23/2016

Can I do fifty dips? Let's see!

Watched 376 times.
[4_5] (8 votes)
FighterGuyy 8/16/2016

Can I do 100 pushups without dropping the knees?

Watched 232 times.
[4_5] (15 votes)
FighterGuyy 8/08/2016

Can I do thirty ring push-ups? Let's find out!

Watched 214 times.
[4] (18 votes)
FighterGuyy 8/01/2016

Ever tried sitting without a chair? It's hard!

Watched 359 times.
[5] (24 votes)
FighterGuyy 7/25/2016

Can I do 20 handstand pushups? Watch and find out!

Watched 358 times.
[5] (12 votes)
FighterGuyy 7/18/2016

Can I do fifty burpees? Watch and find out!

Watched 359 times.
[5] (27 votes)
FighterGuyy 7/11/2016

Doing 100 squats as my first weekly challenge

Watched 562 times.
[4_5] (33 votes)
FighterGuyy 7/05/2016

Doing weighted squats at the end of a workout session

Watched 560 times.
[4] (50 votes)
FighterGuyy 3/05/2016

Livingforfight and Mike take on FighterGuyy

Watched 3244 times.
[5] (14 votes)
FighterGuyy 3/01/2016

Doing a series of pullups

Watched 302 times.
[5] (53 votes)
FighterGuyy 2/11/2016

I'm taking some punches and kicks from my friend ikf

Watched 1540 times.
[4_5] (32 votes)
FighterGuyy 8/02/2015

Rematch after 3 years

Watched 2028 times.
[4_5] (21 votes)
FighterGuyy 4/30/2015

Doing some curls

Watched 450 times.
[4_5] (21 votes)
FighterGuyy 4/24/2015

Doing a quick series of pullups

Watched 377 times.
[4_5] (41 votes)
FighterGuyy 11/22/2014

12 minutes of non-stop punching in four acts

Watched 2108 times.
[4] (46 votes)
FighterGuyy 6/29/2014

Trading a few punches and kicks with a kung-fu guy

Watched 2069 times.
[4_5] (29 votes)
FighterGuyy 6/23/2014

Trading some punches with Silverwolf

Watched 850 times.
[4_5] (86 votes)
FighterGuyy 11/11/2013

Excerpts from our match on November 9th 2013

Watched 2913 times.
[4] (37 votes)
FighterGuyy 6/21/2013

My friend ikf is throwing some punches and kicks my way

Watched 611 times.
[3] (31 votes)
FighterGuyy 3/14/2013

Sharing the pain! :)

Watched 1091 times.
[4] (30 votes)
FighterGuyy 2/24/2013

Warmup round of a submission match

Watched 1288 times.
[5] (55 votes)
FighterGuyy 2/22/2013

A short round of submission fighting

Watched 2032 times.
[4] (63 votes)
FighterGuyy 2/19/2013

Warmup round of a match in 2010

Watched 3771 times.