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Older man here into safe pro-style wrestling and work outs, more of a jobber for those who enjoy being a heal. All safe and sane. Into bear hug challenges and open to all sizes, ages and race. Can travel to Jacksonville, West Palm and Tampa areas. Can host. Dont let my age fool you. :)



  1. USA - Florida, Gainesville
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Age: 71-year-old Male

Stats: 5'4" (163 cm), 190 lbs (86 kg)

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SactoWrestler Txtussle WildcatLes



MSBlkMuscle is recommended by FLbearhugger

MSBLKMUSCLE has attended the Merritt Island Rumble several times and in those years, for his size, strength and ability, he is a gentle giant and I would really hate to see him riled He is an amazing humble man I call friend. Do not let his size scare you, he tones his holds and strength down to meet the challenger. If you get the opportunity to wrestle with him, It will be a match you will not forget. Love you my friend! See you soon.



FLbearhugger is recommended by Txtussle

Such a fun Rassler. And just as nice a man . Enjoyed hosting him. I so enjoy a guy like him with tough upper body strength!



Txtussle is recommended by FLbearhugger

I was hosted by Txtussle and had a blast. We wrestled on his ranch outside of Austin. He is skilled, strong and what a thrill to wrestle in the open land of his ranch. Gave me a great work out, strong great endurance and hell of a nice guy. He didnt't finish last. :) If I ever get that way again will seen a rematch! Nice arms and beautiful hairy chest. Excellent piano player too, a very multi-talented man.