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Easy going here... just a novice... have wrestled about a dozen times or so... Life takes its turns (work, health etc)... getting back on track... "chemistry" IS most important & so is having a fun time... matches I prefer: "top" control/pins/ until one finally submits(not pro) erotic usually included if we decide to wrestle... At an age where I wrestle for fun... competitive to a point but not "hell bent" on winning to point of injury, u shouldn't be either! establish a safe word... go for the win/pins but it's more about the game and where it leads... I look for EVEN matches (age, stats, experience etc) ... love working up a good clean sweat... Win or lose it's about BOTH having a good time and getting what they came for... leave with a handshake, respect and friendship... erotic/stakes with "chemistry"... If you want face pic, just ask! Questions? Just ask.
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  1. USA - Florida, Fort Lauderdale
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 66-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 158 lbs (72 kg)

Gear: singlest, boxers, shorts,j-strap, no gear in some cases... agreeable to most gear

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FLGripper is recommended by ManhattanMaulers

Enjoyed meeting the strong and personable FL Gripper. He knows how to pin an opponent with strength and determination. I highly recommend meeting and wrestling this great man.



ManhattanMaulers is recommended by FLGripper

Had a great match with Manhattan Mauler tonight in the Big Apple!
He is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. We both share the same
interests so it was an interesting match up.
I had a 17lb weight advantage so it made it a difficult struggle for this
determined wrestler. Fortunately I was able to thwart his attacks and
pull out a victory. I must say, however, there were times when I was
getting into trouble and his relentlessness attacks proved to be a major
arousal challenge... We agreed there will be a rematch in the future. I will
need to be cautious again or risk defeat. He has great staying power!
If you are in the NYC area DO NOT miss the opportunity to meet and wrestle this great guy. Did I mention his grapevine is a dangerous weapon! Beware! :)
Thanks Mauler for a great event i your arena!!!



FLGripper is recommended by Leanmuscle

I finally got to meet and step on the mats with Gripper Bill. Things were delayed due to recovery of minor injuries, but I want to say it was worth the wait. Bill is a great guy on and off the mats and he is surprisingly strong with very good technique. The pace was long and even and we both had an enjoyable struggle. He is real and follows through on commitments. I highly recommend him as a great guy to wrestle. Am looking forward to a rematch.



Leanmuscle is recommended by FLGripper

Had the pleasure of meeting and wrestling Leanmuscle... He is a formidable opponent, to say the least... First off, he is an excellent gentleman & host... gets to know you and make sure you are comfortable before the battle begins.. .When wrestling (don't let ages fool you) he is strong and powerful, and answers to the call when challenged on the mats. We went back and forth in a nicely paced match until we were both spent! I consider the outcome pretty much a draw but I better make sure I hit the gym before I challenge this athlete again! If you ever get the chance, don't miss the opportunity to wrestle this great guy!
To my opponent: Thanks for the match tuff guy, great time!
Gripper Bill



FLGripper is recommended by FlDean2012

Gripper is a fun wrestler to wrestle back then and looking forward to wrestling him now that I am in Florida, Fort Lauderdale, and love to water wrestle him. He is a great guy and I have known him for a long time and can make a very nice opponent. Look him up and check him out. Dean



FlDean2012 is recommended by FLGripper

Dean's a great guy... met him years ago at one of his meets in Hicksville, NY.... Very welcoming guy... As a wrestler he knows his stuff and will attack every possible opening you leave him... He will also work on any level for his opponents to assure a good time... If you are inexperienced he will also teach you moves. I would highly recommend you wrestle this man if you get the opportunity! All around awesome person!



FLGripper is recommended by hairytxwrestler

Great match! Strong erotic wrestler.



hairytxwrestler is recommended by FLGripper

First match in a long time and picked a great opponent! Strong and respectful on the mats with an excellent erotic twist at the finish. Back and forth until it was obvious he had this one on me... Will rematch when I get back here.
You can't meet a friendlier guy off the mats. If you're in Las Vegas don't miss the opportunity to wrestle this guy! Best show in town :)



nassaumark is recommended by FLGripper

Wrestled Mark years ago. Friendly and reliable guy. Tough competitor! I would recommend him to anyone interested in having a fun match.



FLGripper is recommended by Gregorio2

A pleasant surprise, being greeted at his front door by The Gripper, who is accommodating, skilled, fun to grapple with, and a good sport in all senses of the phrase. I would not fail to reccommend him for a match.



Gregorio2 is recommended by FLGripper

Gregorio2 is an easy going guy who works with his opponent and will guarantee a good time. reliable and friendly as well years later!