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Basically a beginner level with some wrestling training and not much technique but curious to do some healthy, fun exploration with other fit guys overr 30 who are close in size. Very keen to improve and learn more techniques/holds from others. Have some previous Judo experience and some BJJ.



  1. Germany, Berlin
    (I'm here from 10/12/2018)
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Age: 45-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 190 lbs (86 kg)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Judo Judo

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TravisJP is recommended by Eu2

It was a blast meeting Travis while I was in Tokyo. He knows a lot about Japanese pro and we watched some and then wrestled at his place. He’s fast and strong but being the larger opponent I can’t deny having had a slight edge...regardless, he kept coming at me determined to submit me and never giving up. Great to hang out with after the match and very sympathetic and cool guy. Highly recommended!



Eu2 is recommended by Charlie

Eu2 was my first match using this site and it was fun to meet him. We had a good match even though he is much bigger than me. It was a good and fun experience!



Charlie is recommended by Eu2

I met this newcomer on a recent trip to Taipei. In spite of the obvious difference in weight, Charlie was aggressive and fearless in his attacks and with more training he will become a formidable opponent for anyone. He’s also a really nice guy off the mats, fun to chat with and great sense of humor. Highly recommended to anyone visiting Taipei!



Eu2 is recommended by Alan2005sg

Eu2 is strong & fast. He immediately locked my body up in the first minute. Despite my training in escaping, it still took me a while to escape from his lock.
His powerful biceps and triceps made me very exhausted by handling them.
The match was so excited because we had a lot of actions: attacks & counter attacks, back & fro.
Because of our existing injuries, we can't go too far, or else it'll be a very tough fight.
He is a very nice guy off the mat. Don't miss a good chance when Eu2 visits your city. I can guarantee that you'll have a good match with him.



Eu2 is recommended by frank70

Eu2 ha un fisico naturalmente possente, pettorali robusti, spalle larghe, gambe forti. Il suo allenamento crossfit lo rende un avversario tanto forte quanto dinamico e non ho potuto resistere a lungo. Per il resto è una persona veramente piacevole, cortese, simpatico e brillante. Mi spiace soltanto non aver avuto più tempo a disposizione per un'altro match e spero di poterlo incontrare altre volte, pur consapevole che continuerà a battermi. Davvero altamente raccomandato



frank70 is recommended by Eu2

After more than 1 year of talking, I finally had the pleasure to meet this great guy. The space we had to wrestle was limited but we nevertheless had a good and steady give and take match - always safe, always sane and respectful. Frank is strong fighter and doesn't relent when he gets you in a hold - he is also quite capable of prying himself out of holds, something I found very impressive. Don't miss the opportunity to meet him!



Eu2 is recommended by GrappleViking

June 2016
This handsome and inviting man was my introduction to the wrestling world! Eu2 looks (and is!) very solid, something I got to experience first hand. We had some back and forth action at the start of our match, but i was quickly overpowered. He is a skilled fighter, and strong, so I’m very happy with getting my 1 tap on him. I must add that even though Eu2 will take any chance he can get to make you tap, he was always very cautious, to avoid injuries and whatnot.
Eu2 is highly recommended! A gentleman all the way, and super easy to communicate with! If you ever get the chance, wrestle him!



GrappleViking is recommended by Eu2

I had an excellent match with GrappleViking. He is competitive and pretty fearless, but safe and careful to avoid injury. He is a very fun and easy person to be with and has a maturity beyond his years. I had a slight weight/strength advantage but in spite of this he still managed to get one very solid, secure submission tap out of me and now I know what it feels like to tap out to someone that's half your age...:-/ He's still very young but has natural instincts to develop. Highly recommended!



fatpack66 is recommended by Eu2

It was great to finally meet Fatpack during his travels after months of having contact with each other. He is a safe, sane fighter with lots of experience and a very reliable person. He has good physical strength and I had to work hard to get out of some of his leg holds. He's tough to submit and can take a lot. Off the mats he's friendly and relaxed, and it's probably safe to say he's not the chatty type - unless you give him lots of alcohol and start asking questions about Finnish popular music ;-).



Eu2 is recommended by fightingpartner

It can't be much better then this!

Already from the correspondence I knew I wanted to meet Eu2. Meeting him in person fulfilled my expectations and more, he is a great person to know.

I enjoyed wrestling Eu2 who is a strong wrestler, active training Crossfit. He moves smooth and knows how to defend himself. In his wrestling he is necessary aggressive, using his muscles, but is a safe wrestler not putting his opponent to risk.

He is smart, sincere, humble and got manners thats hard to find. He´s a great man, thrustworthy, someone you easy share your inner thoughts with. We had various fruitful conversations and sure would have had more if time permitted.

As a host he is impeccable. He makes you feel welcome and attends to all your needs and more.

Do visit Oslo and Eu2 if you want the ”total experience”, you will not regret it.



fightingpartner is recommended by Eu2

Fightingpartner is a friendly, serious-minded sportsman with a genuine passion for many different styles of grappling. He is probably older than most users on this site but he is serious in his training and has very good skills. He is respectful of others boundaries and very reliable. His ability and tenacity should definitely not be underestimated. Good luck trying to get him to tap - very strong-willed and can take whatever you throw at him!



Eu2 is recommended by wrestle me

It was great to fight Eu2! He has some experience in Judo and is fast. I had to do my best to defend his attacks! Beside the match Eu2 is a great host and a very intelligent and empathic man. I enjoyed a lot the conversation after the fight and I was happy to meet such a great guy like him. Hopefully we will meet on the mats again soon and also for a drink/dinner afterwards! If you get the chance to wrestle him, don't miss it!



wrestle me is recommended by Eu2

Wrestle me is both an excellent guy and a very good fighter with good stamina. We had a sporty, give-and-take match and he has very strong legs which he used to his advantage quite strategically on me on more than one occasion. He is also a very intelligent and fun guy to be around and I appreciated the time we had to chat both before and after our match to know each other a bit better. Would gladly wrestle him again - Highly recommended!



Eu2 is recommended by vince 29

This is a really good wrestler and and a very nice guy. Good communication in advance, and very polite and respectful wrestler. Know a lot about wrestling, the variety of holds he showed me was a very good lesson. Capable of handling a far better wrestler han me - this guy has some serious experience i believe :) Hope to meet him again one day!



vince 29 is recommended by Eu2

Vince Vega is a very affable, decent guy and I enjoyed wrestling with him. He was very good in communicating certain basic ground rules and details about himself and the match beforehand so when we finally did meet, the terms were very clear. It might have been due to the fact that we met rather late in the day, but he was probably not at his very best and the outcome with this skilled wrestler was often more in my favor. I´d wrestle him again in a heartbeat and hope he takes me up on the challenge for a second match some day.



Eu2 is recommended by Harrybro

Eu2 was a freindly and considerate host. He was well aware of my questions around this new sport , we a good chat and then we let loose on each other. He is strong and we had a great wrestle and work out. He was nice to me and i got the distinct feeling he could go many levels more than i could offer. Reccomended.



Harrybro is recommended by Eu2

Met up with Harrybro last week for a match and found him to be a very friendly and instinctive fighter. I was also impressed by his speed and strength. Although the wrestling space we used was very limited and hardly ideal, we gave it our best and had a good time getting much-needed experience and practice. If he continues to pursue this interest, I can imagine he will develop into an even stronger fighter.



Eu2 is recommended by Ctgrappler1

I had the pleasure of meeting this great guy for a match yesterday. I was very impressed with his strength and skill. We wrestled in his hotel room so space was limited but we were still competitive and aggressive with each other and built up a good sweat. I hope we get another chance at each other and word of warning be aware of his explosive power. He's just getting back in the game but he's a force that will give anyone a great challenge.



Ctgrappler1 is recommended by Eu2

After a very long break, this was my first match in years. To put it succinctly, I could not have picked a better, stronger, more skilled and experienced wrestling partner if I tried. He also happens to be one of the most decent, fun and interesting guys I´ve met in a long time. If you´re lucky, you will get to meet him and wrestle him. He is formidable and friendly opponent - recommended unreservedly!



Eu2 is recommended by NJWoodbridge

Just reconnected with one of these guys after many, many years. I still recall our matches from back then and I can say without hesitation that they were great wrestle-to-exhaustion events. Tough and athletic. I look forward to reconnecting on the mats.