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Been wrestling for a number of years although other stuff has got in the way over the last couple of years. The itch never goes away, though!
Cannot host but sometimes use mats at Barnet or rings at Grove Park and Walthamstow..
Friendly, relaxed, fun! Give & take & pro fantasy rather than full-on competitive action.
DECEMBER 2017: I'm taking a break from further meet-ups at present, but would appreciate staying in touch with guys if poss! Love to chat too. Have a great Christmas and best wishes for 2018!



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights
Specific wrestling styles: Brit pro wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber


  1. United Kingdom, Colchester
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 67-year-old Bisexual Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 175 lbs (79 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos, trunks

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by Funfightingneil

Great to finally meet EssexUk ---- we had a two hour wresting session at Wathamstow ring which was a first for me and very enjoyable --- did some timed rounds and gear changes with lots of fun pro fantasy wos ideas included. Good guy and ended with a post wrestle drink in local pub.



Funfightingneil is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

Met Neil for a WoS re-enactment in the ring at Walthamstow. A smashing guy who loves a rollaround and changes in gear. Punctual, reliable and sociable too. 100% safe. I'm very happy to recommend him to any guys looking for a fun session.



EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by Tyger

Had a great time, with an experienced wrestler. This bloke really knows his way around the mats, and has great flair for Brit Pro. Felt like a real WoS match!



Tyger is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

A huge pleasure to renew acquaintances with Huw for a tag team session at Grove Park.
In his trademark animal-patterned gear, he was an excellent contributor to a fine time in the ring. He 'goes with the flow' thereby making a pro style give n take bout with him an absolute delight.
If you haven't got around to meeting him so far....why not?! An easy and sincere recommendation from me.



EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by Ben skull stephens

I had a message last week from this guy wanting to wrestle I accepted not sure what to expect as I like wrestling guys of any age and style, when I turned up at Grove park today it was an absolute pleasure to meet one of my oldest long lost friends and I stood there and said hey its clive where have you been , as he pointed out my travels around the uk and the world have stopped us from meeting, I was surprised how strong and skilled this guy is , we had 2 hours of solid pro style wrestling with Iain scott as referee and it was one of the best pro style matches I have ever had , both of us working each other to a win, but not point the wrestling was more important,
Essexuk is an amazing guy for his age and I want to meet him again we have discussed about a tag match and yes please I am keen , I am also keen to meet 1 on 1 again, if he challenges you accept hes great and a lovely guy out of the ring.

well what can I say Essexuk britpro one of my oldest friends he is a true star, he is a lovely guy but don't be fooled in the ring , hes fantastic he is so enthusiastic its bloody brilliant, I thank him for joining us today at Walthamstow ring for pro tag wrestling, world of sport style 22nd march , 2017, this guy is so powered up in the role of referee and wrestler :) :) :)
HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, his enthusiasm is emense.
til next time , soon I hope .#

17th may 2017
Blimey essexuk you do improve every time we meet , a great skilled guy , loves pro wrestling and it shows , a brilliant time was had at Grove park ring tag meet today , a true gent and a good friend HIGHLY RECOMMENDED



Ben skull stephens is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

Although friends for a number of years, Ben and I hadn't wrestled until today due to a mistaken belief, on my part, that my passion for Pro and his preference for Subs, just wouldn't mesh.
How wrong I was!
I had a thoughly enjoyable "pro subs" session with this strong and skilled guy at the Grove Park ring, with Iain reffing for us for part of the time.
The match was easy to arrange with Ben, he was punctual, friendly and interesting to chat with. What's more he looks 'just the part' when he strips down to his gear and climbs through the ropes.
I managed to get him to tap with a back-hammer plus a three-count pin from a somewhat dubious/rule-bending move!! In return, he got me tied up effectively in a series of headlocks and head-scissor combos plus one of his fave holds, the Boston Crab. And yes, I tapped too...several times!
I felt totally comfortable grappling with Ben. He's 100% safe and completely mindful of capabilities and preferences.
Like him I agree that we should hook up again sometime soon and also explore the possibility of a tag bout - I have my partner lined up already!
Thanks, Ben, for a great time!
22 March 2017
Another great session with Ben, this time as part of a small group tag event at Walthamstow to which Ben encouraged a great cross-section of guys to come thanks for that too!
Ben has strength and plenty of energy and doesn't 'go down' easily. He's a real handful for subs. Also he is finding his way more into more into the pro-style side of things...he's enjoying it and so am I!
He has a fabulous ring presence and looks great in his gear (usually black or dark colours to enhance his image as a 'heel')!
100% safe guy, who adapts with ease, to whatever grappling scenario is happening. He has a good range of holds and knows how to execute them to maximum effect!
He has met so many guys during his time on the wrestling-scene but he is as eager and energetic as ever, thrives on meeting different guys and open to many styles.
You really do have to meet him!
Cheers again, Ben.

Such enthusiasm, patience, skill and energy.....not much more you could ask for from a guy in the ring! Ben has all of these and, when applying holds in a pro match set-up, he definately looks the part too (and when the sweat is dripping off him....WOW!). Ben made another big impact as we tag wrestled in brit pro style at Grove Park. I'll be back for more!



EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by thighman

Met Clive today at Grove Park ring. Had a really good Brit Pro bout. Clive is a great guy in the ring , safe and reliable; and a great guy to chat to before and after our wrestle. A very enjoyable afternoon and look forward to the next meet. Certainly I would highly recommend EssexUK_Brit_Pro.

Had another meet up yesterday as part of a tag team. Tag team wrestling is something I have rarely done but the session at Grove Park Ring with EssexUK brit Pro, Brit Pro Heel, and Tyger was excellent. I could not have wished for a better group of guys to reintroduce me to this style. Without hesitation I would recommend them all. It was good swapping tag partners so we all got to wrestle each other. All the guys were great both in and out of the ring.



thighman is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

What a pleasure to meet Pete! Easy to make arrangements, punctual and sociable guy, who definitely looks every inch the classic pro wrestler when he steps into the ring in his co-ordinated red & black gear. I thoroughly enjoyed our brit pro give n take session at Grove Park. Pete is both strong and fit; he adapts well to his opponent and is completely safe in his approach. A thumbs-up from me without hesitation!

On a warm day, Pete more than played his part as we enjoyed lots of sweaty tag team action at Grove Park. It confirmed to me what an open and honest guy he is...and a strong fella inside the ropes too! He's difficult to shift once on top, I can assure you! That's why I was pleased to be partnering him for much of the session! I certainly hope to meet with Pete again.



EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by Wrestlewatch

Like the others who met up on the 22nd, a very careful and considerate chap. We had a good couple of hours in the ring and tried different styles. All executed with sanity. Like me, wasn't on top form but didn't let that get in the way of a good wrestle!



Wrestlewatch is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

I had the pleasure of meeting Wrestlewatch for the first time at a small group session at Walthamstow on 22 March 2017.
Unassuming and extremely pleasant guy off the mats with energy, agility and controlled intensity inside the ring. Perfect!
He has a good feel for pro and very much looks the part in his black trunks, boots and mask.
Don't pass up an opportunity to meet him!



EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by borets

I had the pleasure of meeting Clive last week. Sadly he wasn't on top form but an enjoyable meet. This man knows his pro and looks the part, well worth meeting.



borets is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

It was smashing to eventually have time with Borets in the ring at Walthamstow during a small group meet on 22 March 2017.
A solid wrestler of good proportions. He is agile, fast and strong. Difficult to get one over him in a subs match! Excellent, also, at finding the right level for mutual satisfaction especially whilst exploring the pro-style side of grappling.
Completely safe and an engaging personality as well.
My thanks to him for contributing so much to a great time at the ring. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!



EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by Basildon Bloke

I've met EBP on many occasions and have always had a great wrestle with him. Despite my size advantage he always seems to manage to get me to tap. We have always wrestled safe and sane, and it's always been a lot of fun.

He looks great in his trunks and has a great body for what some might call a slightly mature wrestler.

Nice guy on and off the mats. Can't recommend high enough.

22 March 2017

As EBP said, we met as part of a small group at Walthamstow. Over the years we've become good friends inside and outside the ring. In fact, without this mans encouragement I wouldn't be as confident as I am today and I'm fairly sure I wouldn't have had as many meets either.

I would love to say that I'd like to be as fit as EBP when i'm his age but that would be a lie, I would love to be as fit as EBP at my age now.

Despite him not feeling quite 100% he still showed up as planned and more than matched the rest of the guys in this session.

If you get a chance to meet him, please don't pass it up, you won't regret it. Still looks great in his gear and a fantastic britpro wrestler.



Basildon Bloke is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

It's been a huge privilege getting to know BB. He is a solidly-built wrestler who gives of his all on the mats and shares a passion for grappling brit-pro style. He is genuine, totally reliable, entirely safe and combines this with the most sparkling personality! We've met several times over the past few years, enjoying 1 on 1 bouts and sometimes partnering up for tag sessions.
I ask you - who wouldn't like a handsome, hairy guy who looks great in speedos or square cuts? You can certainly count me in!
I'm hoping for lots more encounters on the mats with BB!
22 March 2017
My latest session with BB was as part of a small group meet at Walthamstow for tag wrestling. I always hugely enjoy being with him both in and out of the ring and this time was certainly no exception. He now displays added confidence and ring know-how, making him an exceptional guy to meet for either light-subs or pro style. As always, perfectly safe and fully aware of the size, skill level and preferences of his opponents. He fitted in very well with the other guys and looked tantalising in his bright red trunks! In pro matches he sells the holds well and makes all the right noises, so an exciting wrestle is always on the cards with BB!



EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by Playwrestling

The first thing I should say that I wish I will be as fit and in shape when I reach 65!
We had a great roll on the mats which all was very safe and a lot of fun.
He is a terrific gentleman to talk to, great conversationalist and all round nice guy.
I would happliy meet again soon.

8 Feb 2017
Hadn't seen Clive in a while and it was great to finally hit the mats with him again.
If you get the chance to wrestle him, I hightly recommend it.



Playwrestling is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

It was simply great to renew acquaintances with Playwrestling. He does exactly what he says in his name and also has a enthusiastic and determined streak to his grappling. He is 100% safe and fantastic company on and off the mats. As a significant bonus his hairy frame looks just the part in speedos!
Without hesitation he has my recommendation!

It was great to return to the Barnet mats, made even more pleasurable by linking in with Playwrestling once more. We enjoyed an energetic and playful roll around on the mats, exchanging holds, and changing from speedos to singlets and back again to vary things and to add to our 'excitement'! Such a lovely guy to meet - thanks, mate!



EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by Peteuk

I met Clive today after a number of years, he has not lost any of his strength and likes a good give and take bout. He admits he is a bit rusty but once he has some more bouts under his belt he will be back to his best.

He likes a combination of pro and subs and if you enjoy a good fun workout meet this man

Strongly recommended



Peteuk is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

Met on Pete's mats today. In the time that has elapsed since our first meetings, Pete has 'got serious' about the gym - he's toned up & gained even greater he's a real handful on the mats. Proficient & more than able to hold his own with most guys in a subs match.
I enjoyed our tussle even though I'm more of a give n take guy really.
Pete is welcoming, hospitable, puts you at ease...and then proceeds to give you a hard time!!
Thanks. I'm sure we'll be meeting again soon.



EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by THEIRONMAN

I had the opportunity to meet this nice man after a short chatting. We had a very good prowrestling match in a great ring. he is strong and a good wrestler. He has a very incredible feeling with the ring and very good strenght.



THEIRONMAN is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

We had a great pro style session at Grove Park, using the full facilities of the ring - ropes and turnbuckle - in a back and forth bout.
Meeting arrangements with TheIronMan were straight-forward. He was punctual, courteous, good-looking(!) and has a fine physique. He obviously uses the gym and this really shows on his upper body and legs.
Despite tying, and working one another, in the ropes on several occasions he proved a very safe guy to meet - and an energetic one too.
He certainly gets my recommendation and I hope that we'll wrestle again sometime.



EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by Lomandlad42

Had the pleasure of finally locking up with Clive today. Having chatted for a while it was great to to get him in the ring. Had a cracking back and fourth match with subs both ways. Safe sane fella who can give as good as he gets and had me in trouble a few times. He makes an excellent jobber and a bit of a mean heel too😈😈 looks great in gear and backs it up in the ring too. Thoroughly recommended and definitely worth meeting in my opinion. Great company over a drink too. Thanks for a great session mate look forwarding to next time πŸ˜€πŸ˜€



Lomandlad42 is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

If you have limited opportunities to wrestle, then Jay should be near the top of your bucket list! We met today at Grove Park and he gave me a terrific session for my very first visit there.
Jay is a stunning guy - in every sense - from setting up the bout to the drink afterwards! I felt at ease immediately with him and he made a huge effort to ensure that we were both comfortable within the boundaries we had set and in the expectations that we had for our wrestle.
The action flowed back and forth very well indeed. We enjoyed pro subs and got ourselves tangled up in some good moves. I was grateful for the "timed rounds" which enabled me to take much needed breathers!
As we wrestled we found that we both liked spells of dominance and of playing the jobber - both of which, Jay executed to great effect. He is modest about his looks, but take it from me, he looks terrific in trunks and boots. A great bod and strong legs. Jay is experienced and enthusiastic with his grappling, and very sociable off the mats too. A lovely guy!
I hope to have another crack at him before too long and I thoroughly recommend him.



EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by paul london 150lb

Had the pleasure of meeting and wrestling Clive recently with both the wrestling and company being great. Looking forwards to meeting Clive again and happily recommend a meet if you have not done so already. Clive is a great guy.



paul london 150lb is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

I met Paul recently after tracking him for some time - and it was well worth the wait! Firstly, he communicated well to set up our bout and to agree style preferences and boundaries.
Paul is articulate and interesting with a warm and attractive personality. On the mats he bills himself as a jobber - and he is an excellent one - but he is so much more besides. He has lots of energy, a good range of combo holds, and particularly strong legs which I can testify from his scissor holds!
I'm very pleased to now name him as a grappling acquaintance and have no hesitation in recommending him. On a scale of 1 to 10, he scores 10 from me!



EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by Billboi

Clive is a really nice genuine guy. Chatted for a short while before arranging a match. He travelled to mine and was great company. A really nice genuine guy and a pleasure to wrestle!



Billboi is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Glenn for a spot of Brit Pro. He was a welcoming host and had cleared sufficient space in his home for us to have a good session of grunt n groan.
He is 100% safe and I felt totally comfortable with him. I get the feeling he can adapt his style to ensure that both guys have the best of times.
If you are within striking distance of his place, then track him down! I'm pleased to have met him and maybe not for the last time!



scissorsman is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

Met Brian towards end of 2015. He is a diligent & easy-going host. We watched a few bouts and rolled around ourselves on an area that he had prepared for us in advance of my arrival. He looks good in his coloured trunks too! Thanks, B!



EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by Oz Brit

very keen to meet again, great man both wrestling and off the mats



EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by Ironbull

A recommendation long overdue EBP and I have met many times before in the days of Hendon so it was a great pleasure to renew old acquaintance for a fun match which went really well. EBP is no pushover and has a lot of experience so underestimate him at your peril. Looks great in his gear and provides excellent company on and off the mats. Highly recommended.



Ironbull is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

How good it was to renew acquaintance with IB recently!
For me, he remains one of the UK's most pleasant grapplers to meet. On the mats he is strong and technically very proficient. However, he generously shares his experience and skills and adapts the session to ensure maximum satisfaction for his opponent - in my case, adjusting to my somewhat lower level of strength, tenacity and fitness!
IB is genuine, reliable and a very interesting guy to chat with on and off the mats.
Thoroughly, and easily, recommended.
Get yourself a bout with him if you haven't yet been fortunate enough to meet him. You will not be disappointed!