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Hey, looking for good horseplay match. Give and take, trading holds. Not into pain, just give and take, good contact. Also up for a good cockfight; swordfight and frottage. Gear, rules negotiable.



  1. USA - Texas, Fort Worth
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I am willing to travel 75 miles


Age: 61-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 230 lbs (104 kg)

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Enerjizr is recommended by Snakee

We planed a quick match but then time got even shorter because of my work. But we met at his hotel anyway. With time so short we got ready quickly and went right at each other. He is a good host and everything went exactly as planned. He’s a big strong and clean man and every time we broke apart we couldn’t wait to lock up again. I only wish we had more time to wrap up longer. Highly recommended and I would love a rematch



Snakee is recommended by Enerjizr

We talked and planned a match when I traveled to his area. He came to my hotel, even though we had limited time. We had discussed our match, and when he arrived we got right to it.

He’s strong, very clean, and gives a good bearhug. We locked up and struggled multiple times; we were both anxious for the next round. I wish we had more time to lock up. Highly recommended and I would love a rematch.



Enerjizr is recommended by tmac

Great person to get to know. I had fun trading holds with him. He knows his moves. Looking forward to another match up with him.



tmac is recommended by Enerjizr

Limited on time, still had a great match. Very strong, if he gets a scissors, get ready to tap out. Looking forward to a rematch with enough time to go all out.



Enerjizr is recommended by Txtussle

This tough man is a fun and energetic opponent for any other big man to rassle. I look forward to another tussle soon. Txtussle