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Looking for other men who want to roughhouse or hit the mats.



  1. USA - Washington D.C., Washington
    This is where l live.
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Age: 52-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 215 lbs (98 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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DominationDC is recommended by Dogfighter5

A very reliable and nice guy as well as a gracious host. After that get ready for business because this tough guy is no joke! He attacks both physically and psychologically with only one focus and goal! I had a wonderful time and was pleasantly surprised and fascinated with the variety of life experience the badass has!



DominationDC is recommended by CozzieNYCBoy

This is definitely one opponent you don't want to miss the opportunity to wrestle. Incredibly strong, incredibly sexy, and incredibly dominant. Once he had me pinned down with his legs pinning my arms on my side and crotch in my face it was game on and he slapped me around a bit while I couldn't do a damn thing to stop him. He's not afraid to torment or go rough if thats something you like or encourage. He can take it as hard as he can give it. We wrestled stakes and I had the pleasure of giving him a massage for winning that match. Definitely hope to lock up with him again in the future.



DominationDC is recommended by Musclewrestler1

I had my long anticipated match with DominationDC this morning. It was definitely both HOT and FUN. He is a big, strong guy. He had my arms pinned behind my back from the very beginning, and had me submitting. I have to admit....he was the true Heel. And watch out, he likes to inflict pain if you try to get back at him! I liked going at this Big Guy from the beginning, but he truely had me beat......thus the name, DominationDC.



Musclewrestler1 is recommended by DominationDC

Musclewrestler1 is a bit of a fireplug of muscle. Very active in his attempt to gain the upper hand, but never happened. He says he didn't wanna be the jobber he is, but we all know better.... great guy. Lots of fun. Looking forward to the next match.



MKell is recommended by DominationDC

MKell is a mountain of power. Fun to roll with him. I'm eager to do a rematch with him. Will need to hit the gym hard, though. Gotta make him work hard as hell.



DominationDC is recommended by Ctgrappler1

His pics do not do this man justice as he truly an impressive piece of muscle power. Great skills and control he was like a freight train that just keeps on coming at you. It's been 5 years since our match and I'm looking forward to testing my muscles against his. Hope we can meet up soon.



DominationDC is recommended by DMVWrestler

Super nice guy but strong as an ox! And he will show you that strength on the mat! Once he locks a hold on, you're toast. Try some cheap moves as retaliation and you'll pay for that too. If you're looking for a REAL challenge, DomDC is your man....and it surely doesnt hurt that you'll have fun wrestling him.



DominationDC is recommended by Tiger22

A good man with a mean (but playful) streak. Thoroughly enjoyed roughhousing and wrestling with this bruiser.



Tiger22 is recommended by DominationDC

Tiger22 is a very hot man with a lot of muscle. He puts up a good fight and is a formidable challenge. But he knows when he's been had. Until the next time you meet... and he just keeps coming back harder. Great opponent. Looking forward to multiple sessions with this stud in the future.



DominationDC is recommended by RNC23

This guy is a beast on the mats!! I was thrilled that I got him to tap not only once...but TWICE with my legs!!! He won the rest of the rounds though! haha DoninationDC respects limits and is a great host too!!



RNC23 is recommended by DominationDC

RNC23 dropped by for a series of matches today after we'd chatted for several weeks. While I enjoyed tossing him around a good deal, I have to admit, he's got an impressive, crushing scissors. I won't give him the satisfaction of acknowledging the two taps he got...

Looking forward to rolling with him more. He's a good guy who rolls hard... and can take a beating, while dishing out a good deal as well.



joewrestler is recommended by DominationDC

Joewrestler has a ton of energy and is one fine slab of lean muscle. Despite our sizable difference in size, he was relentless in his efforts to get an upperhand.

He's a great guy. Lots of fun. Good energy.



DominationDC is recommended by DenverWrestler

DominationDC is back in town, and any serious wrestler who thinks he's king of the hill in Washington will get a serious re-education. This guy is a beast on the mats – incredible power and mass in his arms, legs, shoulders, back, and chest. I win the vast majority of my matches, but he turned me into a total jobber. My experience and skill was useless against him, and he overpowered me, submitted me at will, and threw in plenty of domination and humiliation. He leaves no doubt who is in charge. But off the mat, a great host and a cultured, interesting, and reliable guy. We had wrestled 7 years ago, and he is just as tough as he was then, and a quality guy through and through.