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Into all combat sports, wrestling, boxing mma, erotic or not. Also into muscle flexing, worship or just working out. Can get into erotic, humiliation, stakes, dom/sub, gear, sweat, ect.



Match structure: Even match, Workout partner, Phone chatting
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Arm wrestling, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats, Friendship, Photo swapping, Stakes
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Face sitting, Muscle worship


  1. USA - Rhode Island, Providence
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Age: 49-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 174 lbs (79 kg)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing

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Dogfighter5 is recommended by Robin Carter

Been a long time since I've wrestled this guy. We were equal is size back then, with the skills to really test each other: muscle-on-muscle, back-n-forth, neither giving in. GREAT! He's got more muscle now, but I'd love a rematch.



Dogfighter5 is recommended by MuscChamp

This past weekend, the Dogfighter and I fought our fifth match. He is one of my few rivals who competes in physique comparison (flex-off), arm wrestling, and submission grappling. Although to date, the Champ continues to dominate in every contest, the Dog is a ferocious rival who embodies the alpha spirit of fighting for supremacy. He just doesn't ever quit! He is by far-and-away my most alpha rival – not only because of his competitiveness on the mat, but because of the transparency and integrity with which he lives his whole life. Unlike MF's many cowardly psuedo-alphas, the Dog posts numerous face pics, has published wrestling videos for years, and is open about his long term partnership and his life. So if any of you "alpha wanna-be's" want to meet a real alpha, I suggest that you challenge the Dogfighter!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by fitfighter

previous match with dogfighter was a great experience and challenge he's adding on muscle his strength is sometimes overpowering I'm working on new techniques to battle him again Re match happened the other day another great time was able to humble this bigguy with some body shots that were like hitting a wall after multiple splashes was able to get the count rematch



fitfighter is recommended by Dogfighter5

I've wrestled this bull of a man many times. He is a natural heel and loves to deliver punishment! Always in great condition watch out for his pec to pec splash pins!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by D Warren BGE

One of the toughest and MOST dominant studs I ever wrestled - total alpha man - hot - hairy - ripped bod - knows how to wrestle - GREAT TIME with this man....

And off the mats - still a GREAT TIME!!!

Take him on.... I plan on another match VERY SOON!



D Warren BGE is recommended by Dogfighter5

My first big crush in my youth and when I became a bg wrestler he was the first to take me under his wing. I wish you all could have seen us the day we first met in Pembroke at the bg house on a July 4 weekend. The house was literally full of young hot wrestlers all in their prime I was an awe struck newbie and he was a star. I dared glance at him across the room and to my surprise he was looking right at me. The chemistry was electric and more than 20 years later still is. The best of the best you are Doug



Dogfighter5 is recommended by MKell

As Dogfighter5 noted, it took us a couple of years to connect but I am glad we finally did. He is strong, skilled, controlled and tough. He brings a great deal energy to the match. He even keeps trash talking during the match! He is respectful and a gentleman. Highly recommend wrestling him if you want a competitive and fun workout!



MKell is recommended by Dogfighter5

Even though we live fairly close to one another it has taken MKell and myself years to coordinate a match and not have to cancel or postpone. At times it became frustrating and there were periods when one or the other said forget it it's not in our cards. I think there are a lot of people that can relate to this. We decided that it was just a string of bad luck we knew we were both confirmed wrestlers with good reputations we continued to try and sure enough the planets lined up. I just got home and I'm all in one peice. I so wanted to tell all how I beat him up but MKell lived up to his legend status. Big, strong and skilled! There was no nonsense just slam, bam thank you mam! He is also a class act and a gentleman. Highest of recommendations from me.



Dogfighter5 is recommended by wrestlethis

Hey wrestlers. This man is the real deal. Sexy, muscled, recent pics, friendly, and on top of all that: very strong.
Had a great time because he is an aggressive but safe musclehead. Can't wait for round 2.



wrestlethis is recommended by Dogfighter5

One of the best looking , masculine and muscled wrestlers in the game. I'm glad he has finally joined this site long over do and so is our rematch! If the opportunity comes to you I strongly suggest you make every effort to take this guy on I promise it will be a memorable experience.



tyalexander is recommended by Dogfighter5

I knew who he was being part of the BG family you always kind of stay in the loop. I also had decided a few years back he was too young for me and clearly too flamboyant. Well I was wrong! This young man who I had labeled a " twink" is now a muscular, well built stud, with tons of ring/ mat time under his belt and a surprisingly cocky alpha attitude. Yes his outfits remain outrageous but he can wrestle like nobody's business and has the best muscle bubble butt in the business.



Dogfighter5 is recommended by Will

This guy was really strong and quick. I never had a chance–he had me tapping out multiple times. He was also friendly, funny, and super good-looking. Overall great encounter!



colorado35 is not recommended by Dogfighter5

  • Unreliable / no show



Dogfighter5 is recommended by WrslMscl

Dogfighter5 has a big bark, but he backs it up with a solid bite as well.
We built quite a competitive tension before finally locking up close to his turf. He kept attacking; I kept keeping him at bay and countered effectively. A very enjoyable match with a high quality wrestler and a real gent. Will give him a rematch any time!



WrslMscl is recommended by Dogfighter5

After many years of coordinating and patients our time finally came and battle it out we did! Every positive thing that has been I will second! Great wrestler, fantastic muscle, warrior mind set and overall gentleman! Highest of recommendations!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by Matjock

Dogfighter5 and I have known each other for a pretty long time. We've had at it in the past and decided it was time to bang it out again. This muscle stud is the epitome of a fighter. He has it all: the body, the attitude, and the strength to back up all the trash talking. He doesn't wrestle; he fights and fights hard. When he isn't fighting, he has to be one of the coolest guys to hang with. If you are looking to tangle with a serious wrestler who has the body and strength to back it up, you'd be a fool to pass him up.



Matjock is recommended by Dogfighter5

After many years it was great to tangle with this stud again! Matjock is the real deal, strong, aggressive, alpha muscle! Bring your A game because he fights to win. He is a long time wrestling friend of mine and a class act on this scene.



fitchad is recommended by Dogfighter5

This guy is super handsome, muscled, and strong! We spoke no words when I entered his hotel room and found myself against the wall in a choke hold in less than a minute. We had a wicked tangle that lasted a few hours......I could have stayed forever!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by eightpacabs1

Dogfighter5 is literally a Steel Muscle God. His abs can take countless abuse. Best of all he's a great guy. He should be on everybody's fight list.



eightpacabs1 is recommended by Dogfighter5

This guy has rock hard muscles and knows how to use them! I had a great time flexing, wrestling and gut punching!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by NYleanmuscle

Having waited years to finally meet up with the "Dog" himself, we finally did it! Like his pics portray, he has put on muscle and bulk over the past year or so and looks terrific. I wish I can say that I was formidable opponent this time around, but I know I kept him busy for sure. He is tough, knows his holds and after the wrestling......a real good guy. We hope to meet sooner than later next time. Worth the wait!



NYleanmuscle is recommended by Dogfighter5

I had a great time with this strong, aggressive muscle guy! We went at it for a few hours and worked up a sweat like real men do! I want a rematch asap!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by provwrstlr

Great opponent: not only handsome, strong, and aggressive, but also great conversationalist and very nurturing. Will absolutely be rematching several times.



provwrstlr is recommended by Dogfighter5

Wow what an incredible find! This baby boy is beautiful in all ways mind, body and soul. He is strong as hell and tenacious too! I'm going to train this kid up and unleash him on the wrestling world! Watch out we have a growing bad ass in the making!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by GrappleVA

I warned him not to bring his lunch money...but did he listen? Well, let's just say that now he knows better.

Seriously - DF5 is a fantastic opponent with great strength and skill. If your paths cross, don't miss out on a chance to take him on...if you think you're tough enough.



GrappleVA is recommended by Dogfighter5

This guy was born to be an alpha Male! He will take your lunch money! However he is just too damn cute for you to care!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by sleepermuscle

What can I say? A picture is worth a thousand words and his pics do not do this boy justice! You want to wrestle a handsome, muscled, well skilled, super hero bodied wrestler? Well then this is your man. Very nice guy until he locks his huge muscles around your body and leaves you drained of all your power. Get ready to sweetly suffer at this hot man's mercy. Sign me up for another round. I'm ready to be his Jobber any day of the week!



sleepermuscle is recommended by Dogfighter5

All muscle, all man, I had a great time wrestling this guy! Even if I had to keep waking him up after putting him out!



spinne is recommended by Dogfighter5

Muscular, sexy, fierce young man! Put up a very competitive fight despite a good 30 lbs I had on him. One my list for a must rematch!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by Subwrslrnyc

Had an awesome time wrestling and hanging out with this stud. He's got an amazing body, is incredibly strong, is sexy as hell, and is super friendly and fun to talk to off the mats. 100% recommend.



Subwrslrnyc is recommended by Dogfighter5

Very impressive young man! Strong as all hell and deceptively aggressive and dominant! This guy is fantastic on and off the mats and I would role with him again any time, any place, any where!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by njmuscguy1

it was great to finally meet dogfighter and it was just as fun as i expected !! nice guy tough wrestler and great body ! hope theres a rematch in the future



njmuscguy1 is recommended by Dogfighter5

One of the best features on this site is its recommendation component. I went into this match knowing Rick had a fantastic reputation and I can only ad to this. Strong, muscular, skilled and trained.......did I say sexy! I had a blast and can not wait for a rematch!



Bcwrestle is recommended by Dogfighter5

The finest man you can meet on this site or anywhere in life. Wonderful host, beautiful home ( he built by himself) stunning property! The body of a god, we are talking perfection! Alpha male on and off the mats. I want a rematch!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by Antaeus

He's a lean, strong machine of a guy who's lots of fun to tangle with and spend time with afterwards. Great body and mind and gets what male aggression and power is all about.



Antaeus is recommended by Dogfighter5

Not sure what to say about this warrior. Beautiful, strong, aggressive, kind, soul mate and brother. One of the very best in the business!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by Lkg2trn

I had a really great time wrestling this guy! Strong, skilled and aggressive, we had great rough back and forth matches! Can't wait to do it again! Also a nice guy to talk to when not fighting him off!



Lkg2trn is recommended by Dogfighter5

I had a great time with this tough cookie! He loves to wrestle and is very good at it. I'm certain we will tangle again in the very near future!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by RNC23

It was awesome to finally meet up with Dogfighter. Solid guy and a lot of fun to take on too!! Looking forward to our next battle for sure!



RNC23 is recommended by Dogfighter5

Tough little bastard a master at grapevines I was limping for days after our match! Anxiously waiting for a rematch!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by BigGuyNYC

One of my first matches - what a great guy! A lot of fight in the dog!



MDWrestle is recommended by Dogfighter5

Very strong, skilled, and built guy a must to tangle with when in Maryland!



guy fit is recommended by Dogfighter5

Very sexy young man gets bigger, stronger and better every time we meet!



Dogfighter5 is recommended by cake

This Man has an amazing muscled build on him ! Fun to wrestle around with and He is a Good Guy !



cake is recommended by Dogfighter5

Great guy, great wrestler, great body! Need I say more?



Dogfighter5 is recommended by Ctgrappler1

This man is a total stud! We have met four times since our first match last summer and all I can say is we both have taken a good beating from each other. I can't wait for match number 5.



Ctgrappler1 is recommended by Dogfighter5

One of my all time favorites and a regular training partner can not say enough good things about this man! Love you Papi!



SubmissionMSCL is recommended by Dogfighter5

What can I say about this guy that has not already been said? Without a doubt one of the most beautiful men I have ever meet and a class act on top of that. I've known him for almost twenty years and he is a real inspiration to me in many ways!


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