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well I've signed up here so I can basically get to know other guys who are into boxing and other combat sports. I'm much more into boxing but dont mind trying out other combat sports either. Looking to meet people from around the world as well as my area.
would love to meet someone to spar/fight with.

*NOT into sex

Also looking to make friends with different people from around the world, as well as in and around my area. Relationships are welcome too, but at the moment I'm just enjoying the single life



  1. United Arab Emirates, 18218 78336 Al Barsha 1 Street, United Arab Emirates
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Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 154 lbs (70 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Square cuts,elbow/knee pads, combat boots,Boxing trunks,amateur boxing kit, kickboxing trousers, GI, leather, spandex, polyester, lycra, silk/satin etc

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
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Dino is recommended by ukwrestler

Fit and strong bear cub, likes striking moves and is good at taking them too :-)
He underestimated my strength and experience though and was made to tap frequently......
Really nice guy to chat to off the mats.



ukwrestler is recommended by Dino

Great guy on and off mats. Indeed had me on the receiving and tapping end several times. Had no choice or I might've not made it out alive. Though love how hot, sweaty and intense things got! Definitely learnt my lesson when challenging and trash talking an older and heavier opponent!



Dino is recommended by londonscissorslover

I met Dino for the second time whilst in Dubai…. second meet even more interesting & exciting than the first. From a personal point of view, Dino is a fascinating, stimulating Man with whom you could spend a very pleasurable evening whether in combat or not. From a physical point of view… he looks fantastic in gear…. wearing classic trunks & pro-wretling boots combo… his hairy, slim, muscular frame both a struggle & a joy to grapple with, coupled with dark, brooding handsome looks. Beware an awesome pair of sexy hairy legs that he REALLY knows how to use to weaken and debilitate you with! We had a fantastic give & take bout (within the confines of an "apartment wrestle") … & would love to indulge in more intense combat situations with him. Not sure who won….. it was so intense that I think the concept of winner/loser was irrelevant! DEFINITELY cannot wait for the re-match!



londonscissorslover is recommended by Dino

Second time with London Scissors was a pleasure. Perfect on and off the mat. I like that he is one of the rare cases where you can have a great match and also hold down a conversation. Hence, why i was so adamant for a second meet.

I really enjoyed our submission match, as he had some pretty strong holds and vice versa. Either way, it was fun wrapping my legs around tight to try and get a win :-P
Really strong, smooth and sensual as I like a match to be (and I'll say the same about his body!)

If you have a thing for gear, he has an amazing erotically enticing collection of all things pro wrestling!

Will definitely recommend for a meet up, and look forward to meeting again for Round 3! Ding! Ding! Ding!



Dino is recommended by ams1989

amazing guy on and off the mats or the bed in our case, he doesn't give up easily and has the energy to keep on wrestling untill forever, but i managed to dominate him ;)



ams1989 is recommended by Dino

Better watch out for that choke hold ;P