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Accom easily near Aberdeen and travel all over UK a lot. I'm British.
Mostly like grappling and close body contact, pro wrestling with body punches/fore-arms, over the ropes or in the turnbuckle.
Just barefoot and speedos in a hotel room is cool too. Dont care if I win or lose.
Love the gear and venues.

Dont do cyber, bookface, skype, cam or twittering

I've never met a 'nutter' when wrestling, many/most of my past opponents are friends now. Couldn't ask for more. ( I really should have written more recommendations but they know I love them : )



Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Brit pro wrestling
Fetishes: Jackoff, Wrestling gear, Nipple play


  1. United Kingdom, Aberdeen
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I am willing to travel 500 miles
I am willing to host.


Age: 61-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 176 lbs (80 kg)

Gear: speedos singlets boots sox jox oil nude

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Dfire is recommended by ITALIAN71




Dfire is recommended by eastcheshireguy

Great to meet David when we could get into Speedos and test each other out. With his height and strength he's a tough opponent I'd like more space to have a go with. He knows plenty of moves from his years of experience so kept me guessing throughout.

Great fun after the match too - loads of tales from the wrestling world and elsewhere so the beers flowed into the night!

Highly recommended.



eastcheshireguy is recommended by Dfire

I had met Andy socially when injured.
Just met him again in a speedo.
really powerful man, I feel really lucky to have been beaten by him.

Absolutely bloody marvellous afternoon and lovely social evening followed with this great bloke.



Dfire is recommended by syardley

Had a great wrestle with Dfire a few days ago.

I'd admired Dfire's photos on the site and was very pleased when we could meet for real. Also I found it easy to set up the meet with a minimum of messaging..

When we actually met I can say he did more than justice to his pics. He looked great in his gear, and wore one of his masks which was a real bonus/er for me.

He's a strong and experienced wrestler and he put me under pressure, which was good for me but it was all very sane and sensible. I think I probably held my own against Dfire but there again, perhaps he was just being the gentleman that he is.

Afterwards he took me for food locally and we had a great chat.

If you get the chance meet up with this guy and I'm certain you'll have a great time.

Thanks for a great time Dfire.



syardley is recommended by Dfire

Had a wee trip to Manchester, tried to book Pippas but was fully booked :-(

Syardley wasn't daunted. He came to the apartment I had booked.
We wrestled on a bed and a wall and a floor, Jesus he is strong.
We had a blast! Gives and takes a good punch/fore-arm.
I need a bigger space for round two with that man!

Then we did lunch and we were nice to each other :-)



Dfire is recommended by Torrnado

24 Nov 17.
It is always a great pleasure to meet David during his Manchester visits. An enjoyable hotel grapple followed by wine, food and more wine made for a super evening. I look forward to next time.
October 2016
David and I have met several times over the last couple of years. It is always great to meet up with him during one of his visits south and last weekend was no exception. We enjoyed a hot n' sweaty 1 on 1 hotel grapple and then two days later we took on CaptainAndy and Wallsalgoodguy for a tag at Pippas.
It was all lots of fun and both occasions were followed by some very pleasant socialising over drinks (and more drinks!) and dinner.
David, you are a good bloke and a good mate.

I had the pleasure to meet David 4 days ago for a three way hotel match. He is a fit, strong, attractive guy and an experienced wrestler. A nice guy to socialise with too. I hope we can have a return one on one match soon.



Torrnado is recommended by Dfire

Gee thanks for the recommendation.
3 way with a quilt on a hotel floor wasnt 'ideal' but you out-gunned and out-pec'd me.... Was a great pleasure to wrestle you.
I agree though that 1 on 1 on proper mats or a ring (mwaah) would be better for next time.

Really looking forward to that you beautiful man.
It will happen. ( then a lovely social lunch again afterwards )

Oct 2016
Just had a great weekend in Manchester and met ( now a firm friend ) Torrnado again....great 1 on 1 hotel meet then a total blast at Pippas with Captain Andy and cocky wallsalgoodguy.
On both occasions a lovely dinner with wine after, I think that will still happen when we are 80 Haha

24Nov 2017

....any point recommending you any more? I never come to Manchester without meeting Steve, great fight and great dinner companion again.



Dfire is recommended by northfighter

I had a third excellent session with David - long sweaty wrestling/MMA fighting. Really hot. He's got a great bod, and is a really nice, interesting guy.



northfighter is recommended by Dfire

Our third meet ( 12 Oct 2015 in Manchester )
I'm sure most wrestlers 'get it' that the second and third meets are always better as trust develops.

We bloody leathered each other in grapple gloves. Fantastic meet.


Christmas market my arse, met Northfighter again in Manchester today. It just gets better, old men shouldn't be punching the daylights out of each other.
Reminds me that I am alive, fantastic fight.



Dfire is recommended by polo62

David is a great guy. He very kindly came and picked me up at my hotel in Aberdeen then drove back to his place. I loved trying on all his great wrestling gear and then had a fun fight, starting off wrestling in gear then finishing with an oil fight. Cannot wait to meet again on my next visit



polo62 is recommended by Dfire

Lovely Sunday evening meet with Polo while he was visiting ......
He hadn't packed any gear so I left out LOTS of mine for him to pick from....
( personally I wouldn't have chosen red boots with green trunks haha )

Had a nice roll, loved fore-arming his lovely chest.
Finished with an oil grapple in briefs ...there's something so hot about oiling a bloke up.

Sadly no time to socialise this time, I was up at dawn next morning.

Great guy and would deffo meet him again.



Dfire is recommended by Captainandy

I met Dfire at a private meeting at Pippa's in Manchester, along with Walsallgoodguy and Torrnado. We started off with a tag match, followed by one on one matches. Dfire is an excellent wrestler, certainly a challenge for me, some very expert moves. Afterwards we had dinner and drinks and he is a really good and interesting bloke. Highly recommended.



Captainandy is recommended by Dfire

The Captain had been on my radar for ages, I SO wanted to fight him.
Walsallgoodguy invited me to private meet where I got the captain in the ring at Pippas.

I bloody love face offs, verbal and most of all pec and gut punch slap fore-arm chop. proper fight. we did all of the above.

( they asked me to re-edit the bit about dinner afterwards coz i mentioned the restaurant and thats 'advertising' ....well anyway we had a lovely dinner on Canal Street after ) ;-)



Dfire is recommended by walsallgoodguy

25/10/16 met david at what a hunk looks stunning in gear real pro look.we started as opponants in tag which was great.then had a hot masked singles later in matroom.a truly fab guy ,we are along way from each other but really hope we can have another match next year.highly recommended roger x



walsallgoodguy is recommended by Dfire

HaHa, I'm not a hunk.
What a blast we had, my third time at Pippas, first time I heard anyone submit as loudly as Walsall. I was scared I might bend him too far for him to get back on the train to Walsall. He takes punishment well.
Was a great day, thanks for inviting me Roger.



Dfire is recommended by Tivoli

Had two great wrestles now with Dfire and looking forward to plenty more. Strong and determined and a really nice bloke!

Sept 2016
Good to see Dfire again this time out at his new place which has plenty of space to wrestle :) Was fortunate to be introduced to ScotLaird who was visiting and we had a bit of tag wrestle followed by a fun 2 on 1 session. Thanks for arranging a really good afternoon of wrestling :)



Tivoli is recommended by Dfire

One of the best things about moving back to Aberdeen was I got to meet Tivoli.
We have wrestled, grappled, fought three times now and are planning more.
Tivoli is strong, experienced and well fit. AND he's a really nice bloke ( even when he's giving you a smack ).
..... Definately one of my favourites and if any of you are ever up this way make sure you challenge Tivoli.

04Sept 2016
Tivoli came over to mine to meet ScotLaird who was visiting for the weekend, been a while since we've wrestled but all 3 of us had a go.
Since last time Tivoli has put on 15lbs of muscle, looking great but still one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet and fight, gave lots of helpful tips to both Rob and I. It was a great day.



Dfire is recommended by ScotLaird1

Met David for the second time. Both of us were initially tentative as our last meet had been marked by a freak accident, but soon put this aside, with some intense grappling. Felt that we were well matched-I found I needed to use strength to counter some of David's technique. David has a strong flexible body, and has mat savvy and good technique. Also, he wrestles safely and puts his opponent at their ease. Enjoyed the post match fun too. Highly recommended.

Update September 2016
Visited David at his lovely apartment (only a short stroll from an awesome natural beach with some giant sand dunes) and had a blast, thanks to David's humour and hospitality. We had two sportive sweaty sessions of grappling with submissions either way. Recommended



ScotLaird1 is recommended by Dfire

I suppose this was our second meet. First time I broke a rib on the first take-down ( total accident )..... Nothing got broken yesterday, we did intend a 'slower start' but soon got into a tough, sweaty grapple.
Absolutely loved our meet. Rob won but I dont care, cant wait for a re-match.

Had a great day and social evening. Rob is a lovely person and his body was made for speedos and boots.

Sept 2016
Scotlaird ( Rob ) came up to stay for the weekend at my new gaff.
Could I ask for a better house guest? Dont think so, we did so much 'stuff' even an art exhibition APART from great wrestling.( AND, Aberdeen got a summer, we walked barefoot in the surf at my local beach )
My old mucker Tivoli came over to fight him, was a great day
he's a total friend now. ( AND Rob, I think I won the local best fish&chip shop lol )



Dfire is recommended by DazzFighter

I met Dfire in Glasgow 23/01/2016 . He is a strong wrestler and used his weight advantage to full effect. I was able to get the odd sub here and there but most of the time it was hard work to get Dfire to submit. I enjoyed the match very much, it was a good safe competitive match and hope I can have a rematch when I return to Scotland. Dfire is a very friendly guy on and off the mats.



DazzFighter is recommended by Dfire

I met Dazz at his hotel room which he had totally demolished to get the mattresses on the floor to create a nice big wrestling space.
We had a great long sweaty grapple ( with punches and fore-arms, which he gives and takes well ). Really enjoyed the whole afternoon.
Dazz is a great lad, I helped him re-build his hotel room haha and later we went out ( knackered ) for a lovely dinner in lovely Glasgow.
Would 100% meet again.



Dfire is recommended by Southcoast Guy

Met this guy a few times. Great wrestler and great guy.
Shame hes moved so far away.



Southcoast Guy is recommended by Dfire

We've met a couple of times when I lived in England. Great guy and we are well matched and both like to it for hours ;-)
Re-match in the offing for sure!



guychris is recommended by Dfire

Met Chris socially and he asked if I would be up for outdoor fighting a mate of his. It never happened.
Chris and I ended up wrestling/scrapping instead ending up in underwear and sox throwing body punches, it was spontaneous, he trashed me and it was great.

I like him. Would love another go



Dfire is recommended by robroyscotland

Great meet with this aggressive fit big fella. But I showed him how tough a wee man can be! Ready for a rematch anytime!



robroyscotland is recommended by Dfire

There is nothing 'wee' about this mans guns and pecs!
It was a great meet in full pro gear, sub grappling with fore-arms, body punches/GP but it was his mean body scissors that got me tapping.
Loved every minute of it. I need to hit the gym as often as he does before next time!



Dfire is recommended by Scissorvictim

Finally got to wrestle Dfire. I took full advantage of his hangover and abused him fully with my thighs :) Be interesting to wrestle him when he's fit. He's friendly and easy to talk too. More than happy to recommend and hope to wrestle him again soon.



Scissorvictim is recommended by Dfire

It wasn't a fair fight :-)
Will doesn't drink. I left the Eagle at 3.30am drunk and we met at 10.30am.

He squeezed the hangover out of me and I loved every minute!
( be long-sleeve shirts for a few days to cover the trophy bruises on my arms )



Dfire is recommended by JackintheRing

Had great pro match with Dfire - really pleased to have been his first opponent in a ring. Very much enjoyed it and looking forward to round two!



JackintheRing is recommended by Dfire

Huge thank you to Steve for fulfilling an ambition for me. Met at the Rochdale ring and I couldnt have asked for a better first time pro-match. Being bent backwards over the ropes, close grappling against the corner post and giving and taking fore-arms, I absolutely loved it and want to do it more. More with Steve that is, he's amazing in his gear and a beautiful personality to match that beautiful body.

Ding ding ...round 2 ...met JintheR again in a small group at Rochdale ring....he still kicked my arse BUT I care,. was bloody marvellous.
Love youre new boots btw.... as IF you didnt look good enuff in pro=gear already!!



Dfire is recommended by Essex

Managed to meet this guy whilst he was down in London.
He is strong and does not submit easily.
We are similar in stats and had a great give n take match with subs either side.
On the mats a great guy, off the mats, a diamond geezer who is great to chat to, have a laugh with and spend time with relaxing over a beer.
Just wished I could have stayed longer.
Highly recommended and I will definitely meet him again when he's next down in London.
See ya next time for round 2 fella.



Essex is recommended by Dfire

At last, I've met him.
You can read his recommendations all you like but it's not until you meet him that you fall under the 'spell' of a handsome, funny, engaging man who also happens to be a fantastic wrestler.
It was a blast!!
Mmmm .... let me think, not sure what I want....Round two or to marry him HaHa



Dfire is recommended by Londonlatino

I've known Dave for a long time. He's a tough, fit, and skilled wrestler. Off the mats he's a nice, reliable, and generous guy. Highly recommended!



Londonlatino is recommended by Dfire

Had my first visit to the Barnet mat-room with Tony this month. We must have wrestled a dozen times over the years. had a great speedo and boots match at Tano's great venue. I really enjoy wrestling Tony and yet again, came out even. We will sort out a winner 'one day' :-))



Dfire is recommended by stone

Met Dave last week and had a really good wrestle which gave us both a great workout. Dave a a true gent and I will look forward to meeting up again! Thanks Dave.



stone is recommended by Dfire

11Sept13. Met Stone/Paul in Manchester. He swims and gyms and you can tell when you see him in a speedo.
We had a good couple of hours old fashioned speedo and bare feet grapple.... Got VERY sweaty.
I can tell today that I've had a good workout....Loved it and would meet him again no problem



Dfire is recommended by looney45

Met David a few times in 2012 - always turns up and always fun to wrestle. He is stronger than he looks and really wrestles to win despite our bouts being 'just for fun' A treat to wrestle and a really nice guy off the mats



Dfire is recommended by matguy

A fit guy with enough stamina to wrestle for over an hour. Will gladly do more rounds with him!