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Hey Guys, Dave here! Keen for wrestling matches with genuine blokes.

I love wrestling, particularly submission but also happy to do more pro style too. Happy to accommodate all experience levels and indeed learn more myself.

Interested to get into boxing/Muay Thai. Up for most things wrestling/combat sport orientated, send me a message and say hi!

I'm partnened with an amazing guy, so only looking for wrestling. I'm more than happy to travel. Unfortunately can't host at the moment.



  1. Australia, Elsternwick
    Place of residence
  2. Japan, Shibuya
    (I'm here between 5/28/2019 and 6/12/2019)
    Aussie in Japan looking for wrestling matches
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I am willing to travel 200 kilometers


Age: 36-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (189 cm), 249 lbs (113 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Speedos, singlet, shorts, MMA gear, pro wrestling gear, boxing gear

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Judo Judo

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Davey83 is recommended by aussieguy93

One of the nicest guys I have ever met off of this site. Dave made for an awesome opponent, very strong and can take a lot of punishment. Definitely recommend if you want to have a great time. He's a nice guy off the mats as well, we chatted about life and work. Looking forward to a rematch with him.



aussieguy93 is recommended by Davey83

Aussieguy93 is a superb guy and excellent wrestler. He's quick and strong and once he has a hold on it's hard to get out.

A great challenge wrestling this plucky youngster with loads of charisma and talent to burn.

Cannot recommend him higher, go out of your way to have a match with him. Fantastic wrestler, with a mouth on him on the mats, and off it a real gentleman. Thanks so much for the memorable match. Round 2 can't come quickly enough.



Davey83 is recommended by dadwrestle

Wow! In my last week in Australia, I meet one of the toughest opponents yet! This is one strong, determined wrestler. A great combination of height and weight, combined with an amazing pain threshold makes him one hell of a tough guy! A really enjoyable fight, even though I got my arse kicked! The nicest guy off the mats. Safe and sane. Easy to make arrangements. Meet this wrestler if you get the chance. 100% GOLD STAR RECOMMENDATION! I will be coming back for a rematch!



dadwrestle is recommended by Davey83

What a superb wrestler and gentlemen!

I had the absolute pleasure of tussling with this living legend. Super strong and tremendously skilled, he constantly kept me on my toes and gave me a real going over. The next morning I'm feeling the satisfying soreness of a night of terrific wrestling. He was gracious enough to also share a few tips and tricks. Most enjoyable, and an outstanding chap. An absolute pleasure to wrestle. Thank you so much, mate. Couldn't recommend higher.



Davey83 is recommended by Cstar

A strong guy and very welcoming. Would be glad to wrestle him again, and this time maybe get a submission!



Cstar is recommended by Davey83

Had the opportunity of meeting Cstar. Great guy, friendly chap and lots of fun to wrestle. Knows his wrestling holds for sure. Would definitely recommend and can't wait for round 2! Cheers mate



Davey83 is recommended by Brawler

When this guy arrived I thought I was in for a wrestling lesson. Bigger than me I knew I’d need to step up to hold my own. Fun match sweating in out for an hour or so. Already planning a rematch. Nice guy who is reliable and real so challenge him to a wrestle. He gets my vote for a competitive fight.

Had a rematch today night. Got a bit tougher and more competitive. Even battle with a few cheap fists into guts. Lots of verbal abuse. Well from me anyway. Another rematch agreed to. We have unfinished business.



Brawler is recommended by Davey83

Great to finally lock horns with the esteemed Brawler! A super lovely guy who turns vicious in the ring. We had a great pro style match, could have easily gone longer if time allowed. This nice guy's a mouthy one in battle! The match progressively turned into an allout brawl - loved every moment!

Will take every chance I get to wrestle this great guy, so should all guys serious about their wrestling! Cheers mate.



th trooper is recommended by Davey83

Trooper is a great host, nice and friendly - until the wrestling starts! He's so strong, quick and skilled.

We had a great rough bout of submission wrestling for 1.5 hours. He was too good for me to get a submission out of him, I just tried to survive the onslaught!

Had a lot of fun with him. Looking forward to round 2. Cheers mate for a great night. Highly recommended.



Davey83 is recommended by Long for this

Met Davey today & WOW. What a keen strong young bloke he is. Very easy going to chat with but vicious on the mats ! Strong as & able to take a lot of pressure then come back at you just as hard ! We had a great sweaty match . Sydney wrestlers you've missed an exciting opportunity. If he returns to town don't miss out again !! I'll be back for another crack for sure !! Thanks to you too Mate & bring Sam next time !!



Long for this is recommended by Davey83

Had the pleasure of meeting Long For This while up in Sydney and couldn't be happier.

He is a lovely friendly guy off the mats but once the wrestling starts he is a strong brute, never giving up. We enjoyed a fantastic two hours of sweaty wrestling. He is incredibly fit and very strong and you wouldn't know he hadn't been wrestling for very long.

Definitely recommended and looking forward to wrestling again! Thanks mate!



Northmelbwrestler is recommended by Davey83

A nice addition to the Melbourne wrestling community, he's a lovely, reliable, safe and sane guy. We did our best with a makeshift wrestling mat and had a lot of fun. Recommended!



Davey83 is recommended by geewrestler

Wow! How wrong was I. This big tall guy can move, stamina, endurance, energy to burn. Flexible and just keeps coming at you. No such thing as resting.
It was an awesome long hot sweaty match. Something I have not had for along time. He may not be super skilled yet; but lookout when he is.
So easy to talk to off the mat also. Will definitely be having round two with this one before he becomes to Big a hand full . Guys you won’t be disappointed.
Go get him......



geewrestler is recommended by Davey83

Geewhiz! What a great fella Geewrestler is. We had a great long session of wrestling on his mats. He's strong and persistent, just the way I like 'em! Had a lot of fun trying to get him to tap but the stubborn bugger refused!

Also had an awesome bout of oil wrestling.

A down to Earth and generous host, reliable and trustworthy, friendly and funny - can't really ask for better. Highly recommended and can't wait to lock up again.



Atb74 is recommended by Davey83

Atb74 is a real class act: friendly, respectful, fun, skilled and able to ratchet up the intensity for an amazing bout.

He took me through a range of BJJ and Judo techniques on his mats; he's a great teacher and even better putting the holds into action.

What an utter pleasure it was to wrestle with him. Two hours of exhausting, sweaty fun. Completely spent by the end!

Gracious host, formidable opponent, and keen to make sure we both were having an enjoyable time. Cannot recommend him more highly. Bring on round 2!!



Davey83 is recommended by Australian Wrestler

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this guy and what an amazing fella.Despite limited opportunities he got skilled through the bit I showed him and showed a heart felt desire to take everything onboard.He was tenacious and gave full effort.He made a lot of effort to get to me via public transport and has an anazing honourable easy going personality.Without the slightest hesitation would I not only meet him again but recommend him.Proud to say a genuine and close mate



Australian Wrestler is recommended by Davey83

To say I'm tremendously grateful for having the pleasure of meeting Australian_Wrestler would be a massive understatement.

The wrestling was fun and competitive, he's a strong guy who knows his stuff. I had an absolute blast and it's only lit the fire in me to pursue more wrestling experiences.

He was extremely gracious in teaching me various holds and technique. I tried to take everything on board and I believe it enabled us to have a more even match.

Outside of the wrestling he is a true gentleman, great to have a chat and drink with. He even gave me a lift to and from the train station.

I cannot recommend Australian_Wrestler more highly. All I can say is thanks a million buddy for all that you gave, on and off the mat.



Davey83 is recommended by Mark Wrestler

Dave gave me the honour of his first wrestle even though he had always been interested

He is a big dude who was able to both dish out some punishment and take plenty along the way

He will get a lot better as some moves become a bit more instinctive. I look forward to Round 2



Mark Wrestler is recommended by Davey83

Couldn't have asked for someone better for my first match. Mark is all class, on and off the mats. Communication was key in setting things up. And everything went down smoothly on the day. Had a lot of sweaty fun together.

Friendly, reliable, respectful of limits, and a strong and tough wrestler. Can't recommend him highly enough. My body is still aching from his punishment. Can't wait for round two!!