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newbie wants to learn

New to wrestling, looking to learn about submission wrestling and erotic wrestling. Did some wrestling in grade school gym class, then didn't think about it again much until 2015, when I found this site and had a couple matches.

Looking to learn about wrestling, what I might be good at, and what I might be into. Just got my first gear for regular matches: singlet, boss, ear guards. Speedos, jocks, shorts are hot, could also try naked, maybe oiled too. So far I've discovered I like abs punching and grappling.

Used to take kick boxing classes for fun, but I need learn how to punch safer, without injuring my wrists. I'd be into doing some martial arts training; did karate as a little kid, and some aikido after college, though I've got to learn how to fall better to protect my shoulders.

I have an active lifestyle: biking, lifting, yoga, eating healthy. Prefer smooth upper body and strong, tight build. I love big shoulders, a lean muscular body, and cut abs. Love strength tests, showing off and worship.

Really like hypnosis for jock training and erotic stuff as a sub-top. Also into bathmate, jelq, etc. I'd love to get a training buddy for "sexual athletics" like cum control, shooting distance, penis health, tantra, yoga, awesomeness. Also love edging and gooning on cam. On Skype, Kik, SnapChat, WhatsApp... just ask.

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  1. USA - Washington D.C., Washington (I'm here from 1/14/2016)
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Age: 45-year-old Male

Stats: 6'4" (194 cm), 175 lbs (79 kg)

Languages spoken: Dutch, English, French, Spanish

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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dcwrestle76 enthusiast suig tranqwild


DancerDC is recommended by suig

I was excited to meet DancerDC because it's rare to find extremely tall and slender guys into wrestling, and our stats are pretty close to identical. He's a good wrestler; were it not for the oil, I'd have been in serious trouble throughout. He has an excellent sense of how to control his bodyweight and positioning against his opponent.

He's affable, easy to chat with, good-looking, and has a great physique. I'm glad I had the pleasure of indoctrinating him to oil wrestling (I believe he enjoyed it :-) ) and eagerly await the next match.



suig is recommended by DancerDC

Great guy visiting my town who invited me for my first oil match.

Lucky me, suig is a handsome man with a very nice physique and demeanor: personable, relaxed, and easy to hang out with before and after the match. He also knows how to keep it safe so an inexperienced guy like me doesn't do anything dangerous. Suig is strong, flexible and has super stamina; he wore me out completely, and this was after he had another match a few hours before! I look forward to another bout with this sexy man next time we're in the same city.



DancerDC is recommended by dcwrestle76

DancerDC and I had a great time meeting and wrestling not too long ago. He's strong and tall and knows how to use that to his advantage. After a few more matches under his belt, I'll be in big trouble. Great wrestling and he's very nice off the mats too - highly recommend!



dcwrestle76 is recommended by DancerDC

I really enjoyed my match with dcwrestle76. He is very relaxed and welcoming, and definitely put me at ease beforehand. He's super fast on the mats though. A couple times I relaxed a little to adjust my grip and he was able to instantly take the advantage. After some good back and forth he got me to submit to avoid a KO. He brings it hard and keeps it safe. I'm definitely looking forward to another match with dcwrestle76!



tranqwild is recommended by DancerDC

I've had two fun sessions with this guy. Lots of strong (safe) grappling, hot flexing, and serious abs punching. I'm definitely looking forward to my next chance to roll with him!



DancerDC is recommended by enthusiast

This guy was full of surprises, all good! He is very strong, much stronger than I expected. He also has very good wrestling instincts, including a competitive spirit. He moves very quickly, and utilizes his long legs and arms to advantage. When he gets some additional experience under his belt, he will be a much tougher opponent than he already is.



enthusiast is recommended by DancerDC

That was the best two hours I've spent in a long time. This guy is strong, smart, and very skilled, with a real love for and understanding of submission wrestling. He was willing to work with me as a newbie, show me some basics and let me practice on him. He was very supportive and encouraging, analyzing my potential strengths and weaknesses, and always up for another round when I was ready. He's got a good focus on keeping the match safe for both guys, and gave me some his advice in that area. He truly inspired me to push myself, and after a couple hours he had worn me out completely.

Enthusiast is very easy to talk with, and made me feel instantly at ease, even before we hit the mats. His friendly, relaxed demeanor certainly made it easier to swallow the humiliation of having my ass handed to me several times over the course of the evening. I'm already looking forward to next time.