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Former BGE wrestler Doug Warren - still hitting the mats...Also trained BJJ and no gi grappling for at least a decade - MANY tournaments with NAGA

I can get into about any type of match - but one match I have never done is a "2 on 1" where two guys work me over!!! So BRING IT

DEFINITELY interested in men who enjoy nip work as part of match - BRING IT!!! DAMN TUFF NIPS that like being "chewed" on - and big time into my pecs being punched.

HAIRY MEN are a favorite - but smooth works great too - facial hair a real plus.

If another stud wants me to TOTALLY dominate and work them over - I have the muscle and skill to do that...BIG FAVORITE is a lighter lean muscle stud who THINKS they can take a bigger muscle guy - and maybe they can if they work it right!!! I enjoy all aspects of this !!!

Will travel for right "scene"....

And finally - also just nice to make some new friends - never anything wrong with that - NO DRAMA ALLOWED!!! PEACE!!! Repeat - NO DRAMA!!



  1. USA - Florida, Saint Petersburg
    St Petersburg FL
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I am willing to travel 1000 miles


Age: 56-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg)

Gear: Jock, low cut singlet, briefs, nude....

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D Waren is recommended by Dogfighter5

My first big crush in my youth and when I became a bg wrestler he was the first to take me under his wing. I wish you all could have seen us the day we first met in Pembroke at the bg house on a July 4 weekend. The house was literally full of young hot wrestlers all in their prime I was an awe struck newbie and he was a star. I dared glance at him across the room and to my surprise he was looking right at me. The chemistry was electric and more than 20 years later still is. The best of the best you are Doug



Dogfighter5 is recommended by D Waren

One of the toughest and MOST dominant studs I ever wrestled - total alpha man - hot - hairy - ripped bod - knows how to wrestle - GREAT TIME with this man....

And off the mats - still a GREAT TIME!!!

Take him on.... I plan on another match VERY SOON!



D Waren is recommended by DenverWrestler

Doug and I wrestled many years ago when we both lived in Texas, and I look forward to a great rematch with him in Florida early in 2017. He's a tough hot built guy, and anyone who has seen his videos from that period know what I'm talking about. We had a fun hot intense match, and he would have easily dominated me the whole match, but I discovered that his big furry muscular pecs love some hard punishment, and when I finally figured that out, I was able to slow him down and turn the match into a even hotter and less competitive one.
He also happens to be a real gentleman and is a safe sane and incredibly hot guy and wrestler.



D Waren is recommended by Wrsl150

Hard to forget this match: rough competition, grueling, sweaty submission fighting. Over all one of the matches you remember. I was out classed in the techniques but thoroughly enjoyed an all out m2m match.



Wrsl150 is recommended by D Waren

This stud is damn of the toughest and best matches I have had...a GREAT stud on - and off the mats....

Glad to see him back and look forward to another real battle with him....

VERY highly recommend.....



FLGulfGuy is recommended by D Waren

Had a great time wrestling this stud....he has a great set up with resilite mats... deceptively strong....KNOWS how to grapple.....also knows how to pace a match..... had a DAMN GOOD TIME!!! I highly recommend....and great guy to hang with after the match.....



D Waren is recommended by Wrestlg

I admit to Not recognizing this guy!!
He was a Blast to roll with on the mats!
We both got in some Tough shots!
Would Love to wrestle him again!



Wrestlg is recommended by D Waren

This stud is a lot of fun to wrestle - absolutely had a great time with him - knows his way around a mat - no attitude - no ego ...super guy - highly recommend of the best...



D Waren is recommended by Subwrslrnyc

Had an awesome time with this stud–built, skilled, rough, and real. We had a great alpha match that I'm still thinking about. Fully recommend.



Subwrslrnyc is recommended by D Waren

This stud if the REAL DEAL!!!! Deceptively strong - lean, muscular body - knows how to wrestle tuff - but safe - do not take him lightly - one of the few that can dish out as much or more than I can....had a damn good time with him.....hope to fight him again in the future....

And off the mats - a great guy.... highly recommend



D Waren is recommended by Dawson33

Had a great time with this BG East Vet. Definitely had a mutually good time and knew how to hit the right buttons on both sides. Look forward to making this a regular occurrence. Very nice guy off the mats as well.



Dawson33 is recommended by D Waren

Had one hell of a good time with this young stud....5'9" of gymnast muscle - some of the best arms - legs (quads of steel) and butt I have encountered. Super fun on the mats and damn man good man off the mats.....

Hope to have a few more bouts with hot stud....

HIGHLY recommend - he will not disappoint