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I like all types of matches from very competitive to extremely erotic. Styles range from pro fantasy to submission and I always make sure that my opponent has a great time. My gear choices range from full pro (with masks and boots and pads) to singlets, jocks or naked. I like to job or heel. I have wrestled many of my opponents more than once and like repeat matches. I travel a lot for work and also will consider a wrestling trip to just about anywhere for a hot match

I have a mat room in my house and I am always willing to host.



  1. USA - Colorado, Denver (I'm here from 10/30/2017)
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I am willing to travel 2000 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 223 lbs (101 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlets, pro gear, speedos

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No holds barred No holds barred
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ColoWrestler is recommended by solarphonics

Wowzers! Well what I can say about this beefy 'solid tank' of a man except that I had the best time! My confirmation are my very sore muscles all over my back and torso. ColoWrestler is so much fun! I let him know ahead of time about my ankles and balance, and that I prob didn't know as many technical maneuvers or holds as he did, but none of that mattered.
He had some BG and CAN-AM matches playing while we wrestled. His triceps are rock solid and are the size of my head!
We changed out of gear a few times.
We wrestled for 5 hrs! I must have tapped out like 16-17 times from being in a contorted stretch to being smothered in his massive chest or wrapped around his arms and legs unable to move!
We were very much in synch and enjoyed every aspect of our match. It was very masculine, erotic and for me, a physical workout. I look forward to locking up with this 'solid tank' again.
If you have a chance to wrestle him, don't pass it up :-)



solarphonics is recommended by ColoWrestler

I have been wanting to wrestle this guy for a while and we finally made it happen with a long pro/erotic match full of submission holds and other forms of wrestling torture including cbt. Solarphonics claims to be a beginner but he seems to know a lot of holds and counter moves and even though I outweigh him by 40 pounds he made a really good showing for himself.

Since our match was several hours long we took a few breaks to watch some videos and found out that we were into the same wrestlers and types of matches which his probably why our own match was so freaking hot.

I have found over the years that some guys are all about their personal goals in a match which is perfectly fine and other guys are much more into pleasing their opponent by giving them a chance to show off their skills and playing along with their personal fetishes. Solarphonics is one of those wrestlers who adopts himself to his opponent's style which helps to make the match a great experience for both wrestlers. He also has a very nice body, looks great in singlets and jocks and is surprisingly strong. He took all that I could dish out and made me pay for my mistakes with well placed punches, immobilizing holds and sleepers. I think that he tapped out more times than I did but I lost count after he forced me to submit with a combination naked rear choke and ball twist.

Since we live near each other I am sure we will wrestle again.



Fitgeek89 is recommended by ColoWrestler

Fitgeek is very strong, very fast and very skilled. Plus he has a hot body. He gave me a real run for my money and I really enjoyed the matches we have had. Wrestle him if you get a chance.



ColoWrestler is recommended by Qsparrer

I don’t even know where to begin! I feel that Colowrestler is giving me more credit than I deserve! I may have gotten a few submissions in, but it was no easy task. Guy is BIG and STORNG! There were many times I struggled to get out of his submissions. I didn’t expect the match to go the way it did, but overall it was hot and intense! Outside of the mats, he’s intelligent and a great host! Definitely get a chance to wrestle him if you’re ever in Denver.



Qsparrer is recommended by ColoWrestler

I had a great submission match with Qsparrer. I thought he would be a pushover since I outweigh him by at least 50 pounds but he surprised me by making me submit within the first 20 seconds. Then I knew I was in for a real battle and that he was very fast, strong and knowledgable. I had to resort to some illegal moves to keep him under control and even then he made me submit many more times.

He describes himself as a pacifist with a warrior heart and that is definitely true. He comes across as very quiet and unassuming but on the mat he is a beast. I recommend him to anybody wanting an intense match with a very hot and masculine man.



ColoWrestler is recommended by growin dude

Just good old school big boy style power moves and had a great time :) ColoWrestler was polite and we had a great time !



growin dude is recommended by ColoWrestler

I had a great pro style match with Growin Dude. He is very strong, knows a lot of great pro moves, and has a great body. He is also a nice guy. I would like to wrestle him again.



ColoWrestler is recommended by Zwrestle1

Have to admit I was first intimidated to meet up with ColoWrestler because of his experience level , but decided to because I had a great time chatting with him. When I finally did meet him, he was as friendly & likeable in person, as well as a good host. Our wrestling match was a blast; lots of roughhousing and back & forth battle ...though I know I would be no match with him with his knowledge of holds and submissions, to him it was more about having a fun match than trying to see who would win. Definitely recommend wrestling this guy.



Zwrestle1 is recommended by ColoWrestler

I had a great match with Zwrestle1. It started out as roughhousing with lots of school boy pins and domination and control moves. Zwrestle1 is a good looking guy with a very masculine attitude and he is also very strong and well equipped in the right places. Once he learns more submission moves he will be tough to beat.
However, he is also into the erotic side of wrestling but even then he likes to be in control. He does not give up easily and made me work for it. I definitely want a rematch....Don't miss the chance to wrestle this guy...



ColoWrestler is recommended by texwrestler2001

Had a blast with Alan. fun, creative and hot. Highly recommend



texwrestler2001 is recommended by ColoWrestler

O got. chance to wrestle this big guy when he visited Denver. I am so glad that I got two meet with him. He is strong and skillfull and loves erotic submission. I would definitely like to wrestle him again.



ColoWrestler is recommended by Ctgrappler1

Great host and awesome strong guy. I had a great time wrestling and getting to know him. Very cool buddy that I look forward to slugging around with again.



Ctgrappler1 is recommended by ColoWrestler

I had a great match with CTGrappler1 and I want to wrestle him again. He has a hot body and knows how to use it. He was also a lot of fun after the match.



Nyboy19ad8 is recommended by ColoWrestler

This guy is very hot and lots of fun to wrestle. He is a jobber who fights back and has some good moves. I want to wrestle him again.



ColoWrestler is recommended by Jobber4943

Absolutely wrestle him if you get the chance, you won't be disappointed. Incredibly muscular, strong, and skilled. Some of my favorite matches have been with him!



ColoWrestler is recommended by Chiitaljock

CW is an incredibly nice guy with a big hot bod. He is a brute if need be but adjusts to your level. Enjoyed hanging out and talking with him. Cant wait for next match



Chiitaljock is recommended by ColoWrestler

I had a fun time wrestling this guy. He was strong and a good puncher. He got me to submit a couple of times with his strong scissors and he knows how to suffer with the best of them....



ColoWrestler is recommended by PHXxPlant

Great wrestler! Very fun time and very nice host. Appreciated the patience and all the punishment too :) Wrestle him if you can!



PHXxPlant is recommended by ColoWrestler

I had a fun time wrestling PHXxPlant. He has a nice wrestler body and even though he is a beginner he is game for almost everything. He put up with a lot of punishment and even dished it out.

Wrestle him if you get a chance!



rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by ColoWrestler

It is not often that you get a chance to wrestle a real bodybuilder so if you get a chance to take on rasslin bodybuilder do it. He looks even better in person than he does in his pictures and he is super friendly and extremely knowledgable about wrestling and bodybuilding. He is a great jobber and a good heel and extremely flexible. It was hard to get him to give and he love long held holds. I plan on wrestling him again.



nycwrestler25 is recommended by ColoWrestler

I had a great time wrestling Atlwrestler25. He both jobs and heels and is a lot stronger than he looks. Our match was a great mixture of submission/ pro and erotic and ATLwrestler25 has the ability to move from one to the other quickly and easily. He has a great pro body and looks great in all sorts of gear. I am looking forward to another match with him



ColoWrestler is recommended by SlimScrapper

This big guy is a ton fun to wrestle! We've chatted for quite a while so glad we finally had the chance to meet, well worth the wait! He's a tank of a man (as you can see from his pics) and knows plenty of moves to lock you up in. But he is very conscientious if there is a size difference (as there was between us) and will ensure things stay safe. He is very accommodating and has an awesome fun, laid back attitude that made it a very pleasant time. Aside from that he is one of the nicest guys and I really enjoyed talking wrestling and other things with him. Don't be intimidated by his size and don't pass up an opportunity to meet up. Can't wait for the rematch!



SlimScrapper is recommended by ColoWrestler

I have had a lot of great wrestling matches but my 2.5 hour bout with SlimScrapper is now close to the top of my list of all time great encounters. In the first place he is a beautiful man whose pics do not come close to doing him justice. He has a great body which was built for wrestling and though I outweighed him by more than 50 pounds he had the confident attitude that he could take care of himself and that he would repay my efforts to dominate and squash. He got submissions out of me with sleeper holds, chokes, well-aimed punches and gut punishment and frustrated many of my attempts to submit him due to his freakish flexibility and ability to withstand pain (as many others on here have attested to). As our match went on I kept thinking that I wished we were filming so that I would have a record of a truly epic match that combined the best aspects of submission, pro and erotic.

This match reminded me that my favorite thing about wrestling is not proving you are stronger or faster than your opponent but making sure that he is having a good time. SlimScrapper and I had a great time because he shares that attitude....If you get the chance to wrestle him do not pass it up.



ColoWrestler is recommended by murphmuscle

Wow, what a great fighter!! Really enjoyed meeting Alan the other night. The fight was hot.Excited to do it again! Plus, lovely guy off the mats! :)



murphmuscle is recommended by ColoWrestler

Murphmuscle and I had a great match in San Francisco. He surprised me with his speed, strength and skills. After our match we enjoyed a pizza together. He is a fun guy and the Irish accent and dark good looks are a lethal combination...



ColoWrestler is recommended by BBM

CW is ALL MAN and every bit the wrestler. He is gracious and a very good host. He is bIg, strong and very skilled in many things in life and wrestling is definitely one. God guy, nice guy, stud guy and bright guy. What else can be said...



BBM is recommended by ColoWrestler

I had a fun time wrestling BBM. He is strong and has some good moves on the mat. He was fun to hang out with both before and after the mat. Wrestle him if you get a chance.



Yusufu is recommended by ColoWrestler

Yusufu and I had a great match. He is very strong and skilled and has a great attitude both on and off the mat. His submission skills are very impressive and I am looking forward to getting some instruction from him.



ColoWrestler is recommended by Azjobber

What a great wrestler! Definitely took into consideration our size difference for safety, but was very strong and dominating at the same time. Could have wrestled him much lo get unfortunately I had to catch my flight. If you're in Denver or he's in your area, take the opportunity to match up with him.



Azjobber is recommended by ColoWrestler

Wow! I had a great match with Azjobber. He claims to be a jobber but he got multiple submission out of me including a sleeper and a vicious head scissors. However, I eventually dominated him and beat him in our king of the mat match. We had a lot of fun both on and off the mat. Wrestle him if you get a chance.



ColoWrestler is recommended by ironranger

This tank of a man calling me strong and skilled is kind of a stretch. Outmatched and outmuscled at every turn I'd still like to meet this powerhouse pro in a ring sometime.



ironranger is recommended by ColoWrestler

Ironranger is a lot of fun to wrestle. He is strong and very skilled and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a fun match.



sleepermuscle is recommended by ColoWrestler

This man is a lot of fun to wrestle. Great body, strong and extremely hot. I look forward to wrestling him again and hanging out afterwards.



ColoWrestler is recommended by jrg1199

Great attitude, very attractive and strong, and very comfortable to work with in pro style, he has a good feel for it and for playing safe.



tyalexander is recommended by ColoWrestler

Ty is a great guy to wrestle. Hot body, hot gear and lots of ring knowledge. Wrestle him is you get the chance. He is worth it.



ColoWrestler is recommended by nevadafighter

One of the best matches I have ever had. Strong muscle guy that knows how to adjust his level so both sides can have fun. Cannot wait to wrestle with him again!



SeattleFight is recommended by ColoWrestler

I had a great match with SeattleFight. He is a lot stronger than I expected and knows a lot of great moves and submission holds. He has a a great set-up for wrestling and lots of hot gear to show off his very nice body.



festygoer00 is recommended by ColoWrestler

I had my second match with festygoer yesterday. We wrestled off an for five or six hours with several breaks ….probably about 10 rounds. We did several different styles and had lots of gear changes. He is very strong and has great endurance and he made me submit three times in a row in his punishing head scissors. Wrestle him if you get a chance.



ColoWrestler is recommended by Denver1

ColoWrestler is a fun guy to wrestle. He's strong as an ox, has a great set up at home and interesting to talk to as well! Enjoy wrestling him and since we're both local, repeat matches are going to happen!



Denver1 is recommended by ColoWrestler

I have had two matches so far with Denver1 and both of them were very hot. He is very handsome and has a very sexy body and looks great in a speedo. Our first match was a straight multiple submission match and the second was pro style. We have wrestled on mats and on a mattress and I am not sure which was hotter….I am hoping for another match with him soon….



CowboyWrestler is recommended by ColoWrestler

Cowboy is a great wrestler. He is very strong and tough. We have had some great matches and I would like to take him on again.



muscle663 is recommended by ColoWrestler

I have wrestled muscle663 several times and each time it gets better. He is highly skilled, has a great body and is very passionate. He is also sexy as fuck.



DenverWrestler is recommended by ColoWrestler

DenverWrestler is a great wrestler. He can do all styles from erotic to submission and he has a great body and lots of stamina. He also has a state of the art wrestling room in his house and I have wrestled him in it a couple of times.


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