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Wrestle for top

Here for just that and that only.

Vid of me losing to Vanwrestler



  1. USA - Kansas, Manhattan
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Age: 26-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

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austinmutual is recommended by Colbyjack

Austinmutual is an outstanding individual. Cool, calm, collected, and incredibly hot. Very easy on the eyes and the guy can take cock and ball punishment. To say my balls were sore is an understatement.

He is, by far, the hottest cockfight I’ve ever had. Ruthless and sexy when getting down and chill off of the mats.

We had a pretty hot finish to our match too 😉

I’ll be looking forward to our rematch to see if he can overtake me. Next time I’m in Austin we are definitely doing this again!



Colbyjack is recommended by afwrestler

I’ve been talking with Colbyjack for a while now, so imagine how excited I was to find out he was in Austin. Usually, when there’s been lots of talking, a person is unable to measure up to their hype. Fantasy is sometimes better than reality. This is not the case with Colbyjack. He came over with Austinmutal and we had a three hour wrestlefest. Colbyjack is sexy af, and strong so don’t fall for his charming ways or you’ll get owned. He’s flexible and can take everything he dishes out. Hit him, and Austinmutal, up anytime you want some of the best erotic wrestling you can experience.



afwrestler is recommended by Colbyjack

AF was an awesome host to myself and Austinmutual. As he mentioned in the description, the match was incredibly erotic. I took him down quite a few times before he had to gang up on me with A-mutual.

He has a TON of gear and is very accommodating. As soon as we entered his pad he made it feel like I’ve visited before. I never felt out of place.

He can take and dish punishment and I think he was more surprised I wasn’t a push-over. The three-way match was probably one of hottest matches I’ve ever had.

Hit AF up if you’re ever in Austin 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻



vanwrestler is recommended by Colbyjack

Was a very hot match. Hard to do much of anything seeing how he dominated me. I plan on making our next match more interesting as I plan on taking my piece of ass for my prize. See you soon.