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Looking for someone around my age or younger (and smooth is a plus) for submission style wrestling matches in speedos or briefs/underwear. Real wrestling but safe and sane. Love gut punches and nipple play, belly to belly holds, ab stretches, body and head scissors, and school boy pins. Have mats and can host. Willing to travel for the right opponent or can host out of town visitors to Seattle.



  1. USA - Washington, Seattle
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  2. Canada - British Columbia, Vancouver
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I am willing to travel 100 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 39-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shorts, Speedos, or Briefs (my favorite)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
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CodyW is recommended by WrestleJ

I had an awesome match with CodyW! He was a fun jobber who could take a lot. I enjoyed dominating him while putting him through countless holds. We had a great gut punching session with him as my punching bag. He put up a good fight. I highly recommend him and I hope to wrestle him again next time I am Seattle.



WrestleJ is recommended by CodyW

WrestleJ is a super friendly guy and easy to setup a last minute match with. He has a solid build and is pretty strong, especially his legs! With his weight advantage he had no problem throwing me around. He has a nice library of holds and had me struggling in them time and time again. In the end he worked over my stomach and can land a solid punch, I'm still a bit sore today. Had lots of fun with this heel and can't wait until the next time he is in town :)



CodyW is recommended by Chris in seattle

We met today after 10 years. He's got some good instincts and I look forward to seeing how he continues to develop as a wrestler. He's hospitable and friendly and still has a great attitude. I'm hoping for many more matches in the future.



Chris in seattle is recommended by CodyW

I first wrestled Chris over 10 years ago and have recently connected with him again on the mats. He has become an amazing technical wrestler from days past. He is in control and knows his limits, so even though he crushes me time and time again I have no worry of getting injured beyond a few minor bruises. If you are looking for a friendly guy for an aggressive but safe match I highly recommend Chris and look forward to future matches with him.



CodyW is recommended by worstelfan

Was in contact for a while with this friendly guy! And during a short trip to his town I had some time to meet him and had a great match! He is a friendly guy and strong in a match! If you have the change to wrestle him, take it! Don't miss out to wrestle this great guy! Who knows we will have a second match some day! Thanks



worstelfan is recommended by CodyW

Got to wrestle this traveler as he was passing through town and I'm glad I did not miss out on the opportunity. He was a lot of fun and was good at using his weight advantage to keep me down. Hope someday in the future our paths cross again for a rematch.



CodyW is recommended by Yomama2269

I had a fun time wrestling with him. He was very accommodating with my busy schedule and was a great host. He is a tough, strong opponent who dominated me, but gave me my moments. I highly recommend meeting with CodyW if you get the chance.



Yomama2269 is recommended by CodyW

Yomama2269 is a super nice guy and was kind enough to travel to my hotel when I was in town. He is just starting out but does have a nice size advantage. With more experience he will be a dominate force on the mats.



CodyW is recommended by greendude2002

CodyW was a great opponent. He accommodated our meet up and we wrestled for almost 2 hours. I was able to apply some holds to him and he was able to apply some as well. He is safe and very friendly. See you soon!



greendude2002 is recommended by CodyW

greendude2002 was very accommodating in scheduling a last minute match as I was passing through Manila. He was quick to respond to my communications and one of the friendliest guys I have meet on this site. He is also pretty strong and kicked my ass as I was only able to get a single submission out of him. Had a great time hanging out with him over a beer after the match.



CodyW is recommended by Jobber4943

Great guy to wrestle, I've had fun both times we got together. We ended up doing more back and forth than I'm used to, but it was great!



Jobber4943 is recommended by CodyW

I have wrestled jobber4943 twice now, once in his home town and once in mine. Fun guy for playful submission matches and he used his large size to his advantage. Would wrestle him again next time one of us is in the other's state.



CodyW is recommended by aussieguy93

I had a fun time with CodyW, I would love to have a rematch with him when I'm in the states next time. Definitely a good opponent and presented a challenge as well.



aussieguy93 is recommended by CodyW

Had a great time wrestling this strong hot guy and would love to take him on again someday. Great guy to hang out with after the match over a beer. Safe travels home my friend :)



CodyW is recommended by noviceboi7

Gregarious guy, fun and easy going. Definitely fun to wrestle.



noviceboi7 is recommended by CodyW

Nice down to earth guy, easy to get along with, and fun to wrestle. Hope he passes through this way again for a rematch.


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